Marco para foto hecho de carton     Photo frame made of cardboard
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Marco para foto hecho de carton Photo frame made of cardboard

September 24, 2019

Hello, today I show you how to form this
portrait holder, it is easy to perform with materials we have at home.
Combine the colors you like. we fold a sheet of paper,
in half and we fold again, on this side we mark 7 centimeters, here 10 centimeters. We join these brands. And we cut. We mark on a cardboard. on the sides we mark 3 centimeters. on top and here and we form
the rectangle. they are 26 centimeters long and wide
20 and a half centimeters. we cut another cardboard the same with that
measure. and here we cut this figure to the center. We cut a cardboard with this measure. We mark this figure. of this figure we mark a centimeter
around. We cut along this dotted line. We keep this cardboard. and we glue these pieces like that. In this cardboard we form two holes.
we tie a cord and continue pasting the pieces fold paper napkin or paper
kitchen, from the center to the sides. on this side we paste the strips of
paper napkin. We form small curves. So we continue to decorate around. We glue strips of paper napkins. we cut a strip of 20 centimeters, from the center towards here we settled like this. two strips of 5 centimeters
we bend We form a circle. and a strip
of 8 centimeters. we paste here. We do the same on this side. we hit a strip on this side, we paste strips of 5 centimeters. we cut strips of 5 centimeters
We hit the center. in the center a circle with a strip of 5
centimeters. We cut this strip in half. we hit like that. Between these two figures. This we paste here.
we glue strips of paper napkin, and so we continue sticking strips of
paper napkin around, covering the cardboard edge.
we glue pieces of paper napkin on this side. in this piece. already dried the paper napkin and the
glue, we paint the pieces, Acrylic brown paint.
You can paint the color you like. in brown we paint the center
And this piece. the back we paint in gold the figures that
We formed with the paper napkin. we cut this piece in acetate, We settled here. then the picture or the image And this piece. With these pins we hold this side. in the middle of this cardboard, We do the same here. and so it is ready, you can varnish all the
piece, both sides. I hope you like it and I invite you to subscribe if you have not
subscribed and activate the bell of notification to see the following
jobs. thank you for watching the video!

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  1. Bello el marco, me gusta felicidades y bendiciones por esa gran paciencia que tienes cuando haces tus trabajos, dulces sueños!

  2. Esta preciosisimo como todo lo que creas muchas gracias por enseñarnos hacer tantas cosas lindas, eres una artista increible

  3. Wauuuuu divino para colocar fotos antiguas en blanco y negro o sepia haré un juego de cinco para mi salita star ……muchas gracias linda por tu enseñanza y un abrazo desde Medellin Colombia!!!!!!

  4. Hola Eli !!! Muy bonito el resultado del proyectó me gustó quien lo dijera de cartón y servilleta , no parece se ve elegante y muy decorativo, gracias por compartir tus vídeos un abrazó bendiciones y nos vemos en el próximo vídeo 🖒🖒🖒🖒😘🤗🤗🤗😁😁😁

  5. Amiga saludos, me encanta todo lo que haces y lo mejor siempre reciclando, super espectacular me encantó el resultado, gracias y bendiciones 👄 un abrazo

  6. que bonito trabajo felicidades Amiga Hermosa como todo los trabajos que hace están al💯mil gracias por compartir Dios la bendiga 👍🙌😃🌼🌼💕🌿👏👌

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