Maitreya Rael: Tools of Love (74-09-01)

September 9, 2019

Tools of Love Sunday’s Gatherings, September 1st, 74 aH, Okinawa, Japan Love Ai Desu (Love) Love You know this month, today, September today. September! I will be 73! 73! Still one month… 72. Daijobu! (No problem!) But 73, it’s 73! Wow! So huge! Ohhhhhhh! I have a play list on my computer, of French singers which were, some were my friends or some were very famous when I was a young singer. I listen every day. Suddenly, I checked 70% are dead! Same, same age as me, or younger. 70%! Dead! Nana Ju! (70!) Seven out of ten. I’m still alive. At least partially. I don’t know everywhere, but still alive and I appreciate it every day. When we wake up more than ever my… before opening my eyes I say, “ho! still alive.” Eh? Every morning it’s a… for people with white hair or white beard eh? We appreciate more than others, we say, “Wow! still alive!” Eh? Tadao. Every morning we are still alive, thank you, thank you everybody. It’s a miracle because we see our friends, I’m sure you too, who died. Everywhere they disappear. Maybe they go to Elohim, eternal life, possible! We don’t know. Some Raelians send me messages through Facebook or other messages and say, “My grandmother died. Is she on Elohim planet?” “Maitreya, my mother died last week, is she on Elohim planet?” Every day messages. I don’t know! You know, every second 4 people are born on this planet and three people and a half die every second! That’s thousands every day! How can I know who is alive and who is not? I don’t know. We will see when you will arrive over there. Maybe good surprise maybe no. We don’t know. But be ready. Every day, be ready to disappear. And when you die what do you bring with you? Money? You can be the richest on earth it stays on earth. Beautiful boyfriend or girlfriend? They stay on earth. Beautiful house? It stays on earth. So what do you bring? Love, love! Yes, sir! Love. The best memory when it will be the moment to die and to wake up on eternal life planet is remembering love. If you are poor because you have no money it’s not a big problem. But you have, during this life, to become billionaire not of money billionaire of love. How to become billionaire of love? By receiving love? No. By giving. The more you give, the more you have. The money, the more you give, the more you are poor. Love is the opposite the more you give, the more you are rich of love. So, please, all become billionaires of love. How can I give love? Eh? Difficult. Start with the eyes just the way you look at the eyes of other people is love. You feel my love? Do you? After you can touch. You can touch. Do you feel my love? You just can be with people. Then you can use this ear. And when we see some people a little bit wondering or like something does not good in their life this is a tool. Please tell me what is wrong. Tell me, I am ready, I’m listening. What is your life? What is your problem? What is your health problem? And listen, listen with love, not just “bla-bla yes yes yes…” No! Listen. Tools of love. You have so many eyes first hand to touch touching, we need to be touched! We need to be hugged. You know the hug, “Free hugs.” Not only for people in Naha. Do it between you. I’ve a question this morning. Are you sure everybody here was hugged one time by you? We are not so many. I’m sure there are some people here you never hugged. Never, it should never happen! I don’t ask you to love and to want to make love with everybody, no! But to hug. To say, “I’m alive same time as you and I appreciate to be alive same time as you.” Tool of love listening to other people. We need to talk and we need more than talking, we need to to have somebody listening to us. Many… everybody! Everybody needs somebody to talk. Me too. I love to talk to Sky to Hany to everybody and talk, and they listen to me because I have also problems. My… I’m not perfect! You know I’ve been in hospital 2 years ago and I was so happy to have beside my bed Sky and Hany holding my hands. It was pure love. So we all need! We all need! And that makes you billionaire billionaire of love. The richest man on earth maybe is Bill Gates? I don’t know but you can be richer than him in love. By giving, giving and giving giving your eyes your ears your hugs that’s what I wish for you to remember when you will die. It can happen tonight for everybody, not only me. Each each of you. And don’t think, “Oh, I am 30 or 40, that will happen to Tadao or or Maitreya.” No no no… you can be the youngest here and die tonight. Last week, a top sportsman, really top sportsman died at 25. Everybody surprised. No! It can happen at any age. So enjoy now and the best way to enjoy now is giving giving [love] Oui! (Yes!)

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