Maori demand first right to SOEs under the Treaty
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Maori demand first right to SOEs under the Treaty

December 2, 2019

The Ngati Porou chair is outraged
at the Government’s rejection of Maori rights,
under the Treaty of Waitangi, to have first option
to purchase state assets. The State Owned Enterprises
Minister says the Government will meet with
iwi in coming weeks to discuss the matter further. Tribes will have
three weeks to decide whether they think
the current Treaty clauses in the SOE Act are relevant. The Minister for State
Owned Enterprises says a Treaty Clause under the
law needs revisiting. There are two clauses
pertaining to the Treaty under the current
State Owned Enterprises Act. That nothing in the act shall permit
the Crown to act in a manner that is inconsistent with the Principles of the
Treaty of Waitangi. Provide a regime of memorials that
are placed in the titles of land that are owned by
State Owned Enterprises. The Government doesn’t want
state owned assets to be restricted by the Treaty, so they will discuss with Maori
striking it from the act. Not so, says this tribal leader. They want the sale of their SOEs
to go uninterrupted. They want to get rid of any
reference to the Treaty eliminating any status that
Maori have in discussions. We should not be agreeing –
I certainly don’t agree. Last year, the Government sold parts
of these forests in Ngati Porou to overseas buyers, the Government didn’t consult
with tribes on that deal. How long do we continue
to put up with this treatment? It’s time for the people to get real about what’s happening
here and object to it. The Government’s first
consultation meeting will be held in Rotorua on
the 8th of February. Jasmyn Pearson, Te Karere.

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