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Los Angeles Drug Lawyers | (818) 781-1570 | Drug Lawyer Los Angeles CA

October 26, 2019

drug detectives in Los Angeles county in
the San Fernando Valley are very aggressive in making arrests whether it is the LAPD or
sheriffs department they frequently make the use of informants and then search warrants to search your house stop your car to try to recover narcotics or other drug paraphernalia including currency it is important to get aggressive criminal defense attorney who understands that the police frequently violate a suspect’s constitutional law rights in their zeal to make an arrest and a drug seizure it is important to get an aggressive
defense lawyer I’m a former Los Angeles prosecutor in the district attorney’s office I had
prosecuted hundreds of drug cases I know where the problems of proof lie
in a drug prosecution matter we have had tremendous results in
a drug possession cases being able to get our clients informal
drug diversion program such as DEJ prop 36 and drug court in cases involving the sales a transportation narcotics our number one goal is to keep our clients out of custody we aggressively fight the seizure of your property and/or narcotics to a PO co section 1538 .5 motion ultimately in defending all are cases involving methamphetamine, cocaine marijuana, prescription pills for any other control substance we focus I’m keeping our client out of jail we promise you an immediate
response to your phone call call us now so we can begin gathering defense evidence and working an appropriate legal motions in your defense other drug crime

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  1. If you're facing criminal charges for drug posession, don't talk to the police first! Watch this video first and then give them a call.

  2. Great Los Angeles drug lawyer video. One of the best ways to keep it interesting to to get straight to the point and you did that.

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