Matthew Liu on Studying Composition | Juilliard Snapshot
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Matthew Liu on Studying Composition | Juilliard Snapshot

October 26, 2019

♫ ♫ ♫ [upbeat jazz music] – I like to say at Juilliard
they do a really good job. The composition faculty here,
we have a really big names such as Dr. Robert Beaser who runs American Composers Orchestra. He’s our composition department head and he’s also my private teacher. Honored to be in his studio. We have John Corigliano who
won the Oscar for Red Violin. Christopher Rouse who’s works are played by the Phil all the time. When you study in the likes
of them, it’s really quite inspiring because you
feed off of their energy and they all teach so differently. I know that in my lesson, Dr.
Beaser does a really good job of focusing on the music
that I’ve been writing. And so it’s really about every week I always strive to
create good quality work. Whether it’s 30 seconds
or two bars or even maybe I had a spree and I went
for a whole movement. But he does a really
good job of pinpointing on writing good music rather
than just writing flippantly. Writing good music that
makes sure that every note that I put to paper, I
still write pen to paper when the situation calls for it. And I like to do that
and with that making sure that every note is correct. We have a lot of classes to make sure that we have a good foundation. We take advanced counterpoint,
we take advanced harmony, orchestration, orchestral
conducting when we need. And also most of us are
enrolled in the honors theory track just to make sure
we have that basis. And we all take ear training all the way up to four, the final level. But it’s all to make sure that we have a good basis to write. And with whatever free time
we have left, we write. ♫ ♫ ♫ [upbeat jazz music]

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