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December 8, 2019

>>Rena Lindevaldsen: Liberty University School of Law offers those interested in the legal profession an unparalleled skills program that
prepares them to enter any area of law that God calls them to practice in. First,
through externships that are offered around the world in every practice area.
Second, through clinical opportunities, constitutional clinic, as well as a
prosecution clinic. Third, through our rigorous practical skills program that
engages them in every aspect of litigation and transactional experience.
And finally, from the professors who have real world experience before beginning
to teach at Liberty University School of Law.>>Yuri G. Mantilla: You will learn the subjects from a distinctive Christian worldview perspective. What makes us unique, here at Liberty, you will understand the integration of reason and faith. This
means that those powerful Christian ideas that have created the best
legal institutions in the world are part of what we teach here at Liberty
University.>>Hugh Jackson: The trial team and the moot court team have advanced in numerous tournaments, have even won some of those tournaments. We’ve had students who have won Best Brief, Best Advocate … So you’re going against
big-name schools, and to get to compete and actually win those tournaments is really exciting.>>Mollie Catherine Goodson: Our Law Skills Program is phenomenal. You know, your first year, you come in and you sit down
with someone and you would do a mock client interview and then by your third year, you’re doing mock trials and you’re arguing motions in front of judges, and
that experience of having six semesters of law skills training gave me the
opportunity to really feel comfortable in the courtroom when I had to argue my
first case in my externship. I was 9 years old the first time I saw in a judge’s chambers, and I got to see how a lawyer can make a difference in my life, and I saw this woman who advocated for
me and how she fought for the things that I couldn’t fight for at that age. And when we left that courthouse that day, I looked at my mom and I told her, I want to be like her
when I grow up, and through God’s grace and through His mercy, He has given me the
opportunity to do just that. And that’s why I came to law school; because it really
gives you the opportunity to be an advocate for people who can’t advocate
for themselves and to be a voice for the voiceless.>>Tory L. Lucas: We don’t believe that people are commodities, where some people are worth more and some people are worth less. We think that every single person has potential and value and that God
gave them a gift. And so we’re here to make that gift turn into a reality – that
potential to turn into real life experience here. If you’re called to change
the world, if you’re called to love your neighbor, if you’re called
to be the best that you can be in a conservative Christian environment,
there is no other place that you should go. This is the most exciting place that
can reach your potential. Come join us.

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