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  1. Mantak has evolved the second mysterious brain, it seems! True, we have got an amazing body and brain to explore and evolve. The more we evolve the more we become capable of doing big things.


    To be confirmed mind renewed. Not transformed.

    Romans 12:2
    2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

    2 Timothy 2:9
    for which I am suffering even to the point of being chained like a criminal. But God's word


    is not chained.

    Romans 8:29
    For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.

  3. Humans have four brains
    The reptilian brain
    The left and right side of the brain
    The stomach and the most used part of the brain is your sexual organs which humans will kill for 🧐

  4. I’m really want to activate my second brain only if these damn commercials stop interfering my concentration trying to listen to this guy who sounds he got a duck bone stuck in his throat

  5. If world can Reject the western educational system and adopts ancient Indian system of seeking the truth , with the technology we have today. We can do wonders . We are made to believe things by the education system we have , i stead we should seek for the truth instead of believing in what is been told to us.

  6. He's right. We should KNOW this. I've ALWAYS known this. Just like many things I know but don't know why I know them or where I learned them. I never get suck from viruses like a cold or flu. My dad always said I was crazy and I better not repeat it because people would think I'm cray cray. Seems that I'm not alone 🤗

  7. So interesting thank you. It also helps to walk barefooted touching the grass or the dirt to release the retained sodium/water in the legs…out.

  8. Another seller of self energetic technical issues. God gives you a new day of life and this guy wants to give to us, a control of our lives and if God won't give us another day we can do nothing.

  9. Yo the interviewer,…. how do people like him get those good paying jobs? Like they really don’t know shit about life, and always come across as complete ignorant morons.

  10. Well it begins with self-discipline. If you cannot going to hurt yourself criticism as pain and you will not be able to advance. It’s really about the pain. Thank you so much

  11. Hahahahahaha really? 4 years ago i question myself with the same question and i can honestly laugh because hes not wrong but hes sure as hell not close to being right and i can explain it alot better than what they seem to understand, compared to the 4 years i been trying to prove this to my self, i can honestly say he just got half way through and found the easiest answer.. honestly maintaning a workout, a decent diet and be confident and trust me ur insides will be feeling great.. and i honestly have a lot more to say but to make a long theory short and simple, " i belive the human mind is the second brain(witch should explain alot in general) and the first primary brain is our own instinc "our gut feeling" or "fight or flight mode" meditation and controling ur breathing is inporntant u can laugh or i prefer you ask on why i belive what i do ill gladly explain in detail how i concluded 2 final answers

  12. Oh my God, any one noticed, first time in my life I'm seeing a person who considers every part of world as his. He said we call energy as chia in China, we call energy as prana in India, we call energy in America,other people could say they call not we call. This mindset is unique and fascinating

  13. Thank you; I was directed to this video by an entity whom shows me an ancient form of body energy workout that certainly comes from Asia. This entity supposedly lived before Christ although I’ll leave his/her exact time period a mystery as I don’t know the exact birthdate and death date.

  14. Please don’t take this teaching fully in stride without exploring and experimenting. The whole premise of his teaching is we live in silos – which we don’t . We live interconnected to each other. Many people have discussed this in great lengths – Carl Jung, Christ etc . So when you are unfocused as he says – you are just being in touch with the universal consciousness. To cut that off is to live in isolation- which is false and not true existence of human beings. To explore all these physical body experiences one has to touch upon the concept of maya or Mara- the illusionary world. No one knows where this starts where this ends. But it’s very pronounced for some who takes his pranayama or hathayoga or any bodily practices very seriously. It’s also easy to learn about maya this way because it becomes very pronounced. The basic nature of which is – you have some idea of what you are expecting , you stay in a plane of high suggestively , you super impose this idea and your imagination to recreate the experience in great lengths . This might explain a lot of experiences like movement of spinal chord fluid etc . Again don’t take everything he says very seriously experiment over a long period of time.

  15. Science is always 'discovering' something well after alternative therapies and ancient wisdom techniques have been teaching them for hundreds of years. Then and only then does it become 'true'. Makes me laugh at times. Where once ancient healing and wisdom techniques were laughed at, they are now shown to be exact.

  16. believe it or not …i use my second brain to write this comment …and the amazing thing i dont know where's my first brain go…

  17. This is what I think how it works.. doesn't mean this is right.. just my view…
    Emotions are received and stored in our heart.. liver.. intestines and … etc. And that sensation is transfered to the brain.. the brain releases chemicals and our body reacts…

  18. So really, meditation, yoga and exercises regarding chi is all you need to live a healthy life. No medicine needed. Balance out your frequencies, focus your energy and you won't get sick or stressed. Also you will attract the things you truly need and desire.
    So glad to have all this information available at a young age. We should all be infinitely thankful for the internet.

  19. Whatever you do in life don’t give up on yourself. You are a masterpiece working in progress. Even if you think no one cares or listens, someone wants the best for and loves you. Be blessed and blessings to another. Wishing everyone who comes across this message abundance and love ❤️ Winter

  20. this is true…. when im tired like really sleepy but i have to stay up i take one cigarette then i will be up for 15-25 min…. i trick the stomach i got energy haha or did i

  21. Everything comes from the brain. You can be whoever you want all it takes is for you to do it. The intestine is to produce shit not to store energy. The bladder is to piss and the kidney cleanses the blood etc etc…. Just remember to do what you love to do and never give up. Good or bad. Theres only yes and no. This universe is full of endless possibilities. Theres no end to life and only our creator knows. Now dont waste your time and do as you like.

  22. To continue on the conversation about the connection mind-gut here is a list of other videos :

    – How Your Gut Influences Your Mental Health: It’s Practically a Second Brain | Dr. Emeran Mayer
    – Gut bacteria and mind control: to fix your brain, fix your gut!
    – Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut
    – Food for thought: How your belly controls your brain | Ruairi Robertson

    And several books on the topic :
    Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain–for Life
    The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health
    Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ by Jill enders & Giulia Enders

  23. Question people.( Ima put an end to this fake heart shit shit right now.) when a person says " i love you with my whole heart", but, has an artificial heart? Please tell me what ❤ that is artificial can store love or emotions?… Just cause some dude from china back in the day made some shit sound good,doesnt mean common fucking sense goes out of the window. The human mind stores everything! It has been proven that When there is trauma to the brain, depending on how severe to the part of the brain that is traumatised, l partial and full loss of brain function is often the result. anyways So love is stored in the part of the brain that is injured for instance. If the heart is fully functional and not artificial, why isn't there ant feeling of love over riding the brain with the trauma.?

  24. IN india its call chakra centers…. third chakram manipura/solar plexus

    last stomach exercise is called Kapalbhati pranayama

  25. My grandmother use to say don't hold anything in, as far as your feelings. You'll end up with a bad stomach. So it make sense.

  26. I think he's is talking about the Stomach Flora, there is billions of helpful bacteria in the abdomen and they all must maintain balance. Sometimes you need to detox, fast and drink water to heal your abdomen because flora is not in balance then you get sick or don't feel well.

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