Main opposition party unveils road map for constitutional revision
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Main opposition party unveils road map for constitutional revision

August 24, 2019

It seems a long path looms ahead in the process
of revising Korea’s Constitution. The main opposition came up with its own road
map,… rejecting President Moon’s timeline to finalize the vote by June. Lee Jeong-yeon reports. The Korean government is set to submit a draft
to the National Assembly next Wednesday on the Constitution’s revision. According to the Blue House, a Special Advisory
Committee briefed President Moon Jae-in on its version of the reform,… from which the
president will submit a final government draft. The main point of the amendment is changing
the current five-year single presidential term to a four-year term with one re-election. President Moon has pushed for a referendum
vote to take place in June, along with local elections,… so as to minimize expenditure
on a national referendum that would cost up to 120 billion won, or 113 million US dollars. With this move by the president, the parliament
was pressured to make its own move,… as the draft put forth by the parliament would
be prioritized over that of the government. To this, the main opposition Liberty Korea
Party came up with its own roadmap for the revision on Friday. The key point of the party is to delegate
more presidential power to the prime minister,.. and have another body appoint such role,…
preferably the National Assembly, rather than the president as is under the current system. Representative Kim Sung-tae, floor leader
of the LKP, unveiled the roadmap, and urged other rival parties to submit a joint revision
bill by June. By setting this deadline the main opposition
has essentially rejected President Moon’s timeline of holding the referendum in June,…
arguing that holding the referendum with the local elections could politicize the issue. Lee Jeong-yeon, Arirang News

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