LiMu Emu & Doug: The Board – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial
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LiMu Emu & Doug: The Board – Liberty Mutual Insurance Commercial

November 23, 2019

[Sung] LiMu Emu… and Doug What do all these people have
in common LiMu? [Paper Flapping] [LiMu Squawks] Exactly. Nothing! They’re completely different people. That’s why they need customized car insurance from Liberty Mutual. They’ll only pay for what they need! [Coins Hitting Table] Yes, and they could save a ton. You’ve done it again LiMu. [LiMu Squawks] Only pay for what you need. [Sung] Liberty. Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

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  1. Whoever wrote this commercial wouldn’t know funny it it ran them over. This is just horrible and annoying

  2. I can't believe people actually like this campaign. The… THE most annoying commercials. And they run them over and over and over and over. I HATE these stupid ads… especially the one where the bird blows snot all over the desk.

  3. This is my favorite out all the commercials. When the Emu coughs up the change, it gets me every time.

  4. I can't wait for this commercial to come on. Yes, my favorite, I smile, I giggle, when he turns his head with his lop-sided glasses, I break up,

  5. I remember when i told my mom they voided the warranty on my phone because its been customized and she said yeah customize my dick. So thats what i think about everytime one of thees commercials are played

  6. They can't even compare with the Geico commercials. The writers for Liberty Mutual are just plain fucking idiots.

  7. The worst contribution to the world of commercials ever. The campaign concept is laziness crossed with garbage. Its a sad sad day for actual creatives who work in advertising.

  8. Limu Emu is a maverick. He's a renegade cop, 27 years on the force will take a toll on you. He just can't play by the rules anymore!

  9. This is the worst commercial ever. Fire those who approved it. I understand gimmick commercials, but these are so lame. Obviously marketing departments/companies are getting desperate.

  10. limu is an ex Secret Service, ex Federal DEA undercover agent
    and one of the most dangerous special forces dude we have ever had.

  11. limu is also an expert in war fare, explosives and black belt in hand to hand combat, jiu jitsu, kung fu, tae koando. he understands 9 languages…….lately it was exposed he was responsible to bring dowm guerrila paramilitary in Colombia, single handly.

  12. the ostrich looks so annoying where I just want to punch it in the face and break it's neck

  13. What a scam people are likely to need packages of insurance,when bought together it saved money now each item added together will cost more unless your under insured in that case whats the point.

  14. Please make this stupid commercial go away. No one is buying your insurance with these crappy commercials. This is complete and utter stupidity it’s not funny in the least, it’s incredibly ignorant.

  15. The first time I saw a LiMu Emu commercial was after heart surgery in the hospital nine weeks ago. I nearly broke my chest open again from laughing so hard; I had to grab a pillow and hug it tight.

  16. Lol…like a throw back to Starsky and Hutch.or some other 70"s cop show….especially the music…….Genius.

  17. Notice that most of Liberty Mutual TV commercials portray white men and young white boys as total buffoons. I refuse to even consider purchasing anything from Liberty Mutual until this is corrected.

  18. I just scrolled through the comments and realized all you idiots will flock to this company because they have a cute commercial. What a bunch of robots. Trump 2020.

  19. Let’s say what we all wanna say about Gervonta with accolades. The fact is: Gervonta doesn’t want to fight Vasyl but is playing the “waiting game” hoping Vasyl will get slower and weaker before signing the fight. Gervonta is hoping Vasyl builds ring rust in 1 or 2 years? Then when “Floyd The Fraud” gives a green light, then Gervonta will sign to fight Vasyl. “Floyd The Fraud” is teaching Gervonta to fight names that are no longer in their primes. He’s teaching the little tank to duck great fighters and wait for them to age. Floyd is teaching the little tank well.

  20. Make MORE Limu-Emu+Doug commercials, we LOVE them! LOOK @ how many people viewed your other commercials, a average of 4 to 8 thousand, then look @ how many people has viewed your Emu & Doug commercials, way up over 100 thousand  😀

  21. All you are saying about your company with "Doug", is that any idiot can sell insurance. I'll stick to State Farm thank you very much!

  22. These commercials sure are getting old. Your only pay for what you need??? All insurance companies offer this. What makes Liberty Mutual better than other insurance companies?? It sure isn't the bird. Allstate has Meyhem, Progressive had Flo, Farmers has the Muppets. Geico has the lizard and Liberty Mutual needs a new marketing director because he sure has his head up his ass.

  23. I can't believe that the marketing director of Liberty Mutual still has a job. These have got to be the worst commercials on TV. Progressive has Flo and her crew. Geico has the gecco. He can be amusing. Allstate has a great spokesman plus Meyhem. Farmers has their experience plus now have the Muppets. They all can have you just pay for what you need. What makes Liberty Mutual different from other insurance companies. I guess they can give you the bird.

    I and many of my friends find the Liberty Mutual commercials the most irritating on TV.

  24. I can't believe the positive reviews on this. It is just dumb. I guess people of the social media generation are easily amused.

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