Metal Shaping with Lazze: Making a Door Jamb or Door Frame
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Metal Shaping with Lazze: Making a Door Jamb or Door Frame

October 13, 2019

Hi I’m Lazze and I’m I’m teaching people in in metal shaping
and I’m back here on YouTube with more tips and tricks. I had some question from people how to make door
frames and door jambs for cars. So I’m going to give you a sample here
in the bead roller to do that Uhm…. This is a sample that I already made but I’m going to make another copy of
that one so you can see how that is done. Long time ago, I cut the straight strip and then I tried to bend it with
the shrinker and stretcher but, my shrinker and stretcher was only
one inch deep in that time so I couldn’t do it And then one day I find out, you know,
If I cut cut that in a curve and add for the flange
and for the flange here then I can take the small shrinker and
stretcher to correct the the flanges. So that’s what I did
so to start something like that what I did and I,
I made up a piece that fits inside here
and I did that on original car, and I made it with paper first. That gives me that size then I can add sixteen millimeter for
the flange and 60 millimeter for how
the flange here too so that’s about 5/8 I think saw when I have a chance I can put this on a
P some sheep and then I can take the divider and i
cant add to sixty millimeter there sixty millimeter saw this one actually is the door skin will be fooled around here so the door skin will be you or to
the outside and this will be to the inside for the
interior stuff from the car saw they have the front door frame I
will make that the in in several pieces be it depends on what
car indians but I will do it in several pieces so here I have a piece that I already
cut out saw it that’s how it looks like with the that extra material that I have added
their so I just need to share can see which 1i should band so on that one should be banned plane so I can flip it over like that and I need to set that on sixteen
millimeter so I know what abt of only need one won the line there so i cant Sep the guide the
dies I’m using for the SAS one flap on and the flame dice with that
I have he end up as a guide and this issue of the spacer but it’s
one of the five times and then I have a really sharp one on
the top set that on sixty millimeter scribe
unlock the shaft their hopes that was not too much just too
much well I took the wrong like the dice are
in three quarter inch wide so that should
be as enough with 16 really mean for their and I took another you follow another
line that I shouldn’t have pair so there I’m I’m on 16 min them out there saw that
one will be this way so that means that this one will be this
way and here is important that are bending
maybe twenty degrees each time if I tried to bend it too quick it will not
be a as sharp as it should be it’s good to have variable speed and
when you get used to be dollar you can use little more more speed okay so what I’m going to do here now
I’m going to stop here now I’m not going to ban that more
because I see that is targeting little round on this side when inside here and I want that to be a
little more crisp so I bend down to 145 degrees as well and then I going to do a little trick to
that go one more call this one and always focus on that point that goes into the machine there so it cut saying
the the guide the flamed either if it’s right that
goes into the machine and write that comes out okay so now what I’m going to do I’m
going to put in a little different dies in the machine and then I can you make it a little more
crisp with a tipping nine on my can continue been that again so I set up their diets in the other be
dollars I it’s a flat one on the bottom and the flap one on the top but it’s a
little angle so I’d touching point is all over here so
what I’m going to do now I’m going to run this and the reason why I bended on to 425
degrees here so I can reaching their better so I’m going to
run it like that just on the line there that
makes that little more crisp and next time I bend it or in other machine it will bend the better and I do will
not have that problem with the and the a radius and I turn it over to the lab sign on
going to do about one as well and I don’t want to go too fast with
this one because if I go off track there than I will need
to take care of that 30 I got little damage staying down but
I can be easily fixed up so now I it’s more crisp as you can see on both sides now I can go back to the other be dollar
this is already setup and I can continue a ban that to 90 degrees so I’m
back to the other be dollar and the dice is already setup saw I can yes continue here now so I can go one more turn and up to
nineteen I have a little tricky peace there i
mean to you I need to to do some hammer and only work there so
now I can hold the the pan all the way up to
the diet there’s none I know it’s going to be 90 you see how that curse now because it was cut in an out the car so I’m going to bend the other one now the inside and then I can go to the
shrink and a stretcher after that it’s important to stay the same angle
all the time so you don’t go to your too quick 21 more so now I need to go all to the hammer and Dolly to fix love this
and manual first and then I can go to the shrink and a stretcher to adjust that
wants with straight so I’m using a likely he’ll dali this is one of my favorites and I’m
using a hammer that has a little radios and this is my favorite hammers are
using other law I of when you hear the solid sound don’t
continue hammer it harder and harder because you scratching I I’m I’m I I’m I now I can go over to the shrink and a structure to adjust
both edges there and I can do this with a small shrinker
because it’s only s 5/8 range so that’s easy to do with the
small shrink if I need to where I am over at the small shrink and
a stretcher this is to shrink on this side stretch
another site you see we have an out the curve here
that means that is too long and it was cut in an hour occur and when
we ban that is still too long within stretch said we didn’t ring to it now I need to shrink it to make that
straight to get sought do little by little the sub ESP freely jungle on your
foot there so you don’t do too much spam maybe
maybe you’ll feel a little bit adjustments here if you look long ways there now this one
is pretty straight there now saw the %ah to sign here you you can see that the a salir Libya in that car and and it was company in a
car when the band it is still too short so I need to go on straps that silo Ste you need to be a little jump longer on
the fourth here because it takes less pressure to you to stretch compared to you to compress the mail so it’s always a good to look long way
since a year where I am with the panel so I think we
are pretty close their need for the doolittle hammer and Dolly
work there and little hammer and Dolly work there but not other other than that that’s how
I make the frames and I can do the door jambs this way to
you basis and then I think this is 19h but you can do it im 18 gauge material I have done a few of them in 18 is a
16-gauge but that’s pretty tough to abandon the
bindle it can be done but it’s it’s a little
tough to do so what i recommend the if you want to
have if this was for the door jam and you want to have support for them am for the lock that sits in the in the
in there be post and I recommend to make an 18-gauge and then you making yes a separate
suport played them that goes on the inside that
is maybe 18 of change think and you can spot well that together to this one and
then it’s much much stronger that helps you to do it that way instead
of making it the in 16 gauge or even think care from the beginning so hopefully that will sell help people
out there you and other people and to solve this problem hard to make
door jams and door frames if you want more information about the
classes the books DVD’s and equipment you can go to www top last email shaping
up com thank you very much

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  1. Great and very educational clip, but makes me wonder who the heck was behind the subtitles? Laughted couple times to that completly nonsense there was.. 🙂

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