Meet Harry, BMus (Hons) Film Composition | Student vlog
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Meet Harry, BMus (Hons) Film Composition | Student vlog

October 24, 2019

My name is Harry Somers and I’m a third
year, final year film music composiiton student here at the
University of West London. Whilst studying here I’ve been involved in a
load of extra activities outside of my studies as a composer we’re entitled to
what’s called a second study so it means that you can have some classes on like
another instrument – a few classes a semester. I decided to take up
orchestral and choral conducting. I’ve learned an absolute incredible amount
about everything whilst being here. As a say not only composition but
accompanying, musical direction, conducting, production managing, keyboard
programming, orchestrating. You name it, I’ve learned it at some point through
all the activities that we do here. The lecturers in the London College of Music
are all extremely welcoming as well and friendly. They have an open-door policy
and open email policy. So if I’ve ever needed anything I then either turned up
to their office or emailed them and I’ve had a response like that. It’s
extremely quick and they’re always willing to give up a lot of time to
assist you. The facilities as well are absolutely incredible we’ve just erm…
Over the past three years since I started the university’s put 150 million
pounds into refurbishing this campus which is absolutely incredible. The
composition facilities are amazing because we have what’s called these Mac
labs which are just these rooms just filled with IMAX and keyboards they’re
open 24 hours a day during term time. The library’s open 24 hours a
day as well. The music studios, about eight of them are open 24 hours a day as
well. I just think the staff and the student base here are the most friendly
that I’ve met anywhere and that’s why I decided to come here because it’s just
such a warm atmosphere and just everyone knows everyone. I meet people from other
faculties from say film departments, media departments. So my housemates – one of them’s broadcast journalism. One of them’s a film production, one of them’s music tech. You
wouldn’t necessarily get that from any other place. The cross-collaboration is insane
and I mean you know it’s encouraged its encouraged to get involved with these
things. So that was my university experience. As I say, I have loved my three
years, it’s been absolute amazing. It’s actually my last day today before
I fly over to America to start work. So yes it’s exciting times but I’ve
loved every minute of it. I might come back and do a masters who knows yet who
knows what the future has in store but if I did do masters it would definitely
be here

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