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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

October 24, 2019

This fourth of July, when you watch the fireworks will you think about this? The Declaration of Independence? We should. After all, the holiday’s meant to honor this, not just fireworks. Though, those are nice. Although it’s ironic that since America’s founding, government has grown so much that you may not be allowed to buy fireworks where you live. All these places ban them in the name of safety, The Declaration isn’t about safety or things government should do it’s about limiting government, it’s about freedom. The founders were sick of British oppression. They worried about government having too much power. Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues wrote the Declaration to create a new form of government, one where people could rule themselves. It worked. When the Declaration was signed, America was considered a backwater. But very few years later, America was the most prosperous and probably the freest country in the world. The fourth of July celebrates the Declaration, which led to the Constitution, the document that really lays out the rules meant to limit government. “Trust no man with too much power”, said Jefferson “bind them with the chains of the Constitution.” It’s chains have done a lot of good. We have a right not to have our home searched without a warrant, a right to bear arms, to free speech. It’s good we declared independence from Britain because in Britain, government sentenced this man to more than a year in jail “I’ve caused a breach of peace. I’m being arrested” for making this Facebook live video outside a courthouse. Others get locked up for things they write. Hundreds get arrested every year. Sentenced for writing an offending comment. Fortunately in America, thanks to the Constitution, we can say most anything we want without being jailed. We also have a right to bear arms, but the country we rebelled against has some of the strictest gun regulations in the world. Those regulations haven’t stopped crime. So now they’re going after people who have knives. One British police agency bragged about a weapon sweep that found scissors and pliers. But don’t worry, they’ve been taken off the streets. I’m glad I live in America where I can carry pliers and speak freely. And there’s more to the Constitution than the First and Second Amendments. Supreme Court overruled. The Supreme Court overruled. Supreme Court overruled. The Constitution divided government power in ways that limit authoritarian politicians from both parties. We are throwing them the hell out of our country. Trump’s own appointee ruled that a law making it easier to deport some immigrants was too vague. Allow intelligence agencies to track who a terrorist is in contact with. The Supreme Court stopped the Obama administration a hundred times. No President Obama, the Fourth Amendment says government cannot just search people’s cell phones. They have to get a search warrant. No, you can’t just declare carbon dioxide to be a pollutant. A major setback tonight for President Obama’s climate change initiative. I’m glad we have this document. It has often kept presidents and Congress and judges from grabbing too much power. The limits stated in here have not fully succeeded, unfortunately. Thomas Jefferson promised “a wise and frugal government.” Frugal? Give me a break! We’re already more than 21 trillion dollars in debt. Jefferson also wrote about leaving men “free to regulate their own pursuits.” Now we’ve got more than 180,000 pages of rules. Still, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence have helped keep us free. That’s something to celebrate.

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  1. Google, this video should not be in restricted mode. You reveal your contempt for the United States and your misunderstanding of liberty by restricting access to this video.

  2. I work closing hours at my job today so no fireworks for me 🙁 Atleast I got to bring my Gadsen flag out in the neigborhood parade

  3. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MUDDAFUQAS! I'm gonna pull out some tannerite, a couple of ghost guns and make some noise in my neighborhood. SUCK IT BITCHES!!!

  4. I got on youtube today to see people talking about the declaration of independence and the constitution, but it is politics as usual. How disappointing. Thanks for doing an actual Independence day video.

  5. I think it's very clear the constitution slowed down the growth of government, but it was ultimately a failure, back to the drawing board.

  6. The so-called national debt is bank speak. The "debt" only exists to prop up the banks. The debt is fake, the money is fake. The only reason to keep believing in the power/value of money is to avoid mass hysteria. If you were to deeply think about the valueless dollar, you'd realize the truth of the American economic system, and it is capitalism in name only.(Now rage, call me stupid, just so that you don't have to think at all.)

  7. It's hard to imagine we're on the brink of fighting for our independence once again only this time we're having to fight leftist lunatics right here in our homeland.

  8. believes in limited government , but will not limit the powers of the nsa, fbi, cia, or even the pentagon which have grown to epic proportions

  9. Dang, that really makes me appreciate America a lot more than I thought I did. We may be far from the perfect country we praise ourselfs as, but I still consider it a blessing to be born and raised here.🇺🇸

  10. during the 4th of july, in new york, I could hear fireworks and firecrackers going off like crazy, the government can ban all they like, it will never stop the smuggling of fireworks or guns, or drugs into new york, this place is just like detroit

  11. It's the day not the date. Merry 25th of December?? 😉 If the elected kept their oath and could read I'd eat my hat…

  12. You would think the left would love the constitution. After all, it was written to address the very human conditions of greed and lust for power. Liberals hate that about people right? The problem is they believe humans have somehow evolved above this idea. The founders absolutely understood humanity. They knew their short comings. The constitution is not a living document because humanity has not changed.

  13. Stossel is so brilliant. Thank you for highlighting the oppression we suffer here in the UK. It's worse than any media company actually reports on. The police and government here have taken over our lives and it is so, so sad.

  14. In my town we fire whatever we want , including our guns!WITH COMPLETE APPROVAL BY OUR GREAT SHERIFF!
    Happy 4th America!

  15. The state of Colorado enforces a statewide fireworks ban. I went to a laser show instead. Can you say "FUCKING LAME!!!"? The native Americans told the white man not to live in the trees. I'm of the same opinion. Let the fools who built multi million dollar homes in the hills burn. The overall health of the forests is even dependent upon fires sprouting during fire season.

  16. Too bad we have endless regulations and beaurocracy on everything! The founders are likely rolling in their graves at how big the government has become and how much control it has amassed. People in America can and do get thrown in jail for things like self defense, tax evasion, contempt of court, taking certain drugs, owning guns, collecting rainwater, etc. That's not freedom, it's semi totalitarianism! Now the government at all levels has gained control over almost all aspects of our lives!

  17. "But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist." -Lysander spooner

  18. It's sad.. you know the liberty bell cracked.. I was thinking it would be nice to ring it and model it and at least make a lossless digital reconstruction of what it originally sounded like. Maybe release it on vinyl.

  19. Free for now. We've already suspended most of our natural rights over time for welfare benefits and various federal regulatory agencies.

  20. Tommy Robinson is a great patriot and good man. Love Tommy. Pls John make more videos about Tommy news if possible. God bless.

  21. In Belarus, the last communist dictatorship, when you own land, it is tax free, and cannot be taken from you by anyone/ In America if you miss one year of property taxes, they send armed men to murder you if you refuse to leave the land you own. Thus ensuring that no American, ever, can own the one thing we fought so hard to gain: Land, a home.

  22. “There is no difference between Communism and Socialism, except in the same ultimate end: Communism proposes to enslave men by force, Socialism by the vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide” –Ayn Rand

  23. I live in England, proud of the British Empire and its past…and I remember the pliers and scissor scandal. It was pathetic! Nobody here is thanking the police from protecting us from the living nightmare of Pliers.

  24. I absolutely love these videos. Thank you Mr. Stossel. So glad you did that interview with Steven Crowder. Never would have known your putting out such awesome content otherwise.

  25. Dear Mr. Stossel, you have missed so many facts and have failed to really ask the really important questions.
    The Constitution that you hold so high is probably one of the worst documents in the history of the world. I'll explain. It claims to give one group of people the supposed right to rob another group of people…….in the form of taxation, it also claims to give one group of people the supposed right to rule over another group of people. I know you may claim that this is not true, and that you can supposedly become part of either group, but this does not change the fact that these supposed documents that were created by people you don't know you have never met, who lived over two hundred years ago have the most power you could ever imagine, they wrote a document with their supposed opinions on what would be good to rule over others. Think about it. Its nuts. So the question you should start with is what facts do you have that any of these laws and or rules apply to you or anyone for that matter, what facts do you have to prove this. To make that claim that they just apply because they say so or because of your location is nuts, What facts do you have that this is true? Saying that these supposed great documents say they do apply and you believe they do is also crazy, and if you believe this to be true, then I want to know what you have been smoking because it must be some really good sh!t………Starting on the premise that A is true and then B must be true is just bad reporting. First prove that A is true before moving on to B. Quit assuming BS. I can write on a piece of paper that I have the right to steal your stuff does not give me the right to steal it. but for some reason people believe that if someone else writes on a piece of paper that I have a right to steal you stuff, even a couple hundred years ago, then it must be true? WOW!

  26. Im sorry but we are so far from what our founding fathers laid out.corrupt politicians selling us out to the highest bidder ,lobbyists and special interests.Infringing on our rights.making everything a crime.

  27. John Stossel: You started off good, but missed the importance of the Declaration of Independence and shifted to the Constitution. The simple method of understanding these two documents is that the Declaration of Independence was meant to define the nature of the new country, the kind of country we were to be and declare three basic Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, while the Constitution is simply the brick and mortar of the house instead of the nature of the home.
    These three Rights are suppose to be under Nature's God, not under the government of the United States. This means that the United States government and the State governments are not suppose to be able to kill their citizens by due process, nor allow their citizens to be taken and used as slaves, and the government does not have the Right too any Laws making sex illegal or controlled. Every one of these Rights are being completely ignored by the government.
    President Lincoln used the Rights of the Declaration of Independence as his justification for the Civil War and to free the slaves. President Lincoln was overthrowing the clause in the 5th Amendment where Life, Liberty and Property were illegally placed under the Law. President Lincoln was a Constitutional Lawyer.

  28. the problem is the liberals have declared the constitution is a "living document" which means "meh the constitution says we can't but 'We GotTa ChAnGe WiTh ThE TiMeS mAn"

  29. You're not free nobody even owns their car you own a certificate to the title and the government owns the title you don't even own your house
    You own a copy of the warranty deed and they own your house right to move freely well then why are there not Road specifically for walking because driving is a privilege not a right your American Freedom b***** is fake if you're so free to pursue happiness why can some adults smoke marijuana and some states and other states not even if they're dying no compassion Pursuit of Happyness? Fu f*** you f*** you f*** you f*** you f*** you f*** you you're not free you got nothing you're a stupid livestock within a fence.
    You are free to believe the illusion that you're free liar

  30. For how much longer before the left takes over and turns it into a socialist state??? God bless America and God bless President Trump!!!

  31. We need mandatory constitution/bill of rights classes in every single high school around the country. Can't graduate without passing.

  32. I'm suprised to see a citation from Tommy Robinson and the Rebel Media

    but I do understand that Fox News is right-wing and often cite both sources or at least they used to.

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