LiMu Emu & Doug: Stakeout – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial
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LiMu Emu & Doug: Stakeout – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

November 27, 2019

[Sung] LiMu Emu… and Doug Hour 36 in the stakeout. As soon as the homeowners arrive, we’ll inform them that Liberty Mutual customizes home insurance, so they’ll only pay for what they need. Your turn to keep watch, LiMu. Wake me up if you see anything. [Thunk] [LiMu Squawking] [Car Alarm] Only pay for what you need. [Sung] Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

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  1. These commercials are pathetic, the creators should be castrated or have their ovaries removed so they don't procreate.

  2. I looove your Limu Emu and Doug commercials. I'll watch them over and over. I'm trying to figure out how to make them Halloween costume. Doug easy but Emu …..

  3. I watched the PATSY Awards when they were first televised in 1973, and the hen shown in the Aames Home Loan commercials won a PATSY (the animals Oscar) in third place! So a man came out from behind a curtain, dressed in a tuxedo and he was holding Henrietta the hen against him, and he picked up her award for her!

  4. I have yet to figure out what the heck the bird has to do with insurance. I do not love the bird. We had a fairly large gathering of friends get together the other night and it pretty well come down that these Liberty Mutual commercials are the most annoying ones that have come on TV in years. Also, most car insurance companies have let the customer choose the coverage that they wanted for years. What's the big deal.

  5. I was getting my car tuned up. They have a huge waiting room at the dealership. This Doug and Emu commercial came on the wall mounted TV. About three of us busted out laughing. Love these Liberty M. commercials.

  6. What are they mistreating this emu there is a string tied around his neck that he pulls at you can see him pack at it right before he starts waving back and forth, that's because they pulled the string on him hard to make him react animal abuse…

  7. When will all the morons figure out that the "only" is in the wrong place?
    Only pay???? Duh.

    "Pay for only what you need" would actually make sense.
    People weren't this dumb 30 years ago.

  8. Bought a second vehicle for work purposes. Mildly embarrassed to admit that I bought insurance for said vehicle based on a large, flightless bird dressed in a yellow vest. And Doug.

  9. I am so over being bombarded with Liberty Mutual commercials. I still have no idea what the bird has to do with insurance. I am certainly clad that I don't have LM insurance with my premium paying for all of theses commercials.

  10. How much more do consumers pay in mandatory auto insurance to finance your Hollywood television commercials? The cost of liberalism has taken a major toll on our economy. People should have the right to know how there money is being spent by financial monsters like yourself.

  11. Fire your marketing department… This is awful……I specifically will not do business with this company…you need animals to sell your product??? Oh please…. the struggling actor is the best… witty, handsome, funny…. drop the animals Liberty..

  12. These Limu Emu commercials are terrible. Right up there with KFC. Whatever happened to real creativity? It's no wonder that there are so many remakes and redos these days.

  13. There is a trend for American commercials to become more and more absurd like their Japanese counterparts. However, most absurd Japanese commercials actually make sense to Japanese speakers. This is just stupidity for stupidity's sake. LiMu does rhyme with Emu…but who the hell calls Liberty Mutual LiMu? All their commercials are awful. Learn from the Geico and Progressive people. Ditch your current ad agency.

  14. Why did Safeco buy this company? These commercials suck. Who buys their insurance based upon the content of their commercials? I don't buy my insurance based on the content of their commercials. Everyone please drop your insurance with this company because these commercials are dumb. I beg of you.

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