Living in a Wood Frame at Wesleyan University
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Living in a Wood Frame at Wesleyan University

October 11, 2019

Hi, I’m Mallory. I’m a senior here at Wes,
and I live in a wood frame. [UPLIFTING MUSIC] Wood frames are houses
that the university has bought around
the campus where seniors are allowed to live. Each house has typically two
to six roommates, a kitchen, bathroom, single bedrooms. And it’s a really
awesome experience because we have a
lot of resources and it’s a very
independent living style, so we can kind of do what we
want, but still be on campus and still not have to
worry about utilities or rent or anything like that. Living in a wood frame
is really awesome. It’s very freeing, and you
have so many opportunities. I half feel like a
real adult sometimes, and that’s really nice. Most other people I know
at other universities don’t have anything like
this, and that’s really cool. [UPLIFTING MUSIC]

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