Marine Corps Officer Oath of Office
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Marine Corps Officer Oath of Office

August 26, 2019

Please raise your right hand and repeat after
me. I, state your full name,
I, (name)… …do solemnly swear… …do solemnly swear… …that I will support and defend… …that I will support and defend… …the constitution of the United States… …the constitution of the United States… …against all enemies… …against all enemies… …foreign and domestic; …foreign and domestic; …and that I will bear true faith and allegiance
to the same; …and that I will bear true faith and allegiance
to the same; …that I take this obligation freely… …that I take this obligation freely…
…without mental reservation… …without mental reservation… …or purpose of evasion… …or purpose of evasion… …and that I will well and faithfully… …and that I will well and faithfully… …discharge the duties… …discharge the duties… …of the office of which I am about to enter. …of the office of which I am about to enter. So help me God. So help me God. Congratulations to Second Lieutenants of Charlie

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  1. What a great place to take the oath at Quantico; National Museum of the Marine Corps I took the oath June 1967 at the base theater.

  2. My son became a Marine March 15 2013 one of the proudest day's of my life !! Congratulations PFC Johnathan Sparks .

  3. Enlisting January 2014. Still debating on going either enlisted or officer. Either way, the only job field I see myself in is Marines and I'll be in for 20-30 years so I can retire with full benefits. God bless. Semper Fi.

  4. Hi Doug – I took it at the Base Theater December '87. At the time – twenty years earlier seemed like ancient history. But now I realize how close in time we really were. In '89 I served in 1/9 with Marines who were with the Walking Dead in '69.

    I highly recommend that every Marine get to our museum. It is simply the best Museum any Marine or civilian will visit.

    Semper Fi.

  5. Semper Fi 'MyPointSales'. I was briefly in 1/9 in 1972. In 2007 as a civilian contractor I had a opportunity to revisit the 1/9 Hq at Camp Schwab. You can see the video on YouTube if you search on 'former hq 1st Bn 9th Marines 1972'.

  6. Took my Oath in July 1977 at the Quantico Base Theater, sworn in by then Maj.Gen. (later Commandant Gen.) P.X. Kelly, with Ass't Commandant Gen. Jaskilka also presiding. Sergeant Instructor McElfish stationed himself at the top step outside the base theater to give me by first salute and collect my silver dollar – plus about 30 more from other new lieutenants.

  7. Very Cool Doug. I did view. You will appreciate this speech by General Kelly. At end it talks about two brave Marines – one from 1/9. Find it by searching: 'General Kelly Speech to St. Louis Semper Fi Society November 10, 2010' Posted by USMarines2011. I saw the text of the speech, didn't see a video , so did a voice-over. Since , I've found that he has been recorded giving this speech. Speech is all the more powerful when you understand his own son was killed in action 3 days before.

  8. According to the public affairs office at the museum "…OCS commissioning ceremonies [began] here since shortly after we opened in Nov 2006. Graduation is still held on base but they come here for the commissioning."

  9. I must have watched this video over a hundred times. Can't wait 'till I'm commanding my own tank crew.

  10. An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy., Abolish the us military! Abolish the cia!, Abolish monsanto and us imperialism., Stop the drones!, Stop putting fluoride in the water, execute bush!, leagize freedom of sppeeech! in the name of god I renounce my usa citizenship

  11. Thank you. I plan on going to the Naval Academy after high-school (Only if by chance, I get accepted), and after that, a long career in the Corps. God Bless you, and thank you for your service.

  12. NICE….TO BAD THE ADMINISTRATION DID NOT TAKE THE OATH..oh wait they did just ignore it…god bless marines..and other TY..

  13. I plan on going through NROTC straight out of high school. Hoping like hell that I'll make it. Semper Fi!

  14. Regardless of what I am currently facing, I will prove myself worthy, giving more than what I offered. I will say my oath I aim to keep and will work hard to earn the privileged title United States Marine.

  15. My father was a Marine for 8 years. Growing up its all iv ever wanted in life was to be able to say the same, he instilled courage in me and that my character will define me throughout my life. My dream of Becoming a Marine is what gets me through the day. In two years, once i graduate highschool i plan on joining the few and the proud, and when i take that oath ill feel the greatest accomplishment of my life.

  16. Same oath as taken by the Elected Offices of the United States, the other armed and not armed services, and any civilian employee of the Federal Government… As it should be..

  17. I love you all So Much and I Will always Stand with all Of you ,Much love and God-bless The United States Of America! .. Congratulation's And Much Respect's #GoOfficer ย 

  18. To all you future devil puppies, work hard, take nothing for granted, be a sponge and learn, learn, learn. Best of luck to you all and just remember, smile at the pain coming your way it will make you stronger. Semper Fi my future brothers, fight hard and God bless.

  19. Its funny when Bush and Obama were dismantling the American constitution they did fuck all to do anything about it. Their "oath " is worthless.

  20. Too bad the domestic enemies are the ones in suits giving the orders and reaping all the benefits. Far more benefits than the ones left disabled, traumatized or dead. You can't repay the Marines enough for their bravery and sacrifice but politicians could at least try.

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