Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Swing Set
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Lifetime Heavy-Duty A-Frame Swing Set

September 25, 2019

For years, there’s been one classic, the
playground, held in the hearts of adults and children. Remember the rush of wind flying
back and forth across your face—the count down of 3…2…1…before you let go, flying
through the air. Let your own children take to the air and enjoy the one thing you’ll
be sure never to forget, with a Lifetime 10-foot Swing Set. With 2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar with
gym rings, your kids will have hours of fun, right in the safety and convenience of your
own backyard. The Lifetime Swing Set is built with your children’s safety in mind, because
we have children of our own. The set is made to pass playground safety standards. All hard
edges have been rounded or covered to eliminate snagging or scratching of your children’s
skin and clothing, and the swing chains have added rubber grips to prevent their delicate
little fingers from being pinched.Unlike wooden swing sets, the Lifetime Swing Set does not
splinter or chip—keeping your kids free of slivers, scrapes, or cuts. The powder-coated
steel and high density polyethylene plastic is heat resistant so kids can play safely
and comfortably during the hot summer days. The Lifetime Swing Set is perfect for children
ages 3 to 12 years old, has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, and is strong and durable enough
to provide your family with years of fun, and memories to last forever. With the Lifetime Swing Set, you don’t have
to worry about staining or painting your playground equipment ever again. The UV-protection reduces
fading or discoloration, and the powder-coated steel is weather and rust resistant to prevent
cracking, chipping, or peeling. Unlike other metal swing sets, the Lifetime 10-foot Swing
Set has heavy-duty, 3 inch diameter, 16 gauge steel and is guaranteed to keep its design
and great looks for years to come. With durable support bases our swing set is free-standing
and simple to assemble with no cement required, making it simple to move around the yard,
no matter how your family or home changes. Give your kids a reason to leave the TV inside,
and create the same memories you had as a child! The Lifetime Swing Set is the perfect
addition to your backyard. With its durable construction, safety features, and great looks,
the Lifetime Swing Set is sure to be the desire of your neighborhood!

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