Liberty Hall 360: Revolutionary Wedding – Official Trailer
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Liberty Hall 360: Revolutionary Wedding – Official Trailer

January 13, 2020

[birds chirping] [dramatic music] [William Livingston]
Ah, Mrs. Stockton. Welcome! Welcome to my new home! [Mrs. Stockton]
Mr. Livingston, it is delightful to see you! [Kitty Livingston]
You are marrying John Jay, not the Prince of Silk and Lace. [Mrs. Livingston]
Though he does not come from a family of great stature, prosperous futures come from humble beginnings. [William Livingston]
Just last week the Sons of Liberty successfully stopped a shipment of tea entering customs in Sandy Hook, a sign that these protests are no aberration and are in fact gaining in virulence. [John Jay]
It is not the protests I speak against, but rather the violence and vitriol against kinsmen that worries me. Britain is our mother country and once our grievances are redressed, any venom spewed forth will not make reconciliation any easier. [dramatic music] [William Livingston]
And to this day, I would toast the blessed couple. To my new son, John Jay, and my precious daughter, Sarah Jay, I hope you all enjoyed the festivities and applaud me now as I introduce this new home as
Liberty Hall [All]
To Liberty Hall! [All]
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

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