Liberty Safe Featured on the Science Channels “Machines: How They Work”
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Liberty Safe Featured on the Science Channels “Machines: How They Work”

January 16, 2020

The safe. These timeless machines are some of the toughest
around. How do 21st century safes keep thieves out
and even protect your valuable from a raging house fire? More than 500 super strong parts work together. The outer shell is a sandwich of ultra-tough
steel and slabs of ground up rock fireproofed to 1,200 degrees. 26 hardened steel bolts clamp the door deep
into the sidewalls and a lock with 1.2 million possible combinations gives easy access if
you know the code. The secret to what makes the safe so strong
is the way engineers make its steel skin. In this 300,000 square foot Utah factory the
safes begin life as 9 ton rolls of coiled up steel. It’s 5 times thicker than the steel used
on car body work, and incredibly tough. Workers must wrestle this super strong steel
into a precision formed box. It’s a mighty engineering challenge. “So this is the punch station. This cuts all of our holes and our corners
out.” Thomas runs the line that turns thick steel
plate into a precision made box. In his line of work, speed is key. “This is the first part of the line, the
whole system. Even with me having to stop for 10 minutes
it can cost the line 20-30 minutes down the road.” A huge hydraulic press stamps the sheet of
metal into a carefully designed pattern. A giant roller turns up the edges for added
strength before a robot folds the whole thing into a box. Thomas then welds the corners tight. “The only seam we have is on the one side,
here. You don’t have a bunch of seams all over
the place that can fail. This is going to be stronger then even having
a weld on it because its connected as one peace. Workers grind off the excess metal from welding. This leaves a super tough shell that’s incredibly
hard to break into.

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  1. In my opinion:

    What an over dramatized box of 12 gauge sheet metal!

    A fire-axe can punch through 12 gauge steel. Yeah, real secure! What a joke. It would take less than 5 minutes for 1 person to get into it.

  2. A $50 circular saw , a 7 inch blade, 4 minutes or less on the sides or back of the safe it will open up like a cheap dollar store brand of sardines! Use your safe as a decoy and put your valuables elsewhere. Don't believe me? ….. do a YouTube search and watch for yourself.

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