LiMu Emu & Doug: Reflection – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial
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LiMu Emu & Doug: Reflection – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

December 8, 2019

[Sung] LiMu Emu… and Doug Hm… Exactly, Liberty Mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. Nice… but uh… what’s up with your partner? Oh! [LiMu Squawks] We just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike. So LiMu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. [LiMu Bangs on Glass] Yeah… He’ll figure it out. Only pay for what you
need. [Sung] Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

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  1. Liberty Mutual Bait and Switch, even their commercial spokes person jumps in the sea after he gets exposed.

  2. Liberty Mutual Bait and Switch, even their commercial spokes person jumps in the sea after he gets exposed.

  3. These commercials suck and are very annoying. The Statue of Liberty ones are even worse. YOU CAN BUY THE SAME COVERAGE FROM ANY COMPANY !!!!!!

  4. This is how i feel trying to figure life out and people are so cold hearted they are like he ll figure it out

  5. If Limited Emu is stupid enough to hit his own reflection, and "Only pay for what you need" is his advice, should I really follow through?

  6. Please more Liberty Mutual ads with Doug and the Emu. These are the only ads I watch over and over instead of fast-forwarding.

  7. Liberty mutual trying to make funny commercials now like geico and progressive and shit but kind of misses the mark -_-

  8. I hate your fucking commercials with a passion and I would never buy your insurance even if it was the best and cheapest. Assholes!

  9. I notice all the comments regarding the emu and Doug. But why did the black people look so scared??… They look like they’re ready to run.

    Asking for a friend.

  10. That talented actress is Nicole Randall Johnson. You might remember her from madTV, she was a writer and actress on the show. Or, as one of the spokeswoman for Drivetime. She also had recurring roles on several well known television shows as well as having parts on several impressive big budget Hollywood films.

  11. LM… Your commercials are so juvenile, is that the way you perceive your “clients”? I am not a 16 yr old boy who think an 84 oz Mtn Dew is knarly. Grow Up, sell ADULT ins. Because the rest of will be over there.

  12. All I can think of when I see this commercial is the “Can I have yo number” skit from Mad TV. Still to this day I will bust out saying things like “what’s yo name delicate” and “ Yvonne? Damn, that’s a French ass name Yvonne…my little quo-sant “. Darrell pronounced Duh~rel was/is my favorite skit of all time.

  13. This has to be the worst ad campaign of the century. From the yellow, to the jingle, to the everything. Its overplayed and makes me want to cancel my insurance regardless of carrier.

  14. "Limu gets confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him." How does he know what he looks like?

  15. Please make a buddy cop comedy from this!!! Please!!! The adventures of limu emu and Doug!!!! With the 70’s music and everything!! Please!!!

  16. Singers: LiMu Emu!
    Man: And Doug.
    Doug: Hmm, Exactly. Liberty Mutual Costomizes Your Car Insurance So You Only Pay For What You Need.
    Woman: Nice. But Uh, What's Up With Your… Partner?
    Doug: Oh. Well… We Just Spend All Day Telling Everyone How We Costomize Car Insurance Because No 2 People Are Alike So… LiMu Gets A Little Confused When He Sees Another Bird That Looks Exactly Like Him.
    (Loud Crash)
    Doug: Yeah. He'll Figure It Out. Only Pay For What You Need. Liberty Mutual Insurance.

  17. “Dumbing down” continues to be the trend in America. And tragically, the dumb keep gulping the dumbing down that keeps getting thrown out there— everywhere. So done with it— intelligent creativity, arise!

  18. Someone from Australia told me this emu character is a ripoff of some show or character there. Can anybody from down there verify please?

  19. If your ads are getting hate, stop showing them, you are scaring away customers and your services feel like a scam

  20. Leave the funny to Geico, because they are usually pretty entertaining…this bird thing is just mindless

  21. That's the lady from Drive time commercials, please come back to drive time, their commercials are now boring as heck!!!! Smh

  22. you are a great but اختفى والداعشون   الاسوف يدمون  من خلق الولايات المتحدة باذن الله

  23. I hate Liberty Mutual's commercials! I was a loyal customer for 31 years and they rewarded my by screwing me over on a $6000 claim! Lost my paperwork and poor customer service when I had to start from scratch and THEN they sent the wrong paperwork and were rude to me when I called about that! Hung up on me because they were in over their heads on fixing their mess! I wish they'd go out of business and take their false advertising with them!!!

  24. My wife is touring Europe with her mother and 4 sibling. This marketing campaign inspired the moniker I gave their excursion: Koehler Strollers and Doug.

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