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  1. There is a correction here, for the first calculation the min(0.7,0.9) will be 0.7 and not 0.9. Kindly make the following changes. 🙂

    Really nice tutorials 🙂

  2. Can you please make it clear to me, what if we are given fuzzy sets and not Matrices. How do we calculated max min composition. X = { 0.2/10 + 0.5/20 + 0.8/40 }
    Y = { 0.3/0.5 + 0.6/1 + 0.9/1.5}

  3. Your solution is wrong idiot. First Max min operation, you can't figure out the lower one between 0.7 and 0.9? How dumb are you?

  4. Nice tutorial, however for those who know matrix multiplication, just replace standard multiplication with min (or leave it be for max-product variant) and sum operation with max.

  5. Ok, What is the difference between composition of classical relations and fuy relations(sorry my keyboard board sed is not working )

  6. Watching this 1 day before the exam, and the concept got drilled in my mind. Very clear and to-the-point video. Thanks, and keep up the good work! 💯

  7. what is the difference between composition of classical relation and composition of fuzzy rel. in both cases of max-min , max-product . same method is used in both classical and fuzzy . so where is the difference ?

  8. Bhaii nice tutorials but u are doing calculation mistakes……….chill hokr video shoot kro bro….koi jaldbaazi nhi

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