Meet your Member of Parliament, Stephanie Kusie
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Meet your Member of Parliament, Stephanie Kusie

February 1, 2020

Hi i’m Stephanie Kusie the Member of
Parliament for Calgary Midnapore. I’m very proud to have been born and raised
in this riding. Growing up I was fortunate to work in my family’s small
business where I learned the value of a dollar.
I also learned the satisfaction and the sacrifices that go hand in hand with
juggling the responsibilities of having both a family and making a living. These
are the lessons that help me every day as a Member of Parliament as I do my
best to represent the values and protect the way of life of the hard-working
people of Calgary Midnapore. Prior to being elected as an MP, I served as a
diplomat in Canada’s Foreign Service, working in embassies in Latin America
and the United States to keep Canadians safe and furthering our interests abroad.
Living and working overseas has only added to my appreciation of our
incredible country. In addition to representing Calgary Midnapore in
Parliament, I have several other responsibilities as part of our
Conservative caucus. For the last year I’ve been holding the government to
account as the official opposition Shadow Minister of Democratic
Institutions. This has been a challenging portfolio given the pending election. My
team and I have been working hard to protect Canada’s electoral system from
foreign interference and from the current government’s many attempts to
weaken it. I am blessed to have my husband and a wonderful, active
eight-year-old son. This is my inspiration for developing and
strengthening policies that will help make life easier for all Canadians.
I am grateful every day for the trust that the people of Calgary Midnapore
have shown me as their representative in Ottawa and I will continue to stand up
for our values and everything that makes our community and our nation great

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