Louie Gohmert: Robert Mueller should testify in House Judiciary Committee
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Louie Gohmert: Robert Mueller should testify in House Judiciary Committee

November 21, 2019

He offered to testify before your committee
May 2, what are your questions that you are going to ask him? Well I don’t know. I have more questions for Mueller than I do
Barr. I would really like to have Mueller back in
front of our committee. He hasn’t been here to testify before our
committee since he became special counsel. He had all kinds of bases for recusal himself,
all kinds of reasons he should never have accepted the job, if he were an ethical, moral
person concerned about justice. But he did. We do also know absolutely that there was
a conspiracy between a foreign agent named Steele and the people who were foreign agents
in Russia with whom he worked with the Clinton campaign and with high level officials at
the Department of Justice and the FBI. That’s where the criminal conspiracy needs
to be investigated. That’s where the real problem is. And I hope now we’ll get around to doing that. How likely is that going to happen? That investigation. It will not be as a result of a demand from
the Judiciary Committee as I would have hoped, because our chairman has made clear…He takes
a very very partisan approach to the investigation and the Department of Justice so… It fits an investigation into Clinton who
is found to have perjured himself. He wants to protect the president and his
administration at all costs as he did with President Clinton. But when it’s in the case of President Trump,
a Republican where no criminality is found by anyone, no indictments, no criminality
regarding anyone, including the president, with any type of conspiracy with Russia…He
still wants to persist and prevent a true investigation into the real crimes that occurred. But the truth is you look at all the indictments
that came as a result of the special counsel. There is not one single indictment that could
not have been done by the current justice department.

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