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Logan Picture Frame Fitting Tool

August 26, 2019

(♪♪♪) Okay, so now you have that
beautiful frame assembled, and now it’s time to secure
that family photograph or artwork into that frame. Logan’s got you covered. The Picture Framing Fitting
Tool Model F400-1 has been designed to provide
long lasting quality with easy to use features. Its primary purpose is to
drive pins, points, and nails into wood
picture frame molding to securely hold framing
materials in place. The fitting tool features a unique and revolutionary
rotating turret to accommodate all of the most
popular style points. Since no assembly is required, let’s just take a quick look
at the Fitting Tool’s parts. There’s the lever, the foot, which includes the bumper
and the lock plate, and there’s
the revolutionary turret. The Fitting Tool also comes
with some flexible inserts to get you started. There are four types of
inserts that can be used: flexible inserts,
which are bendable, perfect for photo frames so materials can easily
be changed; brad nails, an economical insert
which can be used for securing a canvas; multipoint inserts
which are bendable and are used to
hold fillets in place; and rigid inserts
which are firm inserts for use in
permanent applications. Before using the Fitting Tool, you’ll first have to
assemble your frame. Let’s take a look at the
process that is involved with framing artwork. After thoroughly
cleaning the glass, place the glass on
the matted artwork, which should be on
a suitable backing board such as foam board. Then place the frame
over the glass. Finally, flip the frame over
and you’re ready to use the fitting tool to hold
everything in place. The number of inserts
to use of course depends on the size
of you frame. In general,
inserts should be spaced 1-2 inches from the corner and 4-5 inches apart
on the sides. Rotate the turret
on the fitting tool so that the type of insert
you’ll be using faces the foot of the tool. To operate the fitting tool, slide the foot
away from the insert. Load insert into
the turret slot. Be sure the
pointed end faces out. Align the tool’s body and
the tip of the insert against the frame. Gently rest the body
on the frame material. Slide the foot until
the bumper rests firmly against the frame. Finally, firmly
squeeze the handle, driving the insert
into the wood until the turret stops
against the frame. For best results, keep the tool’s body flat
against the backing material while squeezing. To release, squeeze
the lock plate on the foot and rotate it off the frame. Then, slide the tool
back along the top of the backing material to remove
from the insert. Repeat around
the frame to finish. Captioned by GigEcast.

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  1. this is NOT for a professional framer it would take all day to assemble a handful of frames using this. putting in ONE point or brad in at a time. you be better off drilling pilot holes around the outside of the frame and sliding nails into them.

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