Marek Edelman – Signing of the letter regarding the Constitution (44/145)
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Marek Edelman – Signing of the letter regarding the Constitution (44/145)

August 27, 2019

[L] The second half of the Seventies, the beginnings of KOR, you sign a letter regarding the Constitution. A letter regarding the Constitution. Well, how could you not sign it? [L] Many people didn’t. But if a little boy came to you, tiny, frozen saying, ‘Please, sir, I’ve got a letter here, could you sign it, please?’ Would you have thrown him out into the freezing cold? How can you refuse a little girl who’s blue from the frost and cold, and hungry? [L] Yes, but later this had consequences and you got involved with working with KOR. Well yes, working with KOR is nothing new, working with KOR is what my activity was all about from the very beginning not just… and before the war, and Annopol, and KOR, it’s all the same thing. And the entire war. To have satisfaction in life, you need to be doing good to people. Alone, you’re either happy or unhappy. I’m no good at trade, what would I do with the money, I’ve no idea of what I’d do with it. I don’t want to redecorate, I don’t like having things redecorated. There’s still the opportunity to do it now, have it redecorated in a couple of months, without paying a tax, but I don’t want this, there’ll be mess, they’ll take up the floor… [L] So stay away from that. So it’s not as you say, what you’re saying isn’t an issue, it’s the same line that’s been going on for years. I didn’t believe in 1956, I didn’t believe Gomułka, I didn’t take part in the disturbances of 1956, not because I was condemning anything but because I knew that Gomułka is… I knew him from the war – he is a horrible anti-Semite, a horrible nationalist, that he’s a communist through and through, and I knew that when there was the issue of the Reclaimed Territories, it wasn’t that he evicted the Germans, but he was so nationalistically communist, and I don’t like nationalists. Because he was a nationalist then, he spoke about Poland as if it were an oasis of freedom while at the same time he was up to all those tricks with the UB. Anyway, I didn’t trust him regarding that matter with Mołojec. I knew he’d had a hand in it, and that’s what I believe to this day even though the Rutkiewicz woman says she knows nothing, I know she knows exactly who killed Mołojec and why. To this day she’s afraid. Because someone who’s been… she was independent of everything if she was a ‘radiska’ in the Russian army, she must have been in military intelligence or in some other secret service, someone like that never leaves. Look at all those gentlemen who were couriers between Poland and London. They were all in pairs, they were couriers but ask them today if they were in pairs and not one of them will tell you. What are you talking about, what’s a pair? Because once you get involved in this even if you’re 70 years old, you can’t be free of it. The psychology is such that you always need to be hidden. And Rutkiewicz is just the same, a wonderful woman, beautiful, too, I’m amazed that Starewicz threw her over, I don’t know what Pagowska’s like because I’ve never seen her. [L] It’s not Pągowska, it’s Abakanowicz. She’s a live wire, too. But pretty – which one’s pretty? But Marysia Rutkiewicz is beautiful. I wanted to force it out of her. I went to the Mazury with her once and with Rysa and Mrozowska. What’s the name of that village, that river? Krutynia. And she was there, too. We were hiding from that vodka, from Halina Mrozowska and I couldn’t get anything out of her, she was milking me but she was hard as nails so I don’t know anything. But it’s odd because let’s look at this objectively: she’d been given a death sentence. She’d given birth to two children in the Pawiak, the Germans were very proper, so to speak, and as long as she was breast-feeding they wouldn’t carry out the death sentence. Three days before the uprising, the Polish Red Cross came to an agreement with the Germans to say that women with children could be released. I can’t say exactly, but they released Marysia Rutkiewicz with her children. I’m sorry, but ordinary people don’t get released just like that. That didn’t happen, I don’t want to say anything but Marysia must have connections with them, and she’s afraid to open her mouth because she’s been subjected to that formation. And that’s why today, she’s already 70 plus years old… [L] She didn’t want to say anything. They tried to get something out of her. She didn’t want to tell me even though she likes me!

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