Man Awarded $50 Million After Police Locked Him In A Closet To Starve
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Man Awarded $50 Million After Police Locked Him In A Closet To Starve

August 25, 2019

Recently, a Cleveland man was awarded $50
million from a jury verdict after he suffered tremendous brutality from police officers. This case is once again put the issue of both
brutality and police shootings on the front pages. And I’m joined now by attorney Bob Dicello,
the lawyer who won this recent verdict. Bob, start by telling us what happened to
this man. I took a look at the story when it was developing. I followed it the first time. What a remarkable job you did up there. Tell us what happened. Well thank you Mike, and I want to also thank
our jury because they’re the ones who deserve all the credit. The jury heard a story of a man driving through
a city. He got pulled over. He was escorted out of his truck, made to
sit on his bumper, handcuffed, and then he was questioned and he was asked where are
the drugs in East Cleveland? And when he couldn’t answer that question
because he had no idea the, the detective who was doing the questioning, he started
to punch him in his face, punch him in his head and the beating continued until the on
duty officer, uniform police officer who was present at the scene, got in between the,
the detective who was in plain clothes, who initiated the stop, got in between the detective
and my client, Arnold Black, and had Arnold focus on his face as he testified and then
was told by the detective to get him outta here. And they brought him to the cities jail. And the cities jail was described in testimony
in this case is something like a Turkish prison or a Mexican jail. No offense to anyone who is of those origins. It’s just that the history of those places
and of this particular place are similar. Rat infested, roach infested, a run down facility. And in that facility there was a dark corner
that was gated off with a chain link kind of door and a steel padlock system. And they opened up that area and put him in
there. It was a storage area or a closet. As it, as it was testified to. Also, they decide, decided the cities people
decided to have testimony that it was a, a holding cell. My client was put there for four days, no
food, no water, no bathroom facilities. And in there with him, he testified, we’re
cleaning supplies like mops. There was a locker, storage lockers that,
that were there. And it got so bad that we actually went to
the bathroom in the storage locker because he had no place to go. He was given a carton of milk by one, I guess
we could say kind CO who saw him there, and he remained there for four days until they
shipped him into the county system after his injuries had softened and his, the swelling
had gone down. Okay. Bobby, Let me, okay, the information that
I had that I followed as you were, as you were trying this case. First of all, he was stopped. He was driving a truck and there was, under
the belief that he had drugs, but you pointed out something very different and that is you’re
telling, you tried this case so obviously know the facts. So the, so if I get it right, they randomly
asking this guy, where are all the drugs in the East Cleveland as if he’s going to know
about it. That’s the first thing I find astounding. Second of all the, the other part of this
is that he had a concussion when he was put in this closet, a broom closet for four days
without food, without bathroom facilities just basically abandoned and kept prisoner
in that closet. Now my memory is as I, as I follow this story
is that you tried this case one time and you got a $22 million verdict in the same case
before you tried this one. The Appellate Court reverses it and I took
a look at the grounds for reversal were ridiculous, but they reverse it and so you go back to
trial and this time the jury gives you $50 million. So obviously this is more, this has more to
do with maybe the police, Cleveland police conduct in general. The, your juries obviously are very, very
angry about the culture of police up there as obviously they should be. What, what, what did you uncover about Cleveland
police? Well, so it’s the city of East Cleveland,
not Cleveland want to make that clear, but what we found with the city of East Cleveland
was a policy that dated back decades of using violence against ordinary people who were
stopped at traffic stops. Who were standing on street corners, who were
playing cards on the sidewalk. Anyone who came into contact with an East
Cleveland Police officer could expect between 19, essentially 1988 and 2000 and now, could
expect to be beaten or hit or yelled at or screamed at or pushed down. Some of the testimony we got that was unbelievable
was that even if they found no contraband on someone that was just, say on the sidewalk
in the middle of winter, they would strip that person down completely of all their clothes
in the snow. And understand that what they did to my client
by taking him from his truck, again, driving through the city after having had dinner with
his mom going home. He was landscaper with landscaping equipment
in the back. They take him from his truck and they secret
him away inside the jail. It is, if that was done by private citizens,
it would be a kidnapping. Let me ask you something. Now… Sure. The other facts of this case is the Cleveland
Police also had what they call a hit squad of some kind where they would send, they’d
send police officers out in, in vans and where they saw people congregating, the police officers
would jump out of the vans and beat the bejesus out of the people who are con. Is, is, was that, did that come up in testimony? Was that something that’s just part of the
story here? Is that true? No, that, that was testified under oath by
detective Hicks. What you’re referring to is something called
the jump out boys. The, the chief who we, was the defendant in
this case who we sued in this case, was part of the jump out boys with detective Hicks. And what they would do is they would drive
to the city and if they saw men con or women, it doesn’t matter who, con, people congregating
on a sidewalk, they would literally jump out at them, chase them, tackle them, boot them,
beat them, kick them, do whatever they wanted to them, search them. And if no contraband was found, again, I go
back to what I was saying earlier, they would even go as far as to take their clothes off
in the middle of winter. They would do anything they wanted to ordinary
citizens who are again violating no law, just gathering on street corners. And that was the jump out boys. You know, obviously your history as a trial
lawyer. You and your brother have a remarkable history
as trial lawyers. I’ve followed your careers. You know, and, and it’s, it is remarkable
the things that you undertake. But this, this undertaking really exposed
you in a lot of ways too. This, this is a, these aren’t kind and gentle
folks that you were dealing with. And so this is the second time around. They made it as difficult as they could for
you. And here’s another thing, I just want them,
I want to hear from you because I want to know if this is true or not, that as I was
following the case, that there was testimony of one of the officers, I think it was Hicks
who said, we simply have a culture of violence within our police department. This was one of the witnesses testifying for
East Cleveland. Did I get that right, or is that just a, is
that a myth? That is actually 100% correct, and the way
he described it was chilling. He said there was the right way, the wrong
way and the East Cleveland way. Think about that. And he also noted that it had he not used
the violence that he was required to use every single day, he said he’d still be a patrolman. He would’ve never become a supervisor and
he was, it’s so important. He was the supervisor of the street crimes
unit for the entire city of East Cleveland, so he was not just some renegade detective. He was responsible for implementing the East
Cleveland way, which was a, an absolute attack on ordinary people. Okay. One thing I saw as soon as you got the verdict,
what’s happening is we’re rehashing and we’re revisiting what goes on in most police departments
throughout this country. There, I call it, there’s a real important
discussion taking place in police departments that want to do better and that is, you know,
we can either take a warrior, we can take a warrior position to where it’s us against
them all the time, or we can take something that’s emerged that merges with, you know,
it’s, we’re guardians too. We’re not just warriors. We have to do both. You see the real progressive police departments
taking that. What do you take away from what Cleveland
and cities should learn by this case, where you hit the city for $50 million after you
hit them for $22 million? What’s the takeaway? How do police, how do police departments do
better? So what they have to do better, and the takeaway
here is very simple. That tough economic times as you find in East
Cleveland are no excuse for decent, humane police practices. And in fact, during trial, the city defended
part of this case by saying we’re a real rough city and we don’t have a lot of resources. East Cleveland is different than the city
of Cleveland. Cleveland’s huge. East Cleveland was small and they, they tried
to justify some of what happened here by saying it was economically feasible. And by the way, what would you want? Would you want drug dealers being treated
nicely? Well, the problem with that was, as we pointed
out in the case, there were never any statistics done, never any measure of who was actually
a drug dealer. They were just fighting and beating up anyone,
including themselves. There was testimony about that unbelievably,
they would fight each other. The police would fight each other in the garage
of the police department. I’m not making that up. That came out in testimony. So the violence was, was, was, it was a shortcut
to, to really decent, inhumane police practices. So that would be the takeaway. Yeah, to intelligent police work. Both can happen. Both are, it’s happening in cities around
the country right now that are paying attention. We’re not just warriors, we’re warriors, and
we’re guardians. And this, this new approach, you know, there’s
some middle ground and let’s, let’s hope we get there. Bobby, first of all, outstanding result as
a trial lawyer. It’s just beyond belief what you had to undertake
just to handle this case. And, and, and, and I, I gotta tell you something,
that it moves the ball in favor of people that need protection when you get a verdict
like this. Thanks a lot. Well, thank you so very much and coming from
you a great trial, it means a lot.

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    True, there are also many places where there are decent honest police in the USA but their work is tainted by having colleagues of this sort that blemishes their work. It is time the US police do some in-house cleaning but that won't happen any time soon while the president is a life long criminal.

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