Making 141 Picture Frames
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Making 141 Picture Frames

October 10, 2019

Hey everyone Michael Alm here yeah so I am working on an absolutely massive project I have spent the last two years painting
every mammal in Washington State there are 141 mammals and I have less
than 10 left to go I one month left until my art show and I decided to frame
all of those paintings so I have to make 141 frames inside of a month. I’ve never
done anything like this before this is more frames than I’ve probably made in my entire life so we’re gonna see how it goes okay it is day two and I managed to get
everything milled yesterday which I’m really happy about next thing I need to
do is start cutting miters in order to do that I’m going to swap out the blade
again and then set up my mitre cutting sled my hands are crazy fatigued after
cutting all those parts that’s 300 and I need to cut 300 more I need to make some
alterations that sled just so that I can keep going today is day three I’ve got all the
pieces cut out so now it’s time for glue all right I’ve lost track of the days. I don’t
know what day it is in this whole thing anyway yeah I’m gonna get to sanding and
then yeah hopefully finish tomorrow Hooo! I’m done! done.
Done with sanding. huh. Alright, moving on to finish okay it is week four. Ehe end of the week,
and these are all finished they’re they’re finished they’re finished I
finally finished them I’ve put two coats of finish on them normally I would put
three but careful Michael let’s just get into mounting the
paintings The one that I got is the fox I got the Sea Otter SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON Smash that like button and subscribe! This is my purchase. I logged into the site at 12:01 and as I was scrolling down, I watched them sell sell sell And I was so worried It’s going really good that was a month that was a solid month
and the shows happened it went great we sold 92 by the end of the opening
which is amazing I had no idea that’s so awesome there are still paintings left
and I feel like there’s still some good ones left so I’ll post in the
description below where you can pick them up I had a lot of help with this
project and I want to shout out some people that just were so clutch during
this whole thing so Thank You Ghost Gallery of course Thank You Bellevue
Fine Art Reproduction for scanning all of those images I didn’t have time to do
that and thank you to Dan over at Gallery Frames he hustled and got all
the plexiglass and and backerboard cut when I was like I don’t think I’ve time
for this so anyway thanks to those people thanks to Ashley for helping me
out in the shop she helped with sanding and some of the finished work and then
Erik thank you very much for helping shoot so yeah this was this was a hell
of a thing I really appreciate you guys sticking around for it let me know I’m
curious if people would want to see more painting videos I just don’t know how to
navigate that on this channel if you’re just like stick to the woodworking
that’s all we want to see that’s fine yeah follow me on instagram if you want
to follow me on a more regular basis I’m super active over there so check that
out and other than that I think that’s it thanks for sticking around I’ll catch
you on the next one bye smash that like button subscribe

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  1. Nice done dude, i'am a professional framer and i must tell you: you done well with your tool 😉
    Regards from France

  2. OK, wow, that's one way to do it. Looks like the most tedious project ever, but also rewarding. I am glad the exhibition went well, especially after all that work. Maybe in future do a framing session every time you get ten paintings done, that would save you from ever having to do such a massive task again.

  3. Oh, about the painting; I would have a separate YouTube channel for that and keep the woodworking channel for woodwork. You would not be the first person to have different YouTube channels for different purposes. Just my two cents on that.

  4. Wow what a feat! Like a marathon of woodworking! 😆 I always enjoy your videos. And would dig seeing more on your painting process. Congrats on such a successful project!

  5. Your tenacity and woodworking skills are fantastic. Needless to say, you're an excellent artist and congratulations on the show and sales.

  6. Holy Schmoly! That was truly impressive from all aspects. The frame, the paintings, the displays, the video production, thoroughly enjoyed it all. Keep up the great work!

  7. These paintings are jaw-dropping! I think it would be a disservice to yourself and (I'm guessing) your audience to not show off your talents more on this channel. I'd love to see more painting, especially when accompanied by woodworking, like in this video.

  8. Awesome feat!!! Congratulations!!! Yes more paintings and wood projects combo would be great. Hope you signed all the artworks 🙄

  9. Great … everything!
    I went online to purchase one, not that their not worth every pennies. Just not in my budget, sorry.
    But I liked the vid. 👍.
    Once the exposition over, I would love to buy a « lefrover » 😉

  10. The massive task you took on was very impressive. The frames look great but I am impressed with the the clever jigs you made and more important, the paintings were awesome. Great job!

  11. You are simply brilliant as an artist and as a woodworker. Awesome video, and i enjoyed every moment of it, particularly the build part and the art show itself. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Man what a large undertaking…How do you keep yourself motivated during the process? I always get 'burnt out' and have to switch to other projects when they are this large.

  13. I watch a LOT of YouTube videos about woodworking, metal working, and just plain making stuff. But sir – this was another level of cool!! Just making one of those lovely little frames was interesting but 141??!! Wow – that’s persistence and dedication. And the artwork itself was great. I’d watch more of that for sure.
    Totally awesome project Michael 👍👍 And so happy the sales went well. You deserved it after all the hard work. I’ll be subscribing for sure 😉

  14. not sure why this popped up in my feed but I am glad it did, our family has been painting for the last year and recently decided to make frames for every single picture and painting in the house. we made the same framing sled a few weeks back. would like to see some painting videos

  15. Man I made FOUR big frames and it took me forEVER. I really dread to think what you went through. Kudos

  16. You know you’ve been sanding way too long once you start talking in the third person!!

  17. That's fantastic (really well done vid too btw)! Couple questions
    When cutting the 45s did you have some sort of stop or just eyes and skill to make sure they all came out the same length
    When taping/gluing, did you have any that came out trapezoid instead of square?
    Sanding jig on workbench-VERY smart
    Love the festool hose holder cable idea too!
    The gallery was REALLY cool
    Paintings great
    Dude. I have gotta tell ya that was truly inspirational-THANK YOU!!

  18. This is impressive all around. The paintings, the sheer amount of work, and the video came out so good! Congrats, dude!

  19. Damn, man! Making multiples of anything is a chore, I can't imagine 100 small picture frames. Great job, and amazing art! Wish I could have seen the show in person.

  20. This is amazing! Not only all frames but especially the paintings! I admire your preseverance! Well done!

  21. Finally getting around to watching this. What an undertaking! Glad to see the showing at the gallery went well, there were quite a few people in that bit of space. Well-deserved success!

  22. I think you framed this video perfectly Haha. That was an epic task you had on your hands and you smashed it perfectly! I'd love to see more painting, maybe a mix of painting and woodwork in one video like this?

  23. What an epic undertaking! I admire your tenacity and attention to detail even on such a massive scale. Found your channel through this video, subscribed! Looking forward to what's next.

  24. One tip for sanding – fix a and paper sheet to a flat surface. Then you just sand the entire side at once, holding the sanding block and work piece for that long must have left you with a claw hand for hours after.

  25. Chinese factory worker guy: "what do you want me to do after lunch?" Seriously, though, amazing effort and result.

  26. From Portugal. Wowowow!! Your paintings are spectacular! What a nice way to make a living too! Congrats!!!!,

  27. I've been a professional framer for almost 40 years. This job would have taken me a similar amount of time due to the manual labour, maybe a week less for using pro equipment – but the sanding… omg the sanding… Excellent job, mate. Beautiful work.

  28. As someone who enjoys woodworking and has made several frames over the years, my wrists ache just watching. Love the finished frames.

  29. Wow! Such a large task and you pulled it off. So glad you that the opening at the gallery went so well. Congratulations! Oh, and yes, I'd love to see a combo of painting and woodworking.

  30. Wow! So impressive on so many levels. My first visit, but it won’t be my last. Happy to subscribe for more. 👍🙏🏻🤗.

  31. Interesting! I have been brooding over a project that will also include making 100 + frames, plus the parts to make them all into small wall-mounted letter holders. It includes a small embroidered medallion – those I've actually made (machine embroidered with my wife's Bernina 580 🙂 ) But, haven't had the health to embark on the woodworking yet. This has given me some ideas though, and a visual of how the flow of the project could go.
    Thank you!
    By all means, incorporate your other talents into the same channel!

  32. I always enjoy watching people create what ever it is. Great video and the show looked like it was a lot of fun! Worth the effort! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  33. I love both painting and woodwork so smashing and subscribing is a no brainer for me 😉
    I bet you were so relieved when the last of those beautiful paintings was mounted Hehe

  34. You need to forget the frames and paint paint paint, a lot of people have woodworking shops very few have the talent to paint part of creation, nice art…….

  35. Self motivation in all it's glory. Well done. Would love to see more painting videos if you have the time.

  36. Great video dude!! just subscribed, I have similar interests so id deff love to see more painting and woodworking combined. I have thought about framing my own pieces before also but I have never really felt confident in my abilities, seeing you do it makes me feel like I should give it a go!! cheers from Ireland!

  37. i am very impressed. You very talanted man. Amazing pictures and work. Thank you from Russia)))

  38. Could your sled be used to make taller/deeper (shadow box style) picture frames? I’m trying to envision how to use the ruler, but still having something behind to support the piece getting cut (keeping the angle 90 degrees top to bottom and to help prevent tear out). Hope I’m explaining that right! 😬

  39. Your watercolor critters are great. Best thing would be to have them all; don't know how anyone could decide one is more appealing than another. Also like the little self-portrait. Your frames are perfect — they are lovely by themselves and set up the paintings perfectly without calling attention to themselves at all. What a job! Glad the show was a big success. AND yes, I would enjoy seeing more about your painting as well as your wood creations. I just discovered your videos, have subscribed, and look forward to more.

  40. Beautiful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  41. Can someone explain how Michael doesn't have more subs and views? These videos and projects are freaking outstanding!

  42. Painting tutorial please
    Looks so easy when u do it and I don't even know how to start.
    watercolors are a nightmare for me and then i finally have a decent pencil sketch, paint over it and it still shows and when i try and erase it hell breaks loose
    Share ur wisdom on how to relax while painting I subscribed for it

  43. Top effort, great stuff, and perfect ethic for creating more harmonious future with our animal friends, trees and personal creative craftsmanship and artistry.

  44. Woodworking alone is amazing and I'm admittedly biased with that. But the artwork and cataloging ALL the animals native to your state(which I have to assume there are many) due to the region you're from.
    I guess what I'm trying to say 💭 is Awesome work. 👍🏾 thanks for sharing your skills

  45. Awesome job on those frames dude. Fantastic paintings, very talented!
    Next episode: 1000 chopsticks, with all of those offcuts!

  46. You could start a second channel for the painting and link to it in your descriptions below your videos and mention it and I would subscribe. I am sure others would too, then you can keep your core wood only people happy and find new art focused people for that channel that wouldn't subscribe to this one. Great art and great woodworking. Love your videos, keep up the great content. Thanks!

  47. Subscribed! I love all aspects of art! Im a wood worker, soap maker, photographer, leather crafter, and soon to be a watercolor artist. Love watercolor paintings

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