Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker
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Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker

October 15, 2019

Measuring body composition with your fitness tracker Body composition analysis shows you the approximate percentage of body fat and muscle mass Before you measure your body composition wear your fitness tracker for at least 15 minutes To get an as accurate result as possible wear your tracker comfortably tight above the wrist bone Also make sure that your arms are not touching your body and that your hands are not touching when you are taking a measurement Wake the screen by pressing the button and swipe down to see the percentage icon Gently place your index finger on the touch button and keep it there for about ten seconds Make sure your finger is covering the entire button The fitness tracker will show the processing icon while the measurement is being taken and once it’s complete you will see a check mark If the measurement failed the tracker will display a cross and you will need to try again Once the measurement is complete sync your tracker with the TomTom Sports app on your smartphone to see your results Click this video to see how to pair your tracker with your smartphone

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