Memorize the Bill of Rights
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Memorize the Bill of Rights

September 12, 2019

Hey it’s Ron White, here the founder of
America’s The website where we tell the story of American history, give
memory tips on how to remember it. Today we’re going to tackle the Bill of Rights and how
to memorize the first ten amendments to the constitution. To remember anything you need two things,
number one a place to store the information and the number two the information to be turned
into a picture. The first thing were going to do is were going
to create ten places to store the information. We’re going to use our body so follow after
me. One is top, two is nose, three is mouth, four
is ribs, five is liver, six is joint your hip joint, seven is cap, kneecap, eight is
your fibula, this bone right here, number nine is the ball of your foot, and number
ten is the sand. If I’m going too fast for you just rewind. Number one is top, two is nose, three is mouth,
four is ribs, five is liver, six is joint, seven is cap, eight is fibula, nine is ball
and number ten is sand. These are ten files, we can use these files
for anything we want, tomorrow you can put ten random words on them if you want. The
first ten presidents of the United States what you want. Right now we’re going to use these ten files
to memorize the first ten amendments to the constitution The Till of Rights. This is where were going to store the data. The second thing we need to do to when we
want to memorize something is turn whatever we want into a picture. So I’m going to turn these ten items into
pictures and were going to put them on our body. Number one top of your head, the picture
that I want you to see up there is somebody with a megaphone, up here with a megaphone
and their yelling and their yelling at all sides, a megaphone at the top your head, see
a megaphone right there. Number two boom your nose gets shot off, boom
your nose gets shot off by a bullet. Number three in your mouth, were putting quarters
in your mouth, open up your mouth like that and imagine quarters are dropping in your
mouth. Number four, your ribs, I want you to see
a spotlight on your ribs, a spotlight going all over your ribs, just back and forth, a
spotlight. number five your liver I want you to see the
TV show jeopardy with Alex Trebeck right there in your liver, see him buzzing the answers
trying to buzz in, you know the answers jeopardy is the key word right there. Spotlight here quarter’s right here. Now we on number six, your hip joint on number
six I want to see a criminal he’s running back and forth from hip joint to hip joint.
He’s being chased by a judge, a criminal being chased by a judge on your hip joints. Number seven on your knee cap I want to see
a jury right here and this jury’s chanting the words civil, civil, civil. A jury right
here chanting the words civil. Number eight, on your fibula, this bone right
here I want you to see somebody with a stick in there hitting it really hard they got a
whip and there whipping you right there, bloods coming out of your fibula. Number nine the ball of your foot, on the
ball of your foot I want you to see security guards and their protecting that ball, their
all down there their protecting him. Nobody can get near your feet because of the security
guards Number ten on the ground, think of a picture
for your state, I live in Texas so a picture from my state as a cowboy boot. I got cowboy
boots all over the floor and I got millions of people all surrounding those cowboy boots.
So boots and people. There we have it that’s ten pictures put on
ten spots and we just memorize the first ten amendments of the constitution the Bill of
Rights. Number one a speaker, first amendment is freedom
of speech, number two a bullet the right to bear arms, number three quarters, you do not
have to quart our soldiers during time of war, quartering soldiers is the third amended
in the constitution. Number four your protection against unreasonable search and seizure, a
searchlight, a spotlight right here. Number five jeopardy, you will not you cannot be
tried for the same crime twice its called double jeopardy you can’t be tried for the
same crime twice. Also the fifth amendment you know where you incriminate yourself you
can pleased the fifth. Number six the criminal running back and forth running real fast,
that is in a crime you are guaranteed a speedy trial run back and forth really fast in criminal
cases. Number seven civil, civil in civil case a trial by jury. Number eight punishment,
the protection from unreasonable punishment or excessive bail. Number nine protection
even though the this the wording of this is your rights are not enumerated in the constitution
are still protected basically meaning rights that aren’t mentioned are still rights.
And then the last one number ten on the ground, it is referring to the protection of states’
rights and the rights of the people. So there you have it, The Bill of Rights the
first ten amendments to the constitution you should have had them memorised. If I went
too fast just rewind and do this again but my names Ron White, visit us at
I am Americas memory.

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  1. I've used a similar mnemonic with my kids for remembering other things. Only thing I'd say is that you left off several freedoms from the 1st amendment. It's more than speech: religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and right to petition.

  2. Hey Ronnie, thanks so much for you video. It took me only one trial to memorize the all ten amendments and that is very rare at my age. God bless you and your family. Thanks again.

  3. Praise the Lord Jesus! I have an exam on Civil Liberties this morning, so glad I ran across your video. I served ten years as a Bubble Head, I'm certain that you know what I'm talking about. I just Subscribed to your channel, be well Ron and thanks for your Service, Amen!

  4. Thank you so much for your video! I looked at other videos and nothing worked; but this has helped me a lot!! Keep up the great work. Thank you again, and God Bless!

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