Making Picture Frames Look Old : Finishing Touches for Aging a Picture Frame
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Making Picture Frames Look Old : Finishing Touches for Aging a Picture Frame

October 19, 2019

We are ready for our final step in the aging
of the frame and I put just a little bit of brown paint on my wax paper. It just takes
a dab, and then I take my sponge brush, and I dip it in the water. Put some water on the
wax paper, and slightly dip into that. What I’m doing is dipping my brush in with a lot
of water on my wax paper, because I want it to be a wash not a code of paint. Then we
take it and we add it in these places, where we didn’t sand to kind of tie them in. Give
them a little more aged look, and wipe off a little bit as you go so you can control
how much you have on there. Some places you maybe want heavier, like this, and some places
a little lighter. Then you take that wash and you go over the nail hole area, and a
few places else where, so it kind of evens out the frame that way it looks like older
maybe even a little bit dirtier paint than we just applied it, so. Now I don’t like this
one spot here, so I’m going to show you how you fix that. Take a wet paper towel, and
you just wash over it a little bit until you take the darkness away, and that’s how you
can control how much of the antiquing you want, and exactly where you want. You don’t
have to do much you just have to do enough to make it look like it’s been around a little
while. So basically that’s going to be your finished frame. Now I’m going to remove the
masking tape so you can see the finished product and how it looks on a wall. And there we pretty much have a straight edge
nothing that will be noticeable, and when you, if I can give you an Idea here. Just
bare with me a second. Say this is your wall, this is your frame, normally this is the angle
you would see it, and that basically is how you age a frame the same techniques that I
showed you with this, with the crackle finish, using the parafun, using the sander. You can
even take nails or screwdrivers and you can scratch some of the paint off for a more deliberate
effect than you get with your sandpaper. This is the technique you can use on furniture,
whether its tables chairs, book cases what ever little accent tables. This is how you
get that look. I’ve paid as much as thirty five dollars for a fraim with this very look,
and this basically cost me two dollars for the frame and the paints I already had on
hand if I hadn’t. We used I think three of four colors so that would have been another
four dollars. The crackle finish is very cost effective and so you can age as many things
as you want for a fraction of the price that you pay for. So I hope this has been helpful
to you, and I hope that you will give it a try, because it’s a lot of fun to do.

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  1. ive been looking every where on you tube for a "how to" to get this look and FINALLY found yours… best one one ever it looks great!

  2. I could not find the paraffin step. Since they are not numbered, I tried looking at all of the videos. Can you direct me to which one of the video addressed this step?

  3. I really liked and I will try it as soon as possible. The only phase I didn't see was the parafin step.
    Thank You for the instructions

  4. Thank you. I was looking in the stores for such frames and they are very expensive! I will most definetely try making them myself.

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