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  1. Nahi mil rha !!!
    Hi Team,

    What is the current status in claim case?

    I am following up with the company over mail from last 3 month.

    claim no—500201201218110135801—

    Customer -shivam kumar singh

    Vehicle No- KA03JS6958;

    Liberty General Insurance Case Reference Number LI-180533720



    @Liberty General Insurance

  2. 3 days gone, but still my new insurance not yet came. Every day I'm keep on calling for my car insurance policy, they r saying " Today evng u'll get Sir…
    Tomorrow mrng 1st hour u'll get Sir..
    Inspection dept kept your status in pending so by today evng u'll get your policy Sir…
    Oh.. we r sorry, tomorrow mrng before lunch u'll get Sir…
    U'll get Sir..
    U'll get Sir..
    U'll get Sir… "

    Wt I'll get? Andaa???

    I'm strongly recommending u guys plz dnt go with Liberty general insurance for your car's new insurance

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