Meet ShapeScale: 3D Body Composition and Fitness Tracking
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Meet ShapeScale: 3D Body Composition and Fitness Tracking

October 8, 2019

ShapeScale is the first scale that digitizes your body in three dimensions you simply step on it and ShapeScale scans your body in less than a minute. It captures hundreds of pictures to create a stunning virtual model that looks just like you. So you can see yourself as other people do. using the ShapeScale app you can now view highly precise body measurements monitor your localized lean mass and track your body fat for a better understanding of your progress But ShapeScale is more than just numbers it’s about seeing your progress Whatever your goal — ShapeScale tracks even the most minute Changes to your physique Changes not visible to your eyes Changes that keep you moving Using the ShapeScale app’s “Heatmap” feature, you can finally see where you’ve been making gains and losses “Difference View” shows you what efforts make the greatest difference when targeting specific areas the “Side-by-Side ” feature gives you a comprehensive before and after view, while “timelapse” gives you a 3D animation of your progress Whether your goal is to get stronger… … or to look your very best for that once-in-a-lifetime day … or just to get ready for the beach this summer reaching your fitness goal has never been easier With ShapeScale you can finally see your body changing

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  1. Another dust collector. Sorry ShapeScale, unless you're a bodybuilder, actor, personal trainer with clients, this product is useless. The AVERAGE person isn't that driven, and seeing fitness results takes months, sometimes YEARS. On the other hand, I think ShapeScale is wonderful for anorexics, maybe they can finally realize how skinny they are.

  2. can i download the 3d avatar or myself in mesh form and use it in virtual worlds like secondlife and opensim? That would be neat 😀

  3. If I owned a ShapeScale, would I be able to export the model of myself (or others) to FBX or OBJ etc?

  4. Fucking scammers!
    – still not a single shipping despite they said first batch should ship in october (after hundreds of delays)
    – nearly no informations to customers
    – posting commercials every day of products but not the one the customers prepaid for
    – blocking facebook users who ask critical questions

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