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November 11, 2019

Good morning and thank you for watching the program “Dimanche en politique”. Jean-Luc Mélenchon is part of the “Famous Five” the five candidates who, in the polls, are estimated to have more than 10%, a symbolic threshold, from where hopes are allowed in this singular Presidential Elections campaign. But this campagn does not look like any other one: The “Fillon”scandal disrupts and weakens everything. 49 days from the first round vote, all is still possible On the left side of the political spectrum, the limits are moving. Jean-Luc Melenchon, member of the European parliament, candidate of the “Unbowed France” (la France insoumise) is our guest today. Good morning. Good morning.
Thank you to be here with us today. By the way, the “Unbowed France (La France Insoumise), have you found it? because in the polls, it is 11% of voters… Is it this the Unbowed France? The Unbowed France (la France Insoumise), you will see it, rebel and joyful, on the 18th march, marching from the Bastille to the Republic place. and you will see it in its most valuable self, that is the positive and peaceful political will. The exact opposite of the acrimony, the discord, the spirit of vindictiveness that you can see around the candidate François Fillon. Precisely: It has been a month now that the Fillon scandal has severely poisoned the French election campaign. The right wing candidate is now accusing the judges. This afternoon, several thousands of supporters are expected at Place of the Trocadero in Paris. F. Fillon: “I am expecting you to come in mass to show everybody what is the popular political will of the activist for France.” Pierre Danon: We would be surprised if there was less than 50 000 people. We would be surprised and disappointed. Journalist: On the activist side, people assert that they are not discouraged and they work hard to motivate the troops Activist on the phone: I inform you that we have a free bus that will depart from Beauvais Journalist: in the last 2 days the list of defections has grown even further: at the total, nearly 100 elected people have dropped the right wing candidate. Thierry Solère: He announced yesterday his summons from magistrates, and he is therefore not able to carry the colours of the right wing and the centre right people to the Presidential elections. JM Aphatie : Do you wish François Fillon to withdraw from the French presidential election? Nadine Morano: Yes.
JMA: Do you wish this?
NM: Yes and I told him. JC Lagarde: He has become a danger for political alternation, and against his own will, a danger for France. Another significant defection: Patrick Stefanini, his campaign manager, left the team on Sunday evening. Inside the conservative, François Fillon is more and more isolated. During this time, the possibility of the Plan B, named Alain Juppe, looks more and more believable. Activist: To the elected people that have not yet sent their sponsorship, send your sponsorship to Alain Juppe. Jean-Luc Melenchon, François Fillon has called the conservative people to take the streets today and to hold firm. Can public support save him? It is up to you to assert this. What I know is that they do not look that great the advocates of the party of the order, of Justice, and there they are, with their leader that refuses to answer the summons and that calls to take the streets against the judiciary system the other, Miss Le Pen that refuses a police summons for questioning pointing the finger at the policemen that were doing their work… they look good really! The result is that these people that bring either the social mayhem or the ethnical mayhem… now they also bring global mayhem in the Republic. This is why I believe that the solution, the right solution is mine: to come out of this crisis on top, in order, by calling a new constituent assembly to establish new political rules or constitution and we blow up this political establishment… this is enough! This is the famous 6th Republic that you are calling for.
Ok but let’s go back to today. François Fillon said that…
How come “back to today”? But we speak only of this, Mister. All of these scandals are the decay of the 5th Republic. All the power is concentrated on only one person. There you see a man that is able to take hostage his own political camp. Do you think that this is good for democracy that we cannot even discuss with a representative of the conservative party? Then you that promote the 6th Republic, you shall think: This can accelerate the advent of the 6th Republic, but it is not like this that we should do…. but at the same tome, there we are with this situation. There is something against what either you nor I can do anything: this is the thread of events. If this constitution and this system are now collapsing, this is because “For the better” you say? “for the better”
“For the better”… indeed I am for another system Whatever are the circumstances?
No no no and no… I am not for a mess, I have always asserted this. I will not change my mind today- but the facts are the facts: this system is rotten inside by the power of Money And while we are talking, political puppets who represent the camp of Money Fillon, Macron, Le Pen, and we do not talk about the 9 billionaires who owns 90% of the press of this country and that pulls the strings at the highest level. Them, then with impunity, we do not request anything from them; they do not have to account for anything, we do not even request them to pay their tax in France. I beg your pardon but François Fillon said that the only judge, for him, would be the direct universal suffrage, because he is candidate to the French race. What a mental confusion! The sovereign people is not the judge of a criminal court! The criminal court investigating magistrates are in charge of this: This is up to them to take account of both prosecution and defense evidence. You are the people and I am as well. How can I know what did this man do? You or I have no means to know… Therefore you believe the Criminal court judge 100%
I beg your pardon… I have no other choice that to believe in the criminal judiciary system. If I am happy with the criminal justice system, we have to change the laws, because the magistrates are not the owners of the Justice system: they apply established laws. Therefore if you are not happy, change the laws…because if you attack the justice system saying that it is the sovereign people that will decide wether you are guilty or not… then I have to tell you that even the Law of 22 Prairial, the law of the suspects, during during the Reign of Terror following the French Revolution, did not dare state such thing! However, you can see that the investigations are coming out now during the French presidential debate. François Fillon is summoned on the 15th of Mars, 2 days before the end of the sponsorships. Do you think that this schedule is surprising or not? Yes indeed it is a bit surprising as any moped thief is filed with a summons for urgent proceedings and this happen also to people that did not steal anything but that were in a demonstration. You mean quicker.
Yes, it is clear: summons at short notice, Bong! The matter is settled within hours. Therefore is there any hiding motive here?
I don’t know and do not want to add any trouble to the existing one. I do not have to add anything here. I do not want to propose new problems here, I propose a solution. Therefore, people of France: either you create a new constitution by organizing a constituent assembly, you change the governing rules, you allow the dismissal of the elected people. You disqualified for ever from standing as a candidate for election those who were condemned for this type of crimes. You prohibit nepotism, meaning the fact of employing members of one’s own family In short: either you write a rule for Republican virtue or you will monkey wrench Democracy. Because this mess does not produce anything! Do you understand? What will Mister Fillon create? Hatred and that’s all : rage! Well… then François Fillon or another one because the question wether to replace him is discussed with the conservatives. If it was Alain Juppe; you, who are candidate to the race, would that change everything for you? Listen, this is their business
But for you…. would this change your campaign? We need to be able to have a political campaign… here for example you are spending 3 – 4 – 5 minutes to comment on a story that does not concern me and I wish we could talk about It concerns you because you are candidate to the presidential elections
But I am candidate to the Presidential election, you said it yourself this suppose that there is a poll. And an election in a democracy, this includes to debate. What do you want to talk about with this man? When I organise a meeting where I explain what is the account for arduous nature of work and how you can gain 2 years to qualify for retirement, etc… And I say: “We will discuss this with Mister Fillon”, all the room burst into laughter. As soon as you mention him, he is not even booed but being made a fool of, do you understand? How can you have a democratic debate if the debate is organised in such conditions… You will be surprised that I want, me of all, a “correct” conservative representative. By the way do you think the idea to postpone the Presidential election is possible or not? If it is really going pear shape and a candidate is impeached by Justice? *Laugh* You want jam on it? What’s next week? Because every week there is a happening! When will we be able to have a political debate in the country? When will we know who the candidates are and when is the election? Exactly, Isn’t it better to postpone the date to have all sorted out, is it?
This is not my opinion. To the ones that feel they need to know more sort this out. I want to say one thing: the Unbowed France is a deliberate and coherent force. We will adjust to all situations.
Well precisely: How can we distinguish the propositions of the ones from the others? This is with the program that one can compare.
Yes, for the ones with a program This is your case. We will take one of your measures, the minimum wage (SMIC) set to 1300€ net/month this is a bit more than the 1100€/month at the moment. Is is associated for you as well by social security contributions relief for the employer? First, we have to note that today the minimum wage is just 100€ above the poverty line, as recognized by international bodies. This is not acceptable, is it? Therefore, we need to increase it: to increase it allow to live more comfortably; people have enough of just survival! and it allows responsible consumption. The man that I am cannot propose organic agriculture that inevitably costs more, without increasing the salaries to include responsible consumption. Therefore, you can see that in my program, the salary increase is ecologically friendly. Does it imply social security contributions relief for the employer? No, but this is the usual speech of the others: Le Pen, the conservative, the labour party
And you? How do you do then? This is not the way I see things. Me, I do not see things like this.
Bah, how do you do it? I am talking about an economic circle which, first, include the stimulation of economic activity – I put 100 billion euros in it- boosts the order book. When the order book is at a high level, you do not mind too much how much social security contributions you pay because it goes well. Therefore it is public order?
No… This is order in general, there is not only public order. There is public order. Let’s take an example: I apply the plan called “no obstacle”, that request the associations of handicapped people. You can see that it won’t be the big companies that will build ramp in the staircase of town hall or in the subway stations or elsewhere. That will necessarily be small businesses. This is the first thing. Second thing: this is a lee way of the accounts of the small businesses – sorry but these are the ones that I care more about than the big ones, because the big ones have so much reserve, that I am not impressed when they can cry. The small ones, yes: there is a problem: How do we do? First the small businesses have great difficulties to be paid in a timely manner, because often they are themselves the customers of very big companies. Therefore I propose the Zero discount rate. This means that when you have your invoice, you bring it to the bank, they give you the money and it is discount rate=0, we do not charge anything. this measure helps in providing lee way. After I proposed, in the program, that we have a sort of general equalization fund to manage the social security contributions up to the number of employees in the company. It’s a complex organisation, and thus I will not describe it in detail now. But everybody can understand that the big companies will also pay for the small one. This will change them. Normally they are not doing much. Let me share something of their miserliness, their rapaciousness, their greed. They did not want to contribute to the RSI (social security scheme for self-employed workers and farmers) that is poor organisation of the Social Security… That you would suppress, wouldn’t you ?
Clearly yes I would. I would propose everybody to be part of the Social Security global scheme. These people work very hard, are often paid a misery -we have to know that the average salary of small entrepreneur and have none of the social protections that we recognize to everybody else in this country… because it is normal: when you work, you are protected I want to talk about the retirement scheme that came back to a central position to the current debate with the proposal from Emmanuel Macron who says “I want to implement a simpler system, identical for everyone, with an individual account”. This is it!
The principle is that each contribution of one euro will open up the same access of right regardless of the category, the status. It is simple and it is clear.
Ha, that is very clear ! This is proposed with soft wrapping, and you have to recognize that it passed with flying color, considering that journalists are not very curious when he presents it on the program of your colleague, Mister Pujadas does not even ask for clarification. I will tell you what it means: it is called the point based pension scheme. This means that you will not What do you mean?
You will understand…
As for the Americans? Exactly! You contribute but you will never know how much you’ll get, when the moment has come. Why? and your retirement can vary from one year to the next. I mean the amount of you retirement.
Why? Because it encompasses 2 parameters. First: the age and the associated life expectancy in your generation. Therefore if you have a great life expectancy: bang! You have less!have less! Let me tell you that this is meaningless. Because me, I am born in 1951 as you know… but I am also an intellectual that has spent my life in offices. where I suffered less than a mine worker or the someone that spent his life carrying goods. Therefore, their life expectancy is up to 59 years old while mine is over 62 years old. Therefore you mean that it does not take this into account?
Yes, it does not take into account the demanding nature of work and its associated misery. Secondly: It does guarantee the level of your retirement pension. Thirdly, he said: “You can modulate and retire when you wish” Really! I would add when you points allow you to do so? And he says that we would modulate up to the age of 67 years! This means that up to 67 years old, you continue to work, to try to claw back some points to obtain a small retirement pension. Me I say: retirement at the age of 60 or after 40 years of work and not 43 as the labour party is proposing or all the others that propose even worse scenarii. Second: nobody is allowed, after having worked and gained the 40 eligible years, nobody can have less than the minimum wages (SMIC), or at least be below the poverty line. 1.300 according to your program.
Exactly. It is not that hard to finance, it is not more or less 10 billion euros. This is an amount that can be found quite easily and I will expose all of it when you invite me for the financing. Concerning financing, the implementation of universal 100% health care protection is one of your proposals. The word “universal” is quite trendy at the moment for you this is to cover 100% of health costs without having any private fund. What does it mean? That we cure freely? This means….
Yes, it means….
Yes, but Mister do you want to pay if you have cancer and that you cannot pay, you would then say: “Oh no, sorry, I will not cure myself” But cancer treatment are fully paid by the social security, but you say this for all treatments? Yes, but it is complicated to explain. What is left for to pay for today? 16 billon for what is left after the social security has taken care of the first part of it. What do you do then? You subscibe to a health mutual and insurances: the older you are and the more expansive they are, This means that the more you need it, the more expansive it becomes. The principle of solidarity is ruined, it is absurd! The original idea of the social security, is: you pay according to your means and you receive according to your need. If you are sick, we cure you. How do we do? Today 16 billions are to be paid by the family, thus we need to find 16 billion. I have found them, where is the problem? However, what I do not know
Where did you find them?
Then ok, I give you the detail but you let me finish my list? No, no, ok then go on continue
So I have found 21 billion for 16 billion that is needed. but I want to warn people against the saying that makes the same “buzz”: everything that shines is not gold. and all the 100% are not universal the same way. Mister Macron also propose 100%. This is why people say “This is perfect, you say the same thing”. Not at all! Him, he says “This is your Health insurance that will pay”. In other words, he propose that you pay the 100% you have. by increasing the contributions. This is not what I propose to do.
For you this is the State that is paying everything? So, I propose to employ all these personnel of these health insurance into the social security and implement the 100% reimbursement of the health costs. And I know how to finance it. So why not doing so? Because it allowed private insurance funds to live, to corporate welfare that are expansive The double management cost by itself 6,5 billion to the everyday people that contribute…
This indeed, Martin Hirsch pointed it negativly recently in a report. And Martin Hirsch, for once, agreed with me… no need to tell you that I was happy about this.
Or you agreed with him. When I say before, sorry, I know that I have no right but…
Whatever… No no whatever… No whatever, you are right…
Whatever, it is not important, it is the idea that counts. Mister, it looks like it is hard for you, but it happens that sometimes I have ideas before other people. You know… this happens also. Second Presidential campaign for you with the hope to convert the test into success and to score double. Renaud Dely, newspaper editor of “Marianne” is with us today.
Ah! an old acquaintance… Hello
Hello Renaud
Hello Francis
hallo Renaud In comparison to your first Presidential campaign in 2012, the political atmosphere has changed, the view of the voters and the activists also. We went to see you campaign team, but also to Ivry-sur-seine, in Val-de-Marne where, 5 years ago, where you scored very well: 25% of voters. The unbowed France, campaign headquarters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Hello We are already 270.000 citizens that are supporting Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Me, I did the campaign in 2012. Beyond the public personality, the posters are more programmatic He is freer to say what he wants because last time we were part of a coalition, I do not know if it is the exact word? and notably Maxime and Claude that are organising the coaches for March 18th Already in 2012, I was a local activist, thus I was very young as you can imagine. My iea was a speech that would combine left ideas and environmentalism all that we support again and again and we are constant in this in the last 5 years. We should not forget that today, there are 50% of the people that did not make a choice and we want to talk to them. The law of the Market Friendly, I even voted for him on the first round last time. He does not philosophical U-turn! Me, I like the people that talked frankly Madam He is playing a bit a populist game He talks to a certain category of poeple, not to everyone. A bit old fashioned still He has something more than the far-left wing I prefered him in 2012.
I affirmed himself maybe and his circus with the holograms, this, I do not like this at all What is important is what is the program that we want…. he will not be elected and he knows it. In round two, if there is him against Marine Le Pen or him against Fillon, I will vote for him Well, Jean-Luc Melenchon, we were saying that it is the second time that you are… Well, this is supposed to be a documentary that explains what is the Unbowed France? In Ivry, ok then. Ivry-sur-Seine 25% of voters 5 years ago.
With a person that say “Oh the hologram… Ok then!
We heard some supporters Yes, yes, he is allowed of course. He is allowed to do the opposute. We heard some of your voters and some were not… and this is the second time you are candidate to the Presidential election and the polls – these are only polls, but they say that you are to score 11, 12, 13% approximately your score 5 years ago or a bit more. How can you take a step forward, to gather more people Since you are in the battle to win, how to go the next level that can bring to round 2? This is the problem of the political campaign in general Today, 46% – My priority, since the beginning, you know Mister Dely as you are an Political Strategy analyst I do not believe that on one side there is a Left block and on the other a Right block I think all of this chipped away at over the years and particularly the left bank due to the disastrous management of François Hollande and the Socialist party of this country, that undermine the words….in short. I therefore have another reasoning: I think a popular mass is open to change the model on which works the society: The 6th Republic, the ecological programming etc…. This is my objective, and I am strengthen in my belief in the fact -amazing- that at the time we speak, and it is unpreceded in France 46% of people that can vote do not know for whom they will vote for. Therefore I answer your question I talk to them, outside any scam and cartel arrangement of parties Do you locate yourself, in a certain way, above the divide Right-Left? You know the divide Right-Left is in a way There is a reality of it evidently. There is historically, philosophically, intellectually, a mental construction of Right and Left but the majority of the French people does not what this all mean. This is why I just tell them “Listen, come, it is good because it is Left! We do not know what is inside, but, it is good because it is on the left side!” I lose my time and I understand that people are disgusted. Therefore I talk to the people Well, this people, you call for its mobilisation, to demonstrate with you on March 18th.
Yes What is the objective in terms of number for this gathering? You know it, my reasoning is that an elective campaign, shall firsrt create stakeholder buy-in I try to have a campaign where people are willing to support the ideas contained in this program – that is not too long to read- and not have supporters that are “against”. “Because I am against A and B, then I vote this way” This is because they agree with this view of the world that they vote for me that promote this vision. How many people are you expecting?
The objective of this march in Paris in March 18th? To launch again your campaign? Mister Dely, let me answer your question, otherwise, you will say that I escape. It is one milestone of the campaign of course.. because we will strongly proclaim our willingness to have the 6th Republic, the end of Presidential Monarchy and this in front of the statue symbol of the Republic. But it is also a political event in France. This is a march for the 6th Republic, this means that that in a time where all collapse, you will have a mass of several thousands of people that I cannot say better, that will rally for the 6th Republic On several subjects: combatting social inequality, ecology, there is a candidate on the left side, that is Benoit Hamon that is a bit similar on these areas on a political line that are close to yours. Isn’t it a problem that you face today in your campaign? First of all, for me this is a good point, Mister Dely. I have lived enough to know how important it is to see the ideas starting to spread. But this makes things harder for you…
And the one that cannot understand this is a partisan missing the apreciation of this and does not understand the political construction of the people. The words and ideas circulate. After you are right: this has been a problem for me because just after, the objective of the Socialist party around their candidate try to make me lokk like an am I old fashioned, outdated and they were proud of it. That did not happened – maybe also thanks to the hologram, contrary to what said this man (in the documentary) but in short That did not happened and there you are right on the apparent closeness, there is some common grounds but on a lot of questions, us, we are very precise, there is a clear program for example on the nuclear energy… or the 6th Republic, I propose the popular participation in a sovereign mode and not with expert comities… In any case, you have met him last week, but the idea of converging is totally out of question until the first round of the vote between Benoît Hamon and you?
Listen, him and me, have agreed that we will not provide to our opponents the show that they are expecting, that is him and me fighting each other violently on some of the parts of our programs that of course are fundamental, but that can look secondary. We know where the core of our divergence is and this is the European question. as he refuse all strategy of a “Plan B”, but we agreed that we will not bite into this dog’s fight However, it is true that, in a way, the progress that I represented was for a while blocked. I have restarted, I cross the fingers, and on March 18th I hope will provide another impulse. You aim is to score better than Benoît Hamon, at least My aim is to be at round 2. I do not want to be put in competition with him, this is not the point I wish him the best and I will try my best. And as we are in a Democracy, the people will choose. the sponsorship filling… to validate your candidacy and the presidential candidacies have started at the Constitutional Council that are communicated as we go along and from the last count, last Friday, you had 136 and we know that we need 500 Are you sure that you can reach the threshold of 500, or are you afraid? In life, we are never sure of anything and not even if we will alive in the two days. Are you fearful?
Oh no, this is not in my nature to be afraid I am too much of an organised person to be fearful. But it is true that I base myself on the support of 600 sponsorships that confirmed that they would sponsor me. This represents the confirmation I received. There are also the ones that did not yet confirmed and may feel the obligation to do so. I wait with calm and confidence.
Some tell me that there is a issue with the constitutional council and I warn them We should not play with this. Because there is an association of rural mayors sent a exceptional communication to say There is a issue with the retention of sponsorships at the level of the Constitutional Council”. I hope they exaggerate Is there an issue with the communist party? Are you sure that the head of the communist party Gives the order to the elected ones to give you their sponsorships… some say that they froze the sponsorships The head of the party sent the order to wait as much as possible to sens sponsorships, this is his business.
Why? They are confident in you? I do not know, you will ask them. What I say is that I already have several elected communists that sent their sponsorships according to discussion they had between themselves… but I do not interfere with the organisation of the parties that support me… if so, only to say one thing. On March 18th, this march belongs to everyone. I invite all the people that support me the communist party, the Parti de Gauche, Ensemble – to not say it is their only march, and thus not to bring too many flags from their parties. they are all welcomed but I do not want this march to become one of theirs. The ones that really want to march with the flag of their party will march at the end. this is my say: the movement belongs to the people of France. If I do not manage for ir to be this way, this would be my failure. but if it stays the propriety of the French People, I will be at round 2 of this election. Thank you
Thank you
Thank you There is a buzz: the Council tax. Once again. Emmanuel Macron that wants to supress it for 80% of the houses Do we need to supress the council tax?
This is the most dreadful tax that family have to pay When you see the council tax in your letterbox, you are petrified. Mister Macron proposes to supress it. But you?
Wait you spoke about Mister Macron, let me answer. of course.
He proposes to supress it and when you tell him “but it is 20 billion and it an enormous part of the resources of a city, how do you understand this? He says: “This is the State”! The State is you, this is your tax… and Mister Macron does not propose to change the number of tax brackets you know that me I want to implement 14 tax brackets, for the middle class not to carry all the tax on its back as the donkey of France Him, no! Therefore I will pay, all of you that are listing to us, 20 billion more on your income tax that is spread in 5 brackets To compensate the amount that Mister Macron
But you you want also the suppression of the Council tax I am for replacing it… but I am even more in favor of what the local elected people have to say on this. I want to say that the cadastral parameters on which we base the Council tax have not changed since 1970 Everybody is speaking about this but I will tell you the truth: nobody has changed anything because they are afraid of what it would generate as tax bludgeon if we changed these parameters. We therefore have to find other resources. own and autonomous resources. The councils have liberties that are recognized in France. They have to be able to perceive the means to exist without having the State to interfere. The decentralizing is first the district Another thing: to prevent the police blunder or dispute during identity control, do you remember François Fill…; François Hollande, sorry, promised to implement receipts for identity control. This is an idea that was dropped. Could you take it? Yes but I want to add this: It is time to find another way to make this country work, notably concerning the way Police is organised. The honour of the uniform is that it should be appreciated, desired by the population… not only feared, despised in some cases. Therefore, and the receipts contribute to this?
Yes because I want you to know this Mister letellier you and me, we are, because of the colour of our skin, less likely to be stopped and controlled by the Police than some of our citizens that are harassed I do not accept this! and I request that we have a indefectible republican ethic in the Police! Because the Police is not a free entity outside the Republic Jean-Luc Melenchon, we will end by the photo. This is the photo that we invite the guest to bring us. What is it? Look at this. This is the shipyard of Piriou in Britany and we see the ship’s hull that was just finished. Look at it carefully, we can see points everywhere, there the welder, who by his art and his technic managed to give the perfect curvature. And you can see 2 human beings that walk ahead of it. I want you to know that we are making a boat that is a marvel that is a ship aimed at a scientific mission, of coast guard for the India Ocean and ice vreaker in the Artic ocean. that is built on this shipyard. Us, French people, we know to make a lot !
That is part of your Sea economy? My Sea economy. Boats like this, with me, we will construct some more. I don’t know. the shipyard of Piriou will not managed to answer the demand, we will need all the shipyards of France to make some. to have service ships for the wind turbines that we will implement in the sea, the tidal turbine that we will implement Really rapidly Jean-Luc Mélenchon, it is nearly the 8th of March: 40th birthday of the day of Woman’s rights. What is the measure that shall be implemented now in one word? First of all, ensure the full salary equality between woman and man with strong fine. Why? Because with the equality between men and women we increase the social contributions that will finance the retirement at the age of 60 with 40 years of contribution. The ideological regression of our country as some others scare me. Consequently, I want to put the right to abort in the constitution The body of women are their own property. This is not the property of their families, their children or the husbands This is the reason why we have to protect it.
Even if we have to go through a referundum? Because it is part of a referundum. There is no need for a referundum. The consituant will do as if you elect me, it will be in the law. Thank you Jean-Luc Mélenchon to have come on “Dimanche en politique”, that you can find on France Info website. on the Twitter account of the program also and I leave the space to Catherine Matausch for the news. See you on March 18th.

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  1. Pour avoir toutes les informations pratiques (bus, tracts, affiches, etc.) pour le 18 mars : https://18mars2017.fr/

  2. Jean Luc vous êtes un humaniste un grand intellectuel mais de grâce soyez plus souriant, plus léger à la réaction des commentaires des journalistes. Adoptez un discours plus simple à comprendre pour les non initiés de la constitution et des institutions politiques. Vous avez un programme visionnaire, alors je vous en prie: ne nous privez pas de votre élection par des petites phases que vous laissez fuser et dont vous avez le secret par ex
    "Ça vous écorche la bouche de dire ça"…
    Cela entame votre capital sympathie et risque, à moyen terme, s'éclipser tout votre projet politique auprès du grand public lors de vos interviews. Ferme, déterminé mais sympathoche et souriant. Avez vous remarqué le changement d'attitude dans la décontraction de la candidate FN, depuis ces derniers mois ? Très étonnant non?… au regard de ces habitudes ! On pourrait presque la percevoir bienveillante malgré les affaires et alors que son programme est plus que douteux.
    C'est une campagne sans candidat serieux, cette victoire vous est acquise. Ne vous faîtes pas voler cette élection par vous même ! De la décontraction sans bondir à chaque phrase, de la légèreté, des sourires le tout dans la détermination et la conviction de vos idées, cela vous ferait gagner 10 points à coup sur (vous le savez mieux que moi évidemment.) Car vous seul avez une vraie idéologie mais le peuple élit aussi un homme… Une fois élu, vous aurez tout le loisir d'être bougon (humour). Mais pas pour le moment.
    Vous êtes bien sûr entouré d'experts en comm maîtrisant ces sujets bcp mieux que moi et pour cela pardon de m'exprimer sur un sujet dont je ne suis pas spécialiste mais qui est cependant mon ressenti et qui, d'ailleurs est peut être faux, mais cet aspect est crucial pour Notre victoire. Très cordialement.

  3. Je crois que Letellier m'a écouté ! La dernière de Dimanche en politique était vraiment nul, rien sur le programme et que du commentaire sur "le phénomène Macron". J'avais été scandalisé, j'en ai dit deux mots aux journalistes de FR3 en réclament qu'on parle du programme. C'est chose faites maintenant et tant mieux !

  4. N'hésitez pas à parler du programme de la France insoumise à votre famille ou vos amis, y compris s'ils sont de droite. Notre mouvement s'adresse à tous ceux qui veulent changer nos institutions et qui sont notamment sensibilisés à la question écologique. Vous seriez étonné de voir à quel point nos idées reçoivent un bon accueil chez ces citoyens qui n'ont a priori pas l'air d'être de notre côté 🙂

  5. Jean luc melenchon non present au salon de l agriculture…pour eviter de se prendre une bouse sur la gueule… les travailleurs de france vomissent ses idees et connaissent l historique de ce personnage.

  6. comment des gens peuvent se mobiliser pour un homme qui s'est enrichi sur les deniers publics? ils sont en doctrinés? fillon est un gourou?

  7. Programme innaplicable dans l'état actuel avec l'europe, et pas un mot pour en parler au Français, ni même pour expliquer comment il compte si prendre, alors que ça devrait être le sujet premier. (pour ceux qui ne saurait pas, c'est la commission européenne avec ses directives qui impose la politique des 28 états membres) Je trouve ça étonnant de ne pas critiquer l'europe et ses travers alors qu'il en a l'occasion sur un grand média. Ou alors ne veut-il pas perdre sa place de parlementaire avec son gros salaire qui l'accompagne!

  8. 19:21 "Combien de marcheurs ?"
    19:25 "Combien de casseurs ?"
    J'ai réécouté plusieurs fois et c'est vraiment ce que j'entends. Une question qui passe à la trappe mais que je trouve honteuse.

  9. très bon argumentaire…nano-nuance : la loi dite de "grande terreur" qui devrait' s'écrire Terreur avec un T Majuscule et Menaçant d'après l'Histoire (et sa grande H) écrite par les vainqueurs est une manipulation sémantique crée à postériori ! voir les excellents travaux de l'historien Jean Clément Martin sur la révolution française…JLM le sait certainement et ce n'était pas le sujet principal…baste, bonne intervention

  10. Un discours clair, cohérent, intelligent, libérateur. Loin de toute la politique à deux balles des autres qui ne s'adresse qu'aux tripes et à la bêtise !

  11. Un bon journaliste ! Un qui ne lui sors pas poutine ou marine sur tout les sujets. Un qui est là pour faire entendre le programme du candidat tout en servant de "garde fou" -corriger les erreurs (s'il y en a) mettre les candidats face a leurs contradiction (s'il y en a) etc.. bonne emission.

  12. Il aurait dû le reprendre sur "assurance maladie universelle", c'est Sécurité Sociale Intégrale. "le mot universel est très à la mode en ce moment -> comparaison avec Hamon (le mec qui passe des coup de fil pour que sa femme soit embauchée lobbyiste en chef).

  13. Can't Stenchon the Melenchon… Déja il me mettait d'accord mais si en plus il remet sur pied la délivrance de récépissé après un controle d'identitée je dis OUI OUI OUI!!!!

  14. Par rapport au débat sur l'augmentation du SMIC, je trouve ça cohérent de l'éloigner du seuil de pauvreté, mais serait-il possible également de "baisser" le seuil de pauvreté ?


  16. le 18 mars sera ma 1ere manifestation pour un parti politique. j'ai 34 ans.. comme quoi les miracles existent 🙂

  17. J'arrive même pas à payer mon impôt local… RSA + APL = 730€, mon loyer plus les charges = 650€, le reste pour m'habiller, être propre, manger surtout. Alors quand un impôt de 335€ tombe dans ma boite, j'ai envie d'en finir avec la vie (je cherche un boulot depuis 2 ans, je suis graphiste et j'ai un bac+4, sauf que je suis une femme, donc on m'embauche pas)…
    On vote Jean-Luc Mélenchon aux deux tours !!! JLM2017 ! Pour un VRAI changement destiné au peuple !!!

  18. Mélenchon excellent, comme c'est le cas le plus souvent. Clair, pugnace, convaincant. On se demande bien pourquoi il a accepté le traquenard organisé par Pujadas et Salamé la semaine dernière ?!? Il s'en est tiré avec les honneurs, mais quelle épreuve ! De plus, les deux "journalistes" (si on peut appeler ça comme ça) ont quand même partiellement réussi à brouiller son message… Mélenchon a déjà décidé de boycotter l'émission radio du "décodeur" Samuel Laurent (déconneur, plutôt), il ferait bien, je crois, de garder aussi ses distances avec ces deux appararchiki.

  19. Quand tu vois que la Marion Maréchal, elle fait à peu près le même temps de parole que JLM sur la même émission, et elle n'est même pas candidate…

  20. selon un sondage ifop , melenchon represente le mieux l'honneteté et l'ethique en tete a 24 % , le pen 14% et fillon 7% , voir ce sondage en fin d'article ici : http://www.leparisien.fr/flash-actualite-politique/presidentielle-71-des-francais-contre-le-maintien-de-fillon-05-03-2017-6733773.php

  21. Concernant l'assemblée constituante, je suis pour un tirage au sort de tous les participants, ou au moins 90% car vous savez bien que si on laisse le choix aux électeurs, n'étant pas très informés sur le tirage au sort, ils éliront des partis qui ne pourront pas être à l'origine d'un vrai renouvellement.

  22. salut jean luc je voulais dire que ce matin j'ai vu sur facebook d'un mec qui as fait une video contre a la france insoumise comment faire l'eliminer?RESISTANCE !!!!

  23. Une bonne interview, j'apprécie ce journaliste. On sent que les questions sont orientées politique people au début mais après il est repassé sur le concret et il respecte son interlocuteur ! merci 🙂

  24. il parle des problèmes de parrainages avec Conseil constitutionnel dont Asselineau et Poutou sont principalement victime et peut être d'autre….. et le journaliste fait vite à changer de conversation chutttt!!!! c'est grave……

  25. Trés bonne intervention d'un JLM calme et capable d'imposer au journaliste de parler du programme. Ce dernier, pour le coup il faut le noter, s'est montré plus à l'écoute que la plupart.

  26. Attention à ne pas se laisser emporter par la colère… Je sens JLM moins posé, plus sur la défensive, alors que les journalistes ne sont pas agressifs, c'est dommage … Aller, on respire un coup et on se détend!

  27. Les Insoumis, faites tourner la vidéo "Il était une fois les instituts de sondage", une excellente vidéo qui explique pourquoi les sondages ne sont pas fiables.

  28. Je kiff trop JLM mais la seule chose que j'aimerais bien qu'il entende c'est le fait de garder cette sérénité comme dans cet émission, parce que même si les journalistes sont insupportables il faut que JLM garde son sang-froid et qu'il ne hausse pas la voix, je dis ça parce que les abstentionnistes au premier regard jugent sur le comportement du candidat, puis de ce qu'il dit, si JLM reste serein comme dans cette vidéo il va en convertir c'est sûr avec sa capacité d'orateur, le programme de la raison humaine et sa sagesse qui dépasse tous les autres de loin

  29. Il va nous faire Tsipras et ça va faire pouf… Le néant… Comme le dit Mr Chouard JLM devrait voter pour Asselineau

  30. Monsieur Mélenchon, pouvez-vous expliquer à l'insoumis convaincu que je suis pourquoi vous avez refusé d'être interviewé par deux réfugiés dans l'édition du "Libé des réfugiés" du Mardi 7 Mars? Ils précisent que vous êtes le seul homme politique à ne pas avoir accepté. Votre réponse est très importante, et je présume sa pertinence. Merci néanmoins de la formuler afin d'évacuer tout malentendu.

  31. Faites gaffe, faudrait pas que quelqu'un laisse entrer des casseurs dans cette marche juste pour pouvoir taper dans le tas, c'est une méthode connue utilisée pour mater les regroupement de ce genre.


  33. Melencho il rince gratis….. ya plus de pognons mais il a la solution.. comme en Grece…. il se couchera devant la realite ecnomique…

  34. Bonjour , faite attention à vous le 18 mars , je suis sur que l'état cherchera à pourrir cette marche en y envoyant des CRS et des "casseur/fouteur de merde " de la BAC pour après faire porter le chapeau des dérapages aux militants de la FranceInsoumise

  35. je me pose une question existentielle…. prendre ma place de bus pour 60€ ou créditer la campagne de 60€.

  36. J'ignore comment ça se passe pour les autres candidats mais il n'est pas épargné par les commentaires des gens sur le marché qui sont pratiquement tous négatifs : "dépassé, populiste, girouette, grande gueule, il ne sera pas élu, en dernier ressort etc…" !

  37. re regardé une 2 ème fois! super émission! Ne faites plu que du France3! ;-D

  38. M Melenchon. je vous invite à ne plus répondre aux journalistes lorsqu il,s agit de l affaire Fillon . ou on parle de programme ou rien ! Cette affaire polue le debat démocratique. Et y repondre c est entretenir cet etat de fait

  39. JLM attaque les médias alors que les médias attaquent Marine le pen voila la grande différence
    JLM c 40ans de socialime

  40. "Et ben on pourraitj'embaucher des gens pour vous coller des giffles, ça aussi ça crée de l'emploi !" Je ne peux regarder ce presentateur sans penser à ça

  41. Quand on lit les sondages on a des frissons d'angoisse mais on reprendra espoir au moment des débats …continuons la lutte


  43. L' extrême gauche du socialiste Mélanchon se ralliera au deuxième tour à l'imposteur Macron. LR-PS conjointement Responsables et Coupables de l'état catastrophique de la FRANCE continueront à défaire les acquis de nos anciens et le Chômage explosera en 5 ans de Macronisme pour passer la barre des 10 millions !!!

  44. Le 18 mars il y aura des Manifestive un peu partout dans le pays (si on e fait pas fracasse la tronche bien sur), il risque d'avoir de l'animation dans les rues de Paris avec votre évènement en plus 🙂

  45. "La france insoumise" face à ses créanciers ?: https://newsletter.jlm2017.fr/archive/rkj6NqOue/SyWda9pi/rknbyoWMA

  46. Vu du Québec, je suis abasourdi de voir ce candidat que j'aime profondément subir ce qui me semble être du chantage de bas étage… Expliquez moi?… Comment se fait-il que des candidats de moindres importances comme Asselneau ait réussi à réunir ses 500 appuis de maires, tandis que JLM galère encore à les obtenir?… Pour moi, il n'y a qu'une explication… Le PS par le biais des maires lui font des pressions terribles pour le faire plier… Mais bon, j'analyse ça de l'extérieur mais je trouve tout de même inadmissible sa situation.

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