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Lightning Literature and Composition Review

October 25, 2019

Hewitt’s Lightning Literature and Composition
is an English program that uses full living books, novels, plays, short stories, autobiographies
and poems to help your student develop more in depth reading and writing skills. Instead of reading excerpts from different
books, you get to read and explore entire books and all of the books are classics that
will enrich your student’s education. There are guides you can use for both middle
school and high school. The student workbook covers more than just reading alone. Your child will also get lessons in vocabulary
to expand his or her knowledge of the words used in the books, comprehension questions
to make sure your child is retaining and understanding the stories, lessons on the readings to help
make them more interesting. It has additional lessons on composition so
your child can learn to be a better writer, writing exercises so your child can get the
practice needed to prepare for high school, and workbook pages to complete the experience. This program is christian-friendly, but doesn’t
use christian materials so it appeals to the secular crowd as well. The teachers guide has lessons laid out very
simply so you never have to think about what needs to be done next. The teachers manual includes a teaching schedule
to help keep you on track throughout the school year, answers to comprehension questions so
you’ll know if your child is reading the texts and answering correctly, answers to the workbook
pages. It also has extra teaching help for the lessons
if you need a bit more hand holding, and help in choosing appropriate writing exercises
to inspire your young writer, and discussion questions to turn books into conversations. Most users absolutely love the Lightning Literature
and Composition program. Expect to spend about 45 minutes a day 4 days a week using this
curriculum. Now for the complaints. Some users feel that
the junior high program, especially the 7th grade level is too “light” and not in depth
enough for their tastes. That being said, it provides a very gentle
introduction to literary analysis which may be what you need if you have a reluctant reader
and writer. Since it has a pre-selected course of books
you cannot pick and choose what you want to read. So be sure it has the books you want
to read before you buy it. Some people skip the 7th grade and move straight
to the 8th grade course because it offers a wider selection of books. However, it can also be argued that it is
better to give your child a smaller book load to begin with and then progress to the larger
book selections of 8th grade after finishing the 7th grade ones. The great thing about the Lightning Literature
and Composition course is that it covers the classics in a way that would be difficult
if you just read the books alone. In a way it has a synergistic effect and helps
tie it all together. These books are ones that should not be missed and reading them
during middle school is a perfect opportunity to build reading skills that will help prepare
your student for high school level texts.

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