Mannequin – Halloween Prop Idea – Mannequin PVC Frame –  2019 DIY Project
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Mannequin – Halloween Prop Idea – Mannequin PVC Frame – 2019 DIY Project

October 16, 2019

Hi this is Gabe from TVM Bringing you another
episode of How We Did It. On Today’s Episode of How we Did it we’re going to continue our
stunt dummy double creation series with his skeleton and join creation.
Remember these videos aren’t designed to show you how to operate various tools such as hand
tools power tools flamethrowers etcetera. As we abuse them frequently. So if you don’t
fully understand how to use these tools. And would like to keep your Fingers Toes Hair.
Please learn how to safely operate these tools before attempting any of these projects. Well
here’s a demonstration of what he can do. If you notice right now he is sitting down.
So, to stand him up what I’m going to have to do is of course like a human does is straighten
his legs out. Probably have to do it one at a time. Here, It is a little difficult to
do by yourself. Again this Dummy can stand by himself and the point was to make him look
as close to me as possible. So next we’re going to show you how we created each joint.
This is what allows the articulation of the joints.
So, we’re going to show you what these joints consist of.
First, There is a 5/16ths nut, on the end of the bolt that’s inside the golf ball. Here,
There’s a washer to hold it in place. The bolt is actually screwed onto this 1 inch
P V C Fitting. There is another nut making sure that the
golf ball stays in place. Now I’m going to show you tight the golf ball
is inside this fitting. Now that we’ve got it out and I had to chase
that ball all the way around the house. The golf ball has..
The golf ball has, this type bolt and a hole drilled through the center of it. like so.
Bolt Fits. To get it back in, simply apply a lot of pressure.
Now we’re going to show you how we constructed these joints.
For our dummy we needed Fifteen three here, Three Here
Three Here and Three for each leg.
We’re ready to get started. First we’re going to drill a half inch hole
about a quarter inch deep into the golf ball to create a counter sink hole for our bolt.
Now I don’t know about you but it is REALLY hard to drill a hole into a circular object
without something to hold it. So, we’re going to set it inside our vice
here. Carefully attempt to locate the center of
your golf ball. And remember this hole only has to go about
a quarter inch to a half inch deep. Now we’re going to use a quarter inch Drill bit to drill the hole for our bolt. You’re going to have to repeat this process for all fifteen joints that you’re going to create. So now it’s time to put, our bolt inside of our golf ball. If you drilled it at the sime size we drilled it your’e going to have to screw your bolt in. So this is as far as our wrench will allow us to pull the head into the golf ball. So whenever we put our nut on the opposite side and screw it in it’s going to suck the head further on down. Now if you notice the head is no longer pertruding outside of the golf ball. Upon assembly if you tighten this nut, it’ll actually increase or decrease the stiffness of your joint. Now we’re going to go ahead and attach our ball joint to our cap. As this makes it easier when we are creating Our joint socket. If you notice we’ve already drilled a hole the same size we drilled in our golf ball. For our bolt inside the cap socket. First, we’re going to screw on the cap. Now, we’re going to put a nut and washer on the inside. When it’s all said and done it’ll look something like this. You’re going to repeat that process for how ever many joints you want to create For us it was fifteen Now we’re going to show you how to create the joint socket piece. First we’re going to cut a short piece of P V C to hold Our coupling piece. We’re going to place that in our vice We’re going to Tighten the vice around the short piece of PVC Not the coupling. It’s not necessary to tighten this short piece of P V C as doing so could cause it to crack. All we need is for it to be secured enough to hold our coupling piece in place while we beat our golf ball in with a hammer. Now we’re going to “Dremel” out a hole for our arm joint so that it can do a full 90 degree arm leverage. Now we’re going to put this ball inside this socket. In order to do so we’re going to have to heat it up For us we’re going to be using this heat gun Now make sure you evenly heat all the way around the socket Piece Because if you dont whenever you’re inserting your ball It could pop out on one side or the other depending on whether it’s cold or hot. Make sure to have a bucket of water and a rag close at hand. once the ball is placed inside the socket, we’re going to wrap your rag around it and compress the ball inside the socket. After holding for a couple of seconds. You’re going to take it immediately and put it inside your bucket of water. Doing so is going to accomplish two things It’s going to freeze your socket into place and stop the golf ball from melting So, we’ve made all of our joints and got all of our body pieces, got our head cast here. If you notice on the joint we’ve got an additional piece that we havn’t talked about yet. it’s a this hose clamp and the reason that we have is is so that we can adjust the rigidity of each joint. If you notice on each piece we’ve got the first part of it underneath the ball joint here and over the top of the ball joint on the back side. It’s going to grab the ball on this side and it’ll make it solid for all intense purposes The tighter it is, The tighter the joint is going to be, sometimes you’ll have to apply leverage to actually get the ball to move. Which is how we want it, now you dont have to do that but for our specific usage we want it that solid. Now all of our body pieces were cut specific to my dimensions. Seeing as we want the dummy to be lifelike and look like me. If you notice here we’ve got our two arm pieces. That are this long, now it doesn’t look like it’s the same size as me but that’s because there are two pieces missing For the hand joint you have this piece which is another inch and a half to two inches. And then you have your elbow joint, here Now it’s looking more correct. So whenever you’re creating your arm pieces you have to allow for the amount of space that the joints cover up. Alright so now we’re going to be putting everything together. As this is our final assembly we are going to be gluing our PVC pieces together. If you want to sit back and watch it will be on time lapse and should only take a matter of seconds. So here we are with our finished articulating dummy with face mask If you’re watching the video earlier then you know that there were a couple tools that we didn’t go over. Such as the PVC pipe cutting saw and PVC Glue We are assuming that you are ok with hand tools and Know how to glue PVC pipe together. So this really isn’t for the beginner However, we showed you how we did it and this is our final product. So John and I were talking and well, he’s not too happy with his articulation on his joints So we decided to make some modifications to them and if you want to check out what those modifications are We’ve got another video that pertains to this series you can check that out but as for this video i think we’re finished. Well thanks for watching this concludes this episode of How We Did It. Feel free to like and subscribe to our channel leave some comments tell us what you liked about our video If this is the first one that you’ve watched, we’ve got several others that pertain to our articulating dummy you can check those out And thanks for watching.

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  1. This is fantastic and I will make this myself. I purchased all the parts and started this morning. But it seems I bought too-short bolts. You don't mention this on the video. I bought 2-inch, and the only way they work is if I suck the bolt head about 1/8 inch or more into the golf ball. But that won't make a difference will it? Also, for the double-articulated joints, how long are those bolts? I went ahead and heated the coupling and pounded the golf ball in without dremmeling the slot first. So, right now the golf ball is loose. Is it that slot that allows the ball to lock into place?

    I am hoping you will reply back ASAP. I need to make this mannequin – and possibly more – for a Thanksgiving/Christmas display this weekend!

    Thank you,


  2. zbyszekroyal,

    The bolt head should be burried until the head is flush with the outside of the ball. If you stick it further into the ball it wont necessarily make a difference, but when compressing the ball it could split the ball, so going too far will cause issues. We used 3-1/2" Bolts and ground off the extra length with our bench grinder. The slot is so the joint can articulate further not for keeping the ball in place. We used hose clamps to adjust the joints rigidity after compressing the clamp with our hands. Also, when you are compressing the ball into the socket be sure to use a towel and some water to compress the coupling around the ball while it's still warm, this is what will lock the ball into the socket above everything else, the hose clamp is just for insurance and to keep the joints from moving around on you. Lastly, if you didn't want to use a coupling, you could use 1-1/4" PVC and just pound the balls in directly, this will work the same way as having a coupling on 1" PVC. Just an FYI! Any other questions or do i need to elaborate on anything. Let me know!

  3. Thanks alot for this video I plan following up and making one for myself soon for my armor cosplays. I really hope if helps fills the needs im after and ill be sure to post a message saying thanks for tutorial u guys did. And again thanks for sharing

  4. This is pretty incredible. Thanks for posting, I'm gonna try to build this, but I need to save up for some of the tools first.

  5. What inch pvc pipe do I use for the dummy, i tried to use 3/4 inch pvc for it but it seems to small and the golf ball is to big for the 3/4 inch connecter

  6. Just wondering if you have a parts list available ? – eg. Number of specific items used, sizes, widths, lengths of items used etc….

  7. Hi, this is great stuff, exactly what I was looking for and I have few questions if you could help me, please. Is that 32 mm waste pipe? what sort of socket plug is that? I need to attach and articulated hand like this Can you help this will be strong enough to hold the weight of this hand and stick to a position that is set? Please help

  8. Those golf ball joints are genius! I made some huge skeleton arms with PVC "bones", but was having a miserable time articulating them. I'm gonna rip out my crappy wire joints and use your system. Thanks for the idea.

  9. could you please provide pvc pipe size,  and hardware size. video is great but without sizes, it makes the job very difficult.  thanks

  10. DISLIKED AND UNSUBBED!! Gabe's attractiveness really distracts from the information and it's fucking inconsiderate.

    jk gabeisveryattractivethough

  11. Near T-Town myself. That's some great okie ingenuity. was looking for something just as this. I can see other applications with this tecnique. Well done!

  12. Can you provide a shopping list of what to buy to make this? looks like an amazing way to make an affordable mannequin

  13. Hes a stick scrawny guy so when he says "To get it back in, apply alot of pressure" what he actually means is just barely press on it.

  14. I owe you one bro! This is much better than trying to make one using 90 and 45 degree fittings! It will be worth the trouble to have a prop that can be utilized for any scenario that comes up. Thanks!

  15. Oh thank god I found SOMETHING to help me out. I need to build a skeleton of sorts to display a monster costume, and all I had to work on really was 2×4 wood… which since I don't own a circular saw I really didn't want to do… but I DO have a nifty PVC pipe cutter hand tool I could use! If you could answer my question though, I would be extremely grateful; how much weight can a skeleton like this handle, and if I need to add more weight to it, how could I stabilize it further? Thanks in advance!!

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