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Lines & Veils

September 13, 2019

Hey folks another RPG toolkit for you all about lines and veils Okay, start off what are lines and veils this was a term that was first coined by Ron Edwards in a piece in Sex & Sworcery About how to set boundaries and limits for the group of people that are playing at the table So you have lines which are hard lines this these are things that are not going to be at the table not going to be in the world or dealt with at all and then you have veils these are things that you the players and GM are comfortable having In the storytelling, but you’re not going to roleplay through these oftentimes It’s seen as a kind of when these types of situations Come up will fade to black and then jump into essentially the next scene Okay, so why are lines and veils helpful? It’s helpful because it lets you Ask as the GM or person organizing the game to ask your players find out what they’re comfortable with They think especially if you’re doing a long-running campaign, or you’re wanting to deal with some may be more sensitive Subjects things that people might not be as comfortable with you can kind of gauge interest and gauge Okay, how far can we go? Is this a line? so it’s not going to be in the game or is this a veil where we can start to explore that but also, let everybody know that they’re their level of comfort and their enjoyment of the game is important and will be valued So I think it’s really helpful to have using lines and veils during your session 0 Easiest thing to do is to hand out some note cards where you’ve written in veils written in lines and let the players fill that in and lines and veils can also apply to Not just like sensitive topics, but if you have a player at your table who has a isn’t arachnophobia arachnophobia, whatever the correct term is if they have a severe fear of spiders They might write in veil or lying what wherever their comfort level is spiders And so, you know, okay as I’m building out like if you’re building out a D&D game You’re not gonna have them fight giant spiders lines and bales are also helpful at convention games, especially more collaborative storytelling games where you might not know what your players are comfortable with and also that the players are helping to create the world or create the Story so that way other players know I’m not stepping across somebody’s line and making them uncomfortable and ruining their gaming experience You can kind of gauge it ahead of time and go. Okay, we can fade to black here or Change directions of the store If you seeing it heading towards somebody’s line and one thing I just want to address with these Tools that you can use for kind of safety and comfort at the table These are tools they are not necessary for your game If you’re playing with a bunch of people that you know, really, well, you already know What their comfort is or you’re playing in a game? that is very well defined like Especially if it’s a module or something that the players can kind of like read over the back and get a good sense of what? the game’s going to be about you may not need lines and veils because the expectation of where the story’s going to go and what’s going the content that’s going to be in there has already Kind of been set or you know The players well enough to know what to avoid or what to focus on if you are playing with a new group of people and if you want to Explore some more sensitive material or you know, really get into some really emotional scenes Having these kinds of things are a great tool to gauge everybody’s comfort level at the table where people are comfortable going where it’s a I’m fine with exploring this but not in deeper detail I don’t want to roleplay this and you may have already kind of used veils at least in the fading to black Element if you’ve had two characters that have decided to spend the night together and the GM fades to black is there going up? to the bedroom That’s essentially a veil. It’s the I’m fine with this being in the game. I just don’t want to roleplay I don’t need to roll a Constitution check for a dexterity check for this we’ll just move on to the next thing and just as a little bit of a disclaimer These are tools if you don’t find lines and veils works for your group, you don’t have to use it No one is running into your table and being like ah, you’re not using lines and veils. You must stop rolling your dice That’s not happening. These are useful tools to help gauge a group especially a new group or Convention where you might not this might be the first time you’ve ever talked to these people I think if you’re putting together a group of players online That you don’t even kind of hang out together on a normal basis That’s another situation where like having lines and veils in a session zero or ahead of the first session He’s great because then everybody knows what everyone’s comfort level is and we can make sure that we’re all Having fun at the table because that’s what gaming is about at least in my opinion. It’s about having fun Now you might be having fun by exploring some tough difficult emotional situations and Doing that and knowing that everybody else is also on that same page makes it more enjoyable if you’re having to worry like am I pushing somewhat Betty too far is Everybody comfortable is everyone having a good time. You’re not gonna have as much fun So having some of these safety tools of ways for players and GM’s as well GM’s can fill out lines and veils because you might have a player that introduces something that you’re just not comfortable I have some things that I’m not comfortable Running or role-playing as a GM, so being able to say to my players. Hey This stuff can be a character thing. But this is a veil for me. This is something I’m not gonna roleplay out. I’m not gonna Roll dice to figure these things out we will fade To black and move on to the next thing there bunch of different safety tools from X card to lines and veils Checking having check-in points all these things that you can use you cannot use whatever is going to work best for you a big Thanks to our patrons especially Joan If you want to support our channel, you can head over to our patreon page and check out the perks of being a patron Alright, I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to like it If you did share it with a friend that might be interested in hearing more about lines and veils and don’t forget to subscribe Alright, we’ll see you next time on Roll 4 Initiative. Bye Comments have been turned off for this video. I found just with these safety tools Most of the comments aren’t really that productive and I want our channel to be a positive space

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