Maintaining Public Safety while Safeguarding Constitutional Rights
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Maintaining Public Safety while Safeguarding Constitutional Rights

September 12, 2019

At the United States Department of Justice,
we are committed to ensuring that our local law enforcement partners have the resources
they need to effectively serve and protect all members of their communities,
particularly when citizens exercise their constitutionally protected rights.
To that end, the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Office of Community Oriented Policing
Services are providing new guidance to law enforcement
officers about how to approach maintaining order during First Amendment-protected
events. This comprehensive new guide compiles information,
tools, and best practices that will help law enforcement
officers maintain public safety while safeguarding constitutional rights.
As we’ve seen, durable relationships between the police
and their communities do not develop overnight. But as someone who has spent a career at all
levels of law enforcement —and as the brother of a retired police
officer— I know the importance of these outreach efforts
to ensuring effective neighborhood policing, officer safety, and
community health. The Justice Department encourages law enforcement
officials, in every jurisdiction, to work with the communities they serve to
minimize needless confrontation. It is vital to engage in planning and preparation,
from evaluating protocols and training to choosing the appropriate equipment and uniforms.
This is the hard work that is necessary to preserve the peace and maintain
the public trust at all times—particularly in moments of heightened community tension.
Over the past few months, we’ve seen demonstrations and protests that have sought to bring attention
to real and significant underlying issues involving police practices, implicit bias,
and pervasive community distrust. And in most cases, these demonstrations have
been both meaningful and responsible, and have brought vital issues to the attention
of the public at large. Similarly, the vast majority of law enforcement
officers have honorably defended their fellow citizens engaged in these peaceful
protests. I know, from first-hand experience, that demonstrations
like these have the potential to spark a sustained and
positive national dialogue, to provide momentum to a necessary conversation,
and to bring about critical reform. But history has also shown us that the most
successful and enduring movements for change are those that adhere to non-aggression
and nonviolence. And so I ask all those who seek to lend their
voice to important causes and discussions, and who seek to elevate these vital conversations,
to do so in a way that respects the gravity of their subject matter.
Peaceful protest has been a hallmark, and a legacy, of past movements for change,
from patriotic women who demanded access to the franchise,
to the civil rights pioneers who marched for equal rights and equal justice.
Americans exercising their First Amendment right to free assembly
should look to those examples as they work to bring about real
and lasting change for themselves and for future generations.
Of course, I recognize that progress will not come easily,
and long-simmering tensions will not be cooled overnight.
These struggles go to the heart of who we are, and who we aspire to be,
both as a nation and as a people—and it is clear that
we have a great deal of important work to do.
But as we move forward, the Department of Justice
—and I personally—will continue to work with law enforcement
and communities throughout the country to help build the more perfect Union
—and the more just society—that all Americans deserve.

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  1. This guy is so full of shit!!! Ferguson violence has nothing to do with the peaceful protesters and if this Ass-hat AG can’t tell the difference between people who believe in there cause and voice it peacefully and the rioter and looters who want to take advantage of this to create unrest then he should step down!!! How in the hell does breaking into a cell phone store help the Brown family?? If you want to help people of that town shoot the criminals and reward the good!!!

  2. Holder talking about safeguarding Constitutional rights? Well, How about that Project gun runner he was involved with? I mean damn if it was a normal person doing that, They would have the books slapped at them and serving a life sentence and yet this anti-Constitutional Communist still walks?

  3. Riots are not Constitutionally Protected Free Speech. You break the law you pay the price. Which is why your racist ass should be in jail.

  4. Holder is in contempt of congress, and is a weapons smuggler. Those weapons were used to kill Americans. Holder should be in jail.

  5. This is a test.  All that didn't read about Brown's blood being inside the police car apparently can't read, they take their orders from Jackson, Sharpton and Holder who all went there to create madness.  Isn't inciting violence a crime?  Not for these dudes!  All this has done has created more gun sales.  How many will profit?  How many for profit prisons will be filled up?  We're saving an empty for profit prison in CO for when the people stand and demand all in D.C. be arrested for their crimes against all of us slaves!

  6. United Nations rips the Brown Family,
    “The sense of entitlement these people displayed is reprehensible” said chair member, Dr. Amancio Dominguez, in an interview with National Report. “We deal with legitimate and widespread instances of human rights violations, and frankly the issues presented to us here are not even a blip on our radar.  It is in our opinion after reviewing all the evidence that the officer in question committed absolutely no wrong doing.”
    He continued, “While I feel for the loss endured by these two individuals, I believe they are blinded by grief, and this is simply not the forum which to project those feelings. My colleagues and I went over the surveillance footage, as well as other documents in the case, and we believe that Michael Brown is indeed guilty of the acts of which he is charged.”
    Another member of the UN committee told CNN this morning, “We have much more important things to do than involve ourselves in county level legal proceedings. This was an absolute waste of our time. Compared to human rights violations that are prevalent in such 3rd world countries as North Korea and Brazil, America’s plight simply does not compare. While instances of police brutality certainly do exist, we have found that this was no such a case, and we will not be intervening in the matter.”
    – See more at:

  7. STFU E Holder, you are nothing but a two bit race peddler. I am disgusted by you, your words and your actions. Go away already.

  8. I'm still amazed that people actually voted for Obama and his worthless cronies like Holder. Hey thanks all you tards who voted to foist this racist criminal on the rest of us!

  9. You're trash, Holder.  You are a racist and a traitor to the United States of America.  If scum like you had souls, you would stand up like a man and tell the truth.  These protesting idiots are your puppets. You, and all liberals, use them to accomplish your power-mad goals.  You keep them stupid, and light fires to provoke them into idiotic, feral action.

    How dare you talk to the fine men and women in law enforcement like this?  How dare you demand citizens lay down and let mob rule trample on their rights.  These pigs don't have the right to delay my day even one second for their stupid communist loot-fest.  You know they don't care about this thug that was rightfully killed for attacking a cop, they want anarchy, free dope and a big screen TV or two.

    You are too much of a hate-filled coward to tell the truth.  Your self-loathing drives your lust for revenge and control.

    You will go down in history as one of the biggest pieces of waste to ever darken the US Government.

  10. What disgusting human being.  The man has done nothing but encourage the rioting.  Holder pranced down to Ferguson and only made it worse.  He thought Officer Wilson was guilty before any of the facts came in..  After the multiple autopsies and evidence in support of Wilson's account of events Holder has done nothing to  correct public perception.   Holder could stop the rioting in an instance by simply telling the truth.  The man has no conscience. He is personally complicit for any violence, deaths or destruction of property resulting from the pointless and unjustified rioting and looting. 

  11. This racist AG Eric Holder's rhetoric and actions has brought about the "heightened" community tensions. He knows first hand about demonstrations because he was involved in them and they were not "peaceful." No mention, of the THUG, Michael Brown's actions, which led to this unrest.  

  12. is there any incentive to stop crime when crime only provides jobs and cheap labor?
    what happens with the sinaloa cartel?
    why does it take a riot to get attention?
    why do not the police have to pay for past and present crimes?

  13. wow… I thought he wouldn't know about public safety… I mean, everything else is "I don't know". ask him about fast and furious, and you'll get an "I don't know" response….





  15. Resolutions must go beyond the status quo for there to be a permanent Singularity.
    Eutopia is not just a vision, it is the Future.

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