Marsy’s Law, short edit
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Marsy’s Law, short edit

August 23, 2019

you know it’s like to lose someone you love dimensions someone you love being
brutally murdered your son your daughter that neighbors that went and sounds my
son mailing post twenty seven lying at the top of the stairs itself hasn’t learned that they couldn’t
tell what his assets he was private worse for her to die she bled to death on the operating table he wasn’t there was this acrobat and
perhaps meet the other victims of violence the
families of the murder victims what sets these people and tens of thousands like
them a partisan they were twice victimized by murder and by the criminal justice system the criminal justice system but failed
to recognize that these people and any right to be involved in the process the
system that ignored them forgot them and often intentionally excluded them
stripping them of their rights and evening when we first if if you don’t seventeen
year old son was killed she got the message loud and clear she was not very important they had held a preliminary hearing but they didn’t tell us because they
didn’t think that we were interested enough that we were grieving family
would not be interested in coming to a preliminary hearing with that wasn’t the
end of the horror imagine running into your daughter’s killer out in public it happened to my shoes mother there
rest and receives it sell out we had to stand up in a week
later the cemetery to put flowers on the great
when we were coming back and my has been processed get-up have i’m gonna stop in from the
market this run out to get a lot for france so it’s just as i got out to get a loaf
of bread the merit was coming out of the market they had no idea the killer was out on
bail but back then that was simply standard operating procedure slowly victims and their families started
reaching out to monitor and started asking questions why don’t we have a constitutional right
to be notified about hearings why don’t we have the right to speak up and be
heard in the criminal justice system why is that the defendant seem to have all
the rights has seen first hand the terrible ordeal with victims’ families
are forced to through how these new notification of refused to
its own bill in the if there is a conviction
resembles parole hearings to attend my mother suffered a heart attack from
the stress of one of those hearings i knew that something had to be done despite strong opposition from special
interests and a well-financed negative media campaign california voters passed marc’s off are
november fourth two thousand eight and he wanted to affect the next day marc’s not provides crime victims with
me many new rights including these
highlights marc’s long grants victims their right
to justice and due process it also gives victims to the right to be informed into
participating critical stages marc’s lol also provides victims’ families with the
right to be heard so when he attends a a bail hearing they now have a voice in
court and may persuade a judge to deny bail for example when the victim safety
is threatens marc’s one doesn’t just tell the victims of crime it’s also a tool for the men and women
in this case law enforcement agencies who have dedicated their lives to
fighting crime marc’s law is the strongest victims bill
of rights and any state in the nation its passage means that for the first time victims in california have meaningful an
enforceable rights marc’s among its victims a meaningful
opportunity to participate in perot proceedings and in that way they set their safety and the safety of
the general public as the critical standard before any
release decisions are made and now victims’ families are no longer
invisible no longer forgotten the window onto
harkins once once nazi-like change there in a g_p_s_ of lace n_h_l_ consul at
least in david’s wants improper differing actually is that so i thought
it may actually did not die in vain the

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