Life and struggle of Bhimrao Ambedkar| Contribution of Dr. Ambedkar│Indian constitution and Ambedkar
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Life and struggle of Bhimrao Ambedkar| Contribution of Dr. Ambedkar│Indian constitution and Ambedkar

October 26, 2019

I used to stay up all nights because my society is still sleeping. Those who tend to forget history cannot make history Have faith on your strength, not on your luck Today we will look at one such personality whose life was filled with contention He was none other than Dr. Baba saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar Friends, myself Sumit Kumar, from team History Ki Mystery In this video we will see how Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar had to endure against the pain of untouchability, right from his childhood Come let’s see The principal architect of the Constitution of India, popularly known as Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s full name was Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar Ambedkar was born in a low caste family in Mhow, in the Central Provinces, of present day Madhya Pradesh on 14 April 1891 He was the 14th child of Ramji and Bhimabai and was also called Bhima Ambedkar’s father Ramji was a Subedar in the military training school at Mhow After his retirement in 1893, the family moved to settle down at Dapoli, a village in Ratnagiri district, in Central Provinces. During 1894 schools of Dapoli municipal council restricted the entry of students from lower caste This made Ramji to move towards Mumbai with his family, From there he wrote a letter to the military officers and got the job of a store keeper at the PWD office at Satara Bhim spent his early years along with the Konkani people of Mahar caste residing at military cantonment at Satara and it is here that he completed his early education. There is a story behind Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s name Maharashtra has a tradition where the name ending with the term ‘Kar’ symbolizes a certain place In order to avoid the surname which signifies their lower caste status, Ramji chose to use the name of his native village as surname Bhim Rao’s native village was ‘Ambavade’ which means his name should be Ambavadekar But in his camp school there was a Brahmin teacher whose name was Ambedkar The teacher, who was fond of him, not only gave his own surname ‘Ambedkar’ but also arranged to provide meal for Bhim Rao after school In 1927 when his Brahmin master Ambedkar came to meet him, Baba Saheb was very happy and was spell bound on seeing his master. Throughout his childhood at Satara, Bhim Rao had to face the stigmas of caste discrimination No barbers were ready to cut his hairs. Hence his elder sister used to turn as barber for him Hence his elder sister used to turn as barber for him During the famine Ramji subedar got posted near Goregaon Once, Bhim took the train to reach Goregaon along with his brother and his nephews Being an untouchable, no driver was ready to drop them to the village from the station on their vehicles Finally a bullock cart driver agreed to drop them on his cart but refused to drive Hence Bhim had to drive the cart to reach the village Another incident where the teacher once asked Bhim to solve a problem on the blackboard on which the fellow students started shouting and removed their respective lunch boxes placed near the blackboard, so that it doesn’t get polluted It is only after this that Bhim managed to solve the problem on the blackboard These sorts of insulting incidents arouse the feeling of rebellion in Bhim In 1904, Ramji finally retired from his job and came back to Mumbai It became difficult for him to educate his two sons with the pension he got Hence his elder son Balaram started working at a factory While Bhim Rao continued his studies at Elphinstone High School and also obtained a scholarship He didn’t have any friends at school and moreover the teachers too ignored him These made him spend most of his time at a nearby park where he used to sit and study for hours This however made the then principal of Wilson high school Mr. Krishna Arjun Rao Keluskar notice the talented student, Bhim Over a period of time he started supporting Bhim in every possible ways In 1907 Bhim cleared his high school exam and this was quiet a big achievement for a person who hails from a lower caste background A small event was organized to honour Bhim’s achievement in which Keluskar was too was present Keeping in mind the poor economic status of Bhim, Keluskar arranged a scholarship for Bhim at Baroda. Baroda was one of the most important principalities of India of that time Ambedkar got the opportunity to study at the
Elphinstone College and obtained his graduate degree in English and Persian in the year 1913 In January 1913 Ambedkar decided to get a job in Baroda so that he could repay the debt amount received from the Maharaja of Baroda However Bhim’s father was against this decision as he wanted his son to live in the open atmosphere of Bombay But Ambedkar stood by his decision Once he reached Baroda he started realizing that his father was correct because caste discrimination was much higher in Gujarat He couldn’t find a place to reside He just managed to get to a place to sleep at the Arya Samaj office Moreover he had to walk to the settlement of the untouchables outside the city for food He couldn’t even find a suitable job for himself Ambedkar went to Bombay after getting the news of his father’s death Instead of going back to Baroda he decided to seek permission from the Maharaja to stay back in Bombay The Maharaja provided a scholarship which he used for his higher studies at Columbia University in New York The Maharaja has decided to send some students to study over there Since Ambedkar was well versed in English he too got selected to study in abroad with the help of the Maharaja Thus in 1913, he started his journey towards one of the most prestigious university for his higher studies So friends the discrimination faced by Baba Saheb doesn’t end here Once he returns from abroad after completion of his studies he once again faces the same kind of discrimination he faced before To know more about his life story do watch our channel history ki mystery If you like this video please hit the like button. Share it and don’t forget to subscribe our channel JAI HIND !

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