Man Made Tornadoes
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Man Made Tornadoes

September 14, 2019

ears are popping…. exactly on track as the May 3rd tornado…. Tomorrow I can promise you will be a
very nice day temperatures mostly in the 80s in the Midwest along the eastern
coast in the 70s nationwide radar at this hour a lot of
heavy activity down in the southeastern United States and here is the activity
around Chicago from our radar further to the west these patches right here moving
more or less to the east if we’re very lucky the southern suburbs might get
them late tonight but otherwise I really can’t say and I’ll try and say the best
I can right after this this gave them an imaginary boundary
line and anyone living on the inside of it was offered a simple choice stay and
you’ll never hear another television program as long as you live or take the
NASA shilling and get out no one stayed and NASA ended up with exactly what it
wanted a hundred and twenty five thousand acres of nothing they even had to move five cemeteries
because the noise they were planning on making would wait the dead don’t worry if you can’t hear what I’m
saying I couldn’t even hear myself this is the loudest sound you could possibly
conceive and as it turns out the cleanest now the most amazing thing is that that
cloud up there which was generated by the engine it’s just a mixture of
hydrogen and oxygen it’s water vapor and in about an hour’s
time someone in Mississippi is going to get wet washing it will actually rain I told you let’s just plain God it’s
making its own weather you people have actually known you could do
these things for better for worse for four decades actually since the 60s
a central thing to say about this is that technology is the easy part the
hard part is the politics really deeply hard and almost unguessable at this
point we have no regulatory structure whatsoever and no treaty structure so
it’s really unclear what would how such a thing would be controlled I think it
could happen anytime from a decade from now to many many decades hence the big
question right now really is should we do research in the open atmosphere
should we go outside of the laboratory begin to actually tinker with the system
and learn more about whether this will work or not and I’m somebody who
advocates that we do do such research and one thing that research may show is
that this doesn’t work as well as we think for sure there are a bunch of
dangers there are both the dangers of kind of side-effects like ozone loss or
interfering with atmospheric chemistry in other ways there’s the basic fact
that this is not a perfect compensation for co2 so for example carbon dioxide
makes the ocean more acidic and doing these things to cool the planet will do
nothing to correct that so in the end we will have to cut emissions no matter
what let’s talk about the risks of actually doing it on a global scale
because you’ve been pretty frank about that you’ve actually said you could
easily imagine a chain of events that would extinguish life on earth now what
would be that potential chain of events from using this kind of technology yeah
I probably got quoted a little out of context there I think the reason I’ve
occasionally said that is that it illustrates the kind of power that this
technology grants us and I think for better for worse what this technology
gives us is this enormous kind of leverage and power to alter the climate
and to do it with a very small amount of money or material and that power should
frighten us I think and and it presents real deep problems for governance so
unlike the problem of co2 emissions which is changing the climate but which
is a product of human actions all over the planet every individual person
flying or driving a car or using electricity around the planet
contributes to carbon dioxide if you talk about putting sulfates or somehow
engineered particle in the stratosphere that the issue is that a very small
number of people in principle to do it and have this kind of huge leverage to
affect the whole climate in this profound way and that’s what raises the
very hard challenge of governance there’s no question it’s technically
possible to do it unilaterally so the actual materials you need that say the
aircraft and engineering you need to do this or something that would be in reach
easily of any of the g20 states it’s not hard to do you could buy the equipment
from many aeronautical contractors so in that sense it could be done unilaterally
I think that there are scenarios under which it would happen in the real world
unilaterally but I don’t think we should I mean I think you can exaggerate that
possibility but I think there are also kinds of you know address and where
you’re not formally doing it in a legal multinational way but where you do it
with lots of consultation and in that situation what might happen is a small
number of countries might do it there is a storm coming like nothing you
have ever seen oh boy to be understood as to understand or to
be loved it’s to love with all my heart with all
my heart for we wrestle not against flesh and
blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the
darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places

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  1. There is a lot to take in with this video brother, from what they are putting out GB and hope you are well.

  2. I lived through a F-4 tornado in Oklahoma City in May 2003….It was a violent week….More than 225 recorded tornado's for the first week in May….INSANITY….
    Going through an F-4 tornado is beyond words or imagination….This BEAST went right over the top of my house….Up to that point, I was chasing tornado's and super storms in the area….I never did after this tornado struck….It wiped the GM plant off the map….Destroyed a large swath of the Tinker Air Force Base….300 Homes were totally destroyed, 1500 damaged…..People died that day…
    The noise as the monster went over my house was beyond any comprehension….So loud….So violent….Time literally stood still….
    Good post my brother….
    God Bless…..MUCH LOVE….

  3. I am 60 years old and I have been watching the weather all my life. Never before had I seen what we have seen in the past decade. It is getting worse. They keep playing with the weather and we keep suffering from it. More deaths and more destruction come from flooding than any other natural disaster. They are using their weather manipulation to destroy people and entire areas. It was just a few years ago that they wiped whole towns off the map in West Virginia. The people can't believe the truth, because it seems like science fiction to them, so they don't realize that they should be standing up to our federal feral government.

  4. Lloyd, keep pumping these videos out, my Brother. People need to wake up and see what is really going on around them.

  5. I wonder if they do this enough if it will cause lightning storms everywhere with the metals in the clouds from chemtrails and as to mock Jesus coming seeing the light all across the earth, just a long stretch of a thought, nothing more. Scary weather! God bless Brother!!!

  6. For any skeptics, start with cloud seeding. Farmers and State governments have been cloud seeding for decades to save crops. No dispute or controversy there, State websites openly report on that. Move to weather modification and weather warfare. We hindered the North Vietnam troops with weather modification during the Vietnam War, that is now public information. Look at the treaties since then on this issue, how it is legal to practice on your own country. Also look at the marketing by weather modification companies and what they have done for the Middle East Countries to turn desert into better land. Look at Directed Energy Weapons, how "wild fires" are blamed for what is clearly military destruction. Any country going to war with USA will see that happen to them. There are many weather modification and weather warfare sites, articles and vids to get the picture.

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