Lori Loughlin faces new charges in college admission scandal
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Lori Loughlin faces new charges in college admission scandal

October 23, 2019

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  1. If she would have just said her daughters were Native American like Elizabeth Warren the her kids could have got in anywhere for free!

  2. Napolitano = Traitor to America
    They must be threatening him with the video of him sucking on Lil Haitian Boy's weiners…


  4. Basically the Judge is saying laws don't matter if no one was hurt in the process. So by his logic prostitution isn't a crime, DUI isn't a crime as long as you don't hit anyone, etc.

  5. Napoletano proved himself to be a hack here. There is at least one individual that did not get into the shool. That is a fact.

  6. When did Napolitano become a liberal? That's always how the prosecution works. You make a plea, you plead to a lesser charge. You plead not-guilty, they throw everything they have at you. I'm not a lawyer, I just play one on TV and even I know that.

  7. I can't stand this guy, first he goes on the air and says Trumps call is illegal (which it was not) and now he is sticking up for Hollywood who BROKE THE LAW! This guy is a joke! Get rid of him!

  8. the harm is they committed fraud. and if they get away with more people will take advantage of it. giving them unfair advantages over people who cant afford to do the same. fraud is a crime that takes advantage of everyone. crooked Napolitano. would of gave someone who wasn't famous 10 years. They are crooks and nothing more. people go to jail everyday without proving harm to others. thats why we have laws so you dont have to find a victim for every case. fraud, bribes extortion all felonies.

  9. You are a You are a disgrace judge a very big unfortunate disgrace, it's OK that they went out there and and stoled college spots from the children who work there A off for it, they should be slapped on the wrist. You scream it's OK for them to try to trump in an impeachment court without any kind of due process, you are a foolish man is who you are, a Morally bankrupt man! 🤬

  10. The attitude of i cant be bothered.nothing to see here.well gess what .justace. just quicker here in this case. Just like Hill skated so far.she needs to skate another 10 years at least.then it wont matter.

  11. There are only so many spots on the rowing team. Therefore, someone who was qualified lost a spot while someone who did not qualify floated in on a gold parachute.

  12. The government feels justice was not served, so they can go in hard…..and it WASN'T served. Napi is saying there's not proof? Huh!!?? I ask you people….IS THERE PROOF THAT THE SNOBS GET A PASS??

  13. Just because an action doesn't cause harm, it can have the potential to cause harm, for example speeding. Public nudity also doesn't cause harm and its a crime.

  14. Considering I scored in the 99th percentile on the AFOQT while a physics major, yet was denied a pilot slot because other people with history degrees got a slot because their parents were officers. Yes there is harm in this behavior.

  15. Old nappy is a dork! Obviously someone didn't get in if these kids bought their way in. He sounds like the deep state and the clintons "wull you can't prove that". Makes you wonder if nappy hasn't done a little bribing and cheating on his own. Hard to understand why fox keeps him on – maybe it's paul ryan's influence. Maybe he thinks he's a celebrity & needs to stand up for his poor downtrodden celebrity buds. Here's some help nappy – cheating is cheating & should be punished – more so if you're famous & believe you should influence society like these hollywood liberals do.

  16. How isn't NAP THE HACK working at cnn. Has anyone ever confirmed this ambulance chaser actually has a law degree?????

  17. How did IRS handle her false filing of her taxes? Did she submit that $500,000 as a donation? That's 10 years federal prison and $10,000.00 fine, for you, me and Joe the Plumber!

  18. The only thing I can be sure of is that when "judge" Napolitano speaks, I most likely will disagree with him. You never know WHAT'S going to come out of his mouth. He's defending these cheating parents (and we KNOW they cheated) but refuses to defend our President who we KNOW did nothing illegal. Come on Fox! You can do better than this arrogant SOB.

  19. Well the Dems have been doing it to Pres Trump/& he has said over & over ( IF THEY CAN DO IT TO ME THEY CAN DO IT TO YOU) Once again The Pres. HAS been proved right/try on facts with due process!!!!these people have not done anything that politicians & the 1% haven't done in the past/how do you think they ALL got into Harvard – somebody knew somebody knew somebody/ THATS one form of Bribe/Get this over with already!!!

  20. Judge this is called Justice for all including those in Hollywood who think they are above us!!! It's about time these elites are held to the same standard as the rest of us. This includes even Judge's!!!

  21. and this is the man that wants to be a supreme court Judge? Wow, Potus made the right decision not to nominate this guy.

  22. Lol. This is how the courts work. You either plead guilty to a lesser charge or we will make up more charges and you will die in prison. Wtf you act as though you've never heard of this. Everyone knows it.

  23. Babbling Judge cannot do math. If 100 people can get in and 2 cheat and get in, then two who didn't cheat would be left out!

  24. This makes me wonder if the judge even followed this case to know what's going on. In the beginning they said there would be more charges as they continued to investigate because the investigation was not over. Some people took a plea deal early on and we don't know what that deal was but they got greatly reduced sentences. Theoretically those plea deals may have protected those who confessed from further prosecution that might come up as the case was finished.

  25. Sure you can plead not guilty even if you are guilty, thats your right but if youre guilty then expect jail, plain and simple.

  26. Eddie Munster turned on Trump because he didn't get on the Supreme Court. Too bad, used to like him before he showed his true colors.

  27. How is any different than threatening Flynn's family to get him to plea out? The government has been doing this statutory coercion incentive for a long time with the medias consent.

  28. Trump Republicans as "human scum" as he seeks to solidify Republican support of him amid an ongoing impeachment inquiry. And he can shoot you if he wants.

  29. Am I missing something here? Don't these colleges take a set amount of students each term? Let's say they take exactly 1000 applicants each term and two get in fraudulently. Does that not prove that two people who were qualified didn't get in?

  30. Sure would be a totally different outcome if it was regular mom or dad and not a movie star..bet minimums would start at years,not days n weeks and no plush hotel prison either serving designer meals

  31. This guy's obviously paid. Why defend crimes? If you know you've done wrong, admit it early on. Of course the sentence will get heavier with time.

    And what's the crime, he asks? The crime is that this whole ordeal undermined the integrity of the scholarship, sports, and admissions. No university should be able to flaunt their rigorous admission as advertisement and have backdoor entry open to entitled population. That's false advertising, which is a crime. You can't privilege a customer over another. That's not how capitalism should work.

    The scholarships were supposed to help those who deserve but can't afford. It doesn't and shouldn't help QUALIFY the RICH with NO MERIT. That's wrong on so many levels. This was conveyed or lied through the college statistics for prospective parents. Imagine if a school started advertising fake statistics to your child to think that it was a good school. That's straight up scam.

    Anyone who participates in crimes should be punished. Period. These parents know that it's not the right thing to do and they did it anyway.

  32. Nobody is talking about why the students joined sports. Not only did they cheat their way into school, but once you are recognized as an athlete student you then get priority registration. This way you get to cut your way into classes ahead of even seniors registering for classes. Not only did they cheat the student into a University, but they cheated students out of classes needed for their degree.

  33. Accomplises to fraud? Not a crime? Napolitano is losing his f**** mind. I don't know if they should do years in jail, but 4-8 years picking up trash and doing community services seems reasonable.

  34. Why is what Loughlin did any worse than Affirmative Action? Do you know how many smart Whites and East Asians have been cheated out of an opportunity to go to college because they weren't Black or Illegal Aliens?????? SAT scores be RAYYYYSISSSSS, don't cha know? So let let a bunch of low IQ Black miscreants into college. What could go wrong? = Evergreen College.

  35. Fake sjw judge. I used to respect you but, honestly think you should move to cnn! They got in on SCHOLARSHIP! For a sport they didn't play. And you are LYING to people without a brain saying they didn't displace anyone. College has finite resources and space. Clearly someone else COULD have that earned those scholarships taken their place. You have lost sll credibility. A business has $30 it pays 3 employees $10 ea. Govt raised minimum wage tip $15 business still has $30 now pays 2 employees $15 and requires more work. Did you FAIL 2nd grade math. If they got in they took a place and if they got ascholarship they took scholarship from 2 women rowers! You are going senial! Clearly they took an available scholarship and enrollment that was available! You should be fired from fox for lying!

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