Lisam LS-210 QAV210 Carbon Fiber Frame Drones FPV

September 25, 2019

He!!, Today I show you the frame model
LS- 210 from the manufactured Lisam and sold in
a perfect frame for acrobatics and also for racing
drone has a size of 210mm As you can see is super light
super easy to install and we’ll see how the assembly process This is the kit as you can see is the Lisam LS-210 a copy os a QAV210 Charpu edition and well let’s see we have inside well, here we have all the pieces this is the top of the frame is made of carbon fiber here’s the bottom a set of screws and spacers and here we see that brings a rubber foot
for legs for do landing gear and the parts that remain are the support for
the camera as you see it is a very simple kit
few pieces and we’ll see how the asembly as PDB to power the electronics
we will use a similar PDB to it exists in many models Internet
and basically this will help us to weld here directly feeding the connection of the ESCs for
motors and have a 12V output and other regulated 5v volts for
connect the camera and feed the flight controller , is very simple the
installation and that is placed in the where will the Naze32 on spacers
and all we have to add other spacers to put up Naze32
above the PDB as you can see is a very kit
simple to assemble , here you have very light I would say it is one of the lightest on the market as a
210 mm category and I personally like it because it is
a perfect frame to do stunts It is also perfect for racing but
not all racing drones worth to do stunts and this for its lightness and size is perfect for it well if you liked the video give a
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