Liebherr – LR 11000 mit innovativem und hochflexiblem Ballastführungssystem V-Frame
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Liebherr – LR 11000 mit innovativem und hochflexiblem Ballastführungssystem V-Frame

November 14, 2019

Here we are in western Switzerland, near Moudon, close to Lausanne and our job was to replace an old railway bridge. Last week we removed the old bridge. The new bridge, including two abutments, has been undergoing preparations here on site for several months and yesterday and today, our job was to position the abutments and this morning, the crowning glory, we had to install the bridge itself. This is the first time we have used our LR 11000 with the so-called V-Frame. This is a new development in this crane category – making it unique to date. Some smaller cranes already have this feature. But to date nobody has ever considered taking this technical innovation to the market on such a large machine. Working with Liebherr, we managed to develop the V-Frame to make it suitable for our machine and for this job we can achieve a radius for the derrick ballast of 13-30 metres. At this site, we have already had to use the full box of tricks that an innovation of this nature provides. On one side we had very little space because a row of trees limited our radius and on the other we had the railway embankment restricting the use of our machine. Thanks to the V-Frame together with the VarioTray, it was possible, without an auxiliary crane or major restacking, for us to raise the bridge parts onto a fairly large laying out area in the stockyard, then to reduce the radius of the derrick ballast to 13 metres and finally to move the bridge weighing 360 tonnes back up to a height of around 38 metres. Without this V-Frame, we would have needed much more time for this and would also have had to use a few technical as well as infrastructural tricks, which would have been very difficult, especially in this conservation area. And combining the ideas of Liebherr with our own resulted in us being here today to present a fantastic outcome and also being able to sell to the customer.

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