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Michael Vick – Liberty University Convocation

November 28, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: So, uh->>MICHAEL VICK: That’s an awesome introduction.>>NASSER: Yeah man. A few years ago we, um, uh, I was in the backstage
area at a men’s event, and the great Tony Dungy was, uh, kind of huddled up with about
three of us just talking about the work of God in your life. And I knew at that moment I wanted people
to hear what all God had been recently doing in your life. Just the resurgence and the revival in your
heart.>>VICK: Right.>>NASSER: And, uh, we’ve been trying to get
you, and trying to get you. And then, honestly, as hard as it was to try
to get a hold of you and your busy schedule, we had some of our team, Stephen Thomas and
a couple folks that found out you were at the mall last year.>>VICK: Yeah, tracked me down.>>NASSER: Yeah, signing stuff, you know.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: And they-they-they literally took
like Jersey’s that had “Vick” off of their wall, they’re big fans, and they were headed
that way. And they got your attention and said we’d
love for you to come to Liberty and you graciously, uh, you know, said yes. And so, welcome to the house. We know your story, we know about Virginia
Tech, all the attention you got.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>NASSER: We know, obviously $130 million
contract when you were a 22-year-old kid, a football legend in the NFL, and then just
the-the massive, massive failure of you going to prison because of the horrific actions. And then really seeing the redemption of your
story. And so take us through that in your own words. I’d love for you to, um, tell your story in
your own words.>>VICK: Was a very interesting story. I-I started out as, uh, a young kid at six
years old watching the National Football League, watching the NFL, watching games with my grandmother,
uh, and look at her and told her, “Grandma, I wanna play in the National Football League
one day.” And I don’t know if she took me serious, but
what I seen on T.V., I felt at a young age that I was put on Earth to do it. And I would go in the backyard and play with
my friends, and, uh, was probably the best athlete, yeah, at the age of seven or eight,
and it was evident to me. Uh, I wanted to follow those dreams. I knew it was gon’ be-gonna be a tough road
because as I grew older I started to understand, listen, life is not about just playing football. Uh, I have to be the best student that I could
be. Uh, alongside being a good football player
I have to be the best, uh, citizen in my neighborhood, I have to be the best son to my mom, I have
to be the best brother to my brothers and sisters, and, um, walk a different walk. And I knew that things had to be different. So I told myself, what can I do to be different? And, when I turned 12 years old, because I
wanted I wanted to play in the National Football League, because I had big dreams, because
I set goals when I was very young, and I don’t know if my friends around me was doing the
same thing that I did, but I wanted an edge. I took a Bible and I put the Bible under my
pillow. That’s at the age of twelve. And I said if I’ma start somewhere, I’ma
start with God. And my family wasn’t really into church. Um, we didn’t go every weekend because of
transportation and-and-and for various reasons, but I said to myself it’s not about being
in church. I could bring church to me. And, uh, at the age of 12 I started to open
the Bible and read it the best that I could without really interpreting what was being-
what I was reading, because, you know, it was, uh- I wasn’t saying- I wouldn’t say it
was not understandable for me, because I did do well in school so I understood, uh, you
know, how to read. But it was different, you know, it was different. Uh, so, I said, this is the start. Start right here, and we’ll see where God
takes me. And uh, I think over the next four or five
years I faired very well in terms of, um, growing up to be the kid that I want to become,
the man that I wanted to become, and uh, really putting a lot of emphasis on God and my faith.>>NASSER: So you grew up in a- in a- in an
environment where- and we’ll get into that in a minute- in Newport Beach were just definitely
going up against you and things were tough, not in your immediate family, uh, were things
always about the things of God, but you- but you had a legacy of faith.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: As someone who was always reading
and reciting Psalms 23 over your life. And, uh, you talk about that. You talk about how when you were back down
in the valley after you’d made such horrific mistakes and you were in prison at Leavenworth
that the Psalms really meant more to you, and that kind of rekindled.>>VICK: Yeah, well God was really good to
me. Uh, I had a great career in high school, uh,
wanted to play football and be good enough, uh, to receive a scholarship, uh, found out
the hard way, uh, because I had to quit basketball my junior year, that you can’t go to college
if you don’t have the right grades, uh, if you don’t excel in the classroom. My mom made me quit, uh, that’s another story
within itself, uh, because I fought so many battles with her because I-I got accustomed
to being the guy in school and-and getting all the recognition even in high school. Uh, so, I felt that, you know, grades was
very important, school was important, uh, got the scholarship, uh went to Virginia Tech,
had an illustrious carrier, and um we can talk about that, and um, and then just got
drafted into the NFL. And I felt it was all because of this, and
at one point in my life I forgot about this.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: And when I forgot about that I found
myself in a very detrimental situation. Uh, in part because of the environment that
I grew up in- no excuses- but, uh, you know the things that I’d seen and the things
that I thought I was understanding was not reality. And, uh I found myself in a very dark place,
uh found myself in prison, uh 23 months as you seen on the screen, and it was a deep
revaluation process of my life, and my perseverance moving forward.>>NASSER: So Mike you start out, uh you know
just really living for the Lord. The-the-the Word of God as your foundation.>>VICK: Yes. This was most important to me.>>NASSER: Yeah, and then it gets away from
you.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: Talk to us about how it got away
from you. Obviously 22 years old.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: Multi-multi-million-dollar shoe
deal.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: On T.V. all the time. How does all that make you not just become
a become a bigger giver, not make you even more humble? How does that not make you a bigger arrow
towards God? And all of a sudden to the point where, not
only are you a celebrity but you’re involved in like dogfighting.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: And all the things that eventually
got revealed.>>VICK: I’ll try to summarize this so everybody
in his crowd could understand it. When I was twelve years old and I was reading
this Bible, I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a football player in the National
Football League and I felt like this was the gateway to get there, uh even though I didn’t
understand it. Uh, and throughout my high school career and
throughout my college career, I put all of the emphasis into trying to understand the
Bible as much as I could and- and- and being a deep faith-based guy, uh to the capacity
that I knew I could, the time that I had. Uh, when I got drafted and I got the 100-million-dollar
contract, and then when I went to Atlanta, this didn’t come with me.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: I must have left it under the pillow
in the neighborhood that I grew up in, and I really felt like I did it on my own.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: You know, I totally forgot about,
um, the prayers that I had at night, numerous prayers, numerous nights, where I asked God
to forgive me for all my sins, and I know I run around this neighborhood and I do a
bunch of crazy things, and I may be looking up to the wrong people who do a bunch of crazy
things. But in spite of that I’m gonna be a guy who’s
gonna try and do the right thing when my mom’s not watching, when my high school coach is
not watching, and when my dad is not watching, because I understand that, you know your character
is based on what you do when people are not watching. I learned that the hard way. And when I left that Bible behind and I got
drafted, and from that day forward, maybe until the time I got incarcerated, I never
picked up the Bible and read it again.>>NASSER: Yeah>>VICK: May have said, uh, just a guestimation,
10 prayers from 2001 to 2007. Now I think the correlation is that I lost
sight of everything that, you know, I felt, you know I needed in order to become the man
that I wanted to become. For all the- from all the role models that
I had, from my high school coach to my uncles, to Frank Beamer, I just left everybody behind,
and it was difficult.>>NASSER: So Michael, all that just eventually
bubbles over. And you’re exposed for dog fighting, but there’s
so much more broken->>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: Inside of who you were. And you’re embarrassed.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: All the shame. You see the trail of just hurt that you’ve
caused. Now you are in prison, and um, and God just
begins to rekindle himself to you. And in the- you talk about how the Psalms
really meant a lot to you in your book.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: Uh, talk about that for just a
sec.>>VICK: Well when I got to prison then I
found this again, and then I started to open it up again. And, you know, just very surreal moments,
uh, from the first time they closed the prison door. You know, I just kind of stared at the door
for about 30 seconds and then, you know, I want comprehending what was happening in my
life, so I jumped in the bed. It’s not a bed, it’s a crate, looks like a
crate. I jumped in the crate, or the bunk, or whatever
you want to call it and I just put the covers over my head and covered my head and for about,
you know, 30 minutes, and uh right then and there I just, you know, summarized my life
up until that point. And I said, what’s missing? It’s a lot that’s missing. I feel like I shouldn’t be here, but, you
know, one side of my hearts telling me, you know you shouldn’t be in this position, but
the other side is saying, well you knew what you was getting into and you knew when you
was dog fighting, when you was doing the things that you was doing that, you know, it was
a pointless activity but you wasn’t strong enough to say no and get away from the people,
and you were held accountable and responsible. So you have to deal with it. So I opened the Bible back up and my mom told
me before I went in, you know, Psalms 23 will get you through. And all those years I was going through the
Bible and trying to interpret what was being said, and trying to understand it. When I went to 23, it gave me strength.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: You know, it gave me a reason to
believe. It-it-it empowered me in such a way where-
you know, uh empathy and sympathy became important, and uh perseverance became important, and
being a role model became important. All these things that I forgot about, all
these things that was unimportant to me all of a sudden became important again. But the only thing was, I had 4-565 days until
I could go out and put that all to work again.>>NASSER: So all of a sudden that actually
becomes a blessing, the sideline.>>VICK: Yeah, yeah.>>NASSER: The moment in prison become a moment
that begins to actually set you free again, a little bit. And we’re not talking about worshiping the
Bible but the God of the Bible who speaks through it.>>VICK: Yes.>>NASSER: Can you, um- we were talking this
morning about just you reading that very Psalm, because I think some people today need to
hear the very encouraging truth of it.>>VICK: Yeah, we’ll read it in a second.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: We’ll read it together.>>NASSER: I want you to read that over our
students.>>VICK: Alright, yeah.>>NASSER: As a prayer over them but talk
to me about in the middle of all that not just the Word of God coming back into your
life, but mentors coming into your life. Tony Dungy came to visit you, uh, just a passionate,
passionate pastor.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: Uh, you know, to a lot of players.>>VICK: I think you all had the pleasure
of, uh hearing Tony Dungy speak. I had the pleasure of getting to know him
in early 2009. He came to visit me at Leavenworth, and it
was a visit that I never thought I would get. And I was laying in-I was laying in the bed
one day, um, at Leavenworth, and uh they call my name on the loud speaker, “Report to the
main office.” Go to the main office and it’s Tony Dungy
standing right there. Now when I see him I’m think I’m about to
go him, like he’s here to help me get released, to free me, you know. This is a blessing. Thank you, God, all the prayers have now,
uh, come into fruition. And he just said, “No, I want to talk to you
for a couple hours.”>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: “And this is not about you getting
released, it’s about you getting released from the things that you had covered all of
your life, and the things that you’ve been hiding all your life. It’s time to release that. Not to be released from prison. You’re not ready yet.” Still had about four months to go, and we
sat in the visitation room and he wanted to know that I was remorseful, he want to know
that I was willing and accepting the fact that I did wrong, but I was gonna accept the
fact that it was gonna be different people in my life, different mentors, uh you know,
different role models that I would have to, uh, embrace at the age of 27, you know, after
going 5 or 6 years of thinking I knew everything and I had all the answers. And I didn’t. And, uh the conversation was very surreal. Um, you know, it was like he was talking and
I was, like digesting every word that came out of his mouth because you know Tony he’s
real, uh, you know he has this subtle type of personality, but everything he says means
a lot. And I just wanted to soak everything in and
get away from him as fast as I could and get back into my unit and just digest every word
that he had said.>>NASSER: I think it’s very interesting that
he was coming in and he didn’t talk a lot of football for 3 hours.>>VICK: We talked no football. No football.>>NASSER: You talked a lot about the Lord,
and he wanted to know about remorse.>>VICK: Yeah>>NASSER: He wanted to know about repentance. Because, it’s one thing when you’re in trouble
just to throw God on it.>>VICK: Right.>>NASSER: It’s another thing when you’re
in trouble for you to come to the end of yourself.>>VICK: Yes.>>NASSER: And the Bible’s so clear, you know,
uh, you must deny yourself, pick up the Cross.>>VICK: Yes.>>NASSER: Then follow Him.>>VICK: Yes.>>NASSER: You know, we must come to the end
of ourselves so many times. And people without remorse and repentance
go, “Well God’s just gonna forgive me,” which means that God is condoning instead of comforting
and then bringing you out.>>VICK: Right.>>NASSER: Talk to me about the important
of, um, owning your mistake. Not blaming anybody else, but owning what
you did wrong.>>VICK: Yeah. Well like I said earlier, I just grew up in-
I grew up in a neighborhood where it was violence everywhere and->>NASSER: Newport Beach.>>VICK: In Newport News, Virginia.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>VICK: Oh cool, nice. Nice. Nice. Alright. There’s usually a couple people from the 7-5-7
somewhere out there in this world.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>VICK: But I told myself, uh, at the age
of 10, you know, I didn’t want to be a product of my environment. I wanted my environment to become a product
of me. And I fell into the trap. You know, I’ve seen so many things happening
where it was fast money, you know was- you know people deceiving one another, so many
ways to get over, I could hide a lot from my mom. Uh, she’s not, you know, over here when I’m
there, and you know I just really didn’t embrace the fact that, you know, keeping God first
was most important. And after all those years of, you know, reading
the Bible and-and-and trying to interpret it, you know, it became very difficult for
me. And I-I-I used my surroundings as an excuse,
and what I learned was that it was no excuse. You know, we are responsible for the things
that happen in our lives that we allow to happen, or we see are happening and we don’t
try to change and we don’t, uh, try to correct. Uh, and if it wasn’t for me wanting to become
this larger than life football player at the age of eight years old, then I may not be
sitting here, you know, talking to you guys as of right now. And I think in that sense God saved me I think
I was one of the ones that he had a hand on, because my heart and my intentions was in
the right place, and I always felt that. But it’s so much influence, you know, whether
it’s in-in elementary school, whether it’s in middle school, high school, college, there’s
influence every day. And you have to be strong enough to, uh, see
the difference in what’s right and wrong and-and-and be able to weigh out pros and con, uh, on
a 24-hour basis.>>NASSER: Michael your-your um, your mistakes
can literally become ministry. Tragedy can become testimony, and today not
only have you testified before congress, and uh, you know, on behalf of, um, against animal
abuse.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: And for animal welfare.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: But you’ve, um, you’ve become quite
the spokesperson for that.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: I want us to watch this little
video that they made- the Humane Society made, and then I want to ask you about dog fighting.>>VICK: Okay.>>NASSER: And, just the violence. And then your role as a believer for it.>>NASSER: Let’s watch this together.>>(VIDEO)VICK: “How was school today?” It’s the past, that’s why I open up about
it. Uh, pretty much everybody around the world
know about it, or heard about it. And the kids coming up they probably would
hear about it at some point. To face all your demons, put them in the past,
put them behind you and-and-and be forthright about it is the best thing to do. “Don’t forget about me. Don’t forget about me.” I wanted to be a voice, uh, in the fight against
animal cruelty because I don’t want, uh, kids to go down the wrong path, and I don’t want
more animals to be hurt. So I vow to help more animals than I hurt. I felt like I owe that to a lot of animals. “Whether you’re gonna have an animal or not,
that’s up to you. But if you do, you make sure you take care
of them. So I want y’all to understand that pets have
feelings, they have emotions, and we go to give them the same type of lifestyle that
we would want to have.” What I would say to anybody who’s out there
who’s currently fighting dogs, it’s not the right thing to do. Just read between the lives and understand
that, you gon’ have a pet, you gon’ have an animal, you need to treat it with the utmost
respect. You know, do something more productive with
your life instead of taking animals and conducting in a pointless activity. “And pass that on to all your friends ’cause
it’s important for all y’all to know that. A’ight? Make sure y’all do it together, a’ight? Let’s get a little break together on three.” What I’ve learned from the kids that I’ve
had the opportunity to visit with is they listen, listen with an open mind, they ask
questions. You know I-like I tell them all, you can be
a leader and everybody can be a voice, and everybody can-can be an instrument of change. “My bad.” I think my partnership with the H.S.U.S. Uh, has been great, you know, just an outstanding
opportunity for me to give back, and uh, do the things I set out to do amongst leaving
prison, and uh, I will continue to move forward and try to be a difference maker.>>(AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)>>NASSER: Yeah. That’s uh->>VICK: Well put together.>>NASSER: That’s a really big thing for us
here at Liberty University. We, uh, we do about a half-a-million hours’
worth of volunteer work in the life of people but also the Humane Society here in the city
has, uh has had a lot of our students. I asked for the numbers just for this conversation. Uh, over 1,800 hours of volunteer work.>>VICK: Wow, that’s impressive.>>NASSER: You know, and um- I’m sorry, over
1,800 students have volunteered with over 43,000 hours of volunteer work alone. Uh, this weekend we gave $5,000 to that cause
as well. President Falwell and his family are big advocates
of the humane society here. And so you’re joining people who understand
that God’s called us to love people, to serve people, but that-that’s shown in the way we
treat all of God’s creation.>>VICK: Absolutely.>>NASSER: Um, talk to us about, um, animal
welfare. Talk to us about what you’ve learned since
then and how you’ve become a voice, an-an unlikely voice into that.>>VICK: Yeah, animal welfare is extremely
important, and even when I was young I felt that it was always the right thing to do. But I seen so many things growing up that
it conflicted my mind in terms of beliefs. And I had teachers who was, uh you know, animal
rights advocates and talked to us all the time about advocacy and, you know, uh relationships
between, you know animals and humans. And, so I understood it. I got it. And, you know I would come home and see people
in the neighborhood fighting dogs and, you know, they’d be betting money, and I’m saying
to myself, “Well, You know, this is-this is not what Ms. Ivy told me earlier. You know, I think it’s wrong. Should I go over there and say something? But, you know, I’m nine years old, they’re
not gonna listen to me. You know, these guys are 16-17.” And then I see a reoccurrence of it all the
time. And then I see people in the neighborhood
not really paying attention to it, so, my perception of it was different because of
what I’d seen, not because of what I heard. And Ms. Ivy told me the right thing, and,
you know, I’ll go in detail about this. I got older, I started hanging with people
who was into fighting dogs, uh, it became more-so about competition and-and not about,
you know, what was doing- doing the right things. And I fell into a trap of fighting dogs and
thinking it was cool. And the ironic part about it is that the entire
time I was doing it, I knew there was consequences behind it, so I would think, well- and this
is at the age of 21-22, I never seen a guy in my neighborhood get arrested for it, so
it must not be the right- it must not be as bad. Uh, you hear people talking about it and you
hear about, uh, dog rings in relations to a drug bust, but the guys get probation and
they get, uh you know misdemeanor charges, so it may not be as bad, must not be as bad. But that’s irrational thinking, I know that
now. Wish I’d knew it then. Uh, but, you know so I was very conflicted,
you know, mentally, in terms of, uh you know, ways to treat animals and how to, you know,
care for an animal. But the irony behind it, and for some reason
I try to explain it but I- people don’t understand it, is that I’m an animal lover. My entire life I took care of stray dogs. Um, my mom would tell you I brung dogs in
off the street to live in the house and she would kick my but because I’m hiding a dog
in my room and she don’t know. And she’s afraid of dogs. And, you know, so my heart and my passion
was there for the animal world. I had birds growing up. I had hamsters growing up. Always was a good caretaker. You know, the lifespan of- they lived out
their lifespan. So, the responsibility part was there. And, uh, you know I get to a certain point
in my life where, uh you know, pointless activity became important in the things that I was
doing. Uh, you know being a role model and even playing
the game of football. Uh, I spent more time involved in that than
I did you know studying film, you know studying film because, you know I was arrogant in a
sense, and I thought I was untouchable.>>NASSER: So, all that stuff’s connected
right? Your-Your- You, um grew up hearing gunshots
all the time, you saw just violence all around you, you go into a sport that just celebrates
just violence.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: And then there’s no accountability.>>VICK: Right.>>NASSER: And little by little those things
take a guy who actually loves animals growing up.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: And makes you an abuser.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: Um, and so then now the Lord has
really brought this back into your heart, and why make your-do you feel like not just
an unlikely candidate but do you feel like God’s forgiven you but people are always making
fun of you for that or coming-and-and-are you- and also, I’m curious, are you a pet
owner now as a father?>>VICK: Yeah. I’m a->>NASSER: How does that play out?>>VICK: Yeah, well the responsibility of
being a pet owner and working with the Humane Society, working with the president, Wayne
Pacelle, uh I was able to kind of start all over. I-I-In my beliefs and-and-and what I want
and-and it took a while for me to get a-a-a pet, um and the pressure was on because my
daughters, you know. From the time they turned two years old, they
wanted a dog so bad and I had to explain to them, we can’t have a dog because of what
daddy, you know, did, you know, a couple years ago. Well, so you know, “Well, Daddy what did you
do?” Now the conversation gets deeper, and now
you have to tell the truth, and now just the relationship between myself and my kids will
get strengthened be- strengthened because, you know, I felt like being honest was important. And I told them, and they was very disappointed
because they had to suffer because of my wrongdoings, I felt disappointed because they had to suffer
because of my wrongdoings. And it was five years before we could- before
we could get a dog. We have one now. It’s a Rottweiler, her name is Lola. She’s beautiful she’s very obedient, she’s
loved- she’s a part of our family. And now I understand the importance of the
human and animal relationship because I had a chance to do it all over again, thank God. Thank God, because I thought it would never
happen. And it was a reboot for me, and it was in
part because of the Humane Society, you know, giving me that energy, giving me that strength,
giving me that new belief uh that, listen, you know God condemns you and and-and things
happen for a reason, and I felt that, you know, in those moments, you know, it was time
for change. And-and I thank God that I was able to, you
know, work with the Humane Society, work with, you know, a group of kids who was willing
to listen because it was therapeutic for me to let a lot of things go.>>NASSER: Man I want us to just, uh just
stop right now and just think about ministry to our students and the people that are watching
on Facebook Live, and um, um, I know that the difference between you and a lot of other
people is that, uh, when you made a mistake it was just seen by the world. It became front-page news, uh, you know, but
a lot of our students they-they are in a season maybe of abuse or maybe in a season of just
putting God on the side. Forgetting God under the pillow. The very blessings of God have become a curse
now in their life.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: I’d love for you to just, um, read
Psalm 23 over them and just let the word of God that’s living and active, and sharper
than any two-edged sword and cuts through bone and marrow do what God did- God’s word
did in your life in that prison cell.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: And so, can I ask you just to be
approachable to this. How many of you know Psalms 23 already? Um, if you know it already let it rekindle
your heart for the Lord and His Spirit. If you’ve never really stopped to listen to
it, listen to it from somebody who really had it reinvigorated in his life in a prison
cell. And, uh, let’s just read that over.>>VICK: Let’s do it. And, uh I will say this. Uh, every night that I went to sleep in prison
for 544 days, and I read different scriptures, um, but this one, when I had the down days,
when I was, you know, I filed bankruptcy when I was in prison, um, you know lost a ton of
money, uh and just really felt as if, um, I needed the Lord again. I needed Him, and I needed Him right then
and there, and I want it right then and there, but what I realized is God works on His own
timing. You know, I wanted to read this prayer, you
know, and wake up the next morning and be released, but it wasn’t the time. And in reading this prayer every day it just
made me a stronger person, it made me more of a believer, uh, and it really helped me
to become a true man of God, you know, and strengthen my faith. So, this is the prayer that I read every night,
for 544 nights, um, in Leavenworth, uh and every time I read it took on a different meaning
regardless of what I was going through in my life, good days and bad days. Psalms 23. And you can feel free to read it if you know
it, um you might help me read a little better. It’s been 15 years since I left college, so,
uh still trying to make it work. (READING)
“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he
leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his
name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence
of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow
me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” And every time I read it, I believed it, and
even when I just read it, it sent the same chills through my body that I have every night
for those 544 nights, because I believe this and I think everyone in this crowd should
believe in it too. And I think everyone should sleep with a Bible
up under their pillow or mattress just so, you know, in good faith. You know you are doing-trying to do the right
things in the eyes of God.>>NASSER: Amen, Mike.>>(AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)>>NASSER: Praise the Lord, man. Um, the question we always ask, uh, so many
of our guests is, uh, at the mo-end of the conversation is, man, how can we specifically
be praying for you? I know you’re a FOX analyst, I know that you
uh, uh you know- by the way can you, just 30 seconds before we pray for you analyze
the Super Bowl. I know you used to be an Eagle.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>NASSER: What-what-what’s your prediction
on the score?>>VICK: Well, let’s-let’s keep these two
guys- stand up- away from this guy- stand up. Let’s make- Let’s make sure we keep these
two->>NASSER: Eagles. Patriot.>>VICK: Let’s sure we keep those guys away
from one another. Um, uh, a quick-a quick analysis on the game.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>VICK: Um, Philadelphia, Nick Foles is the
amazing story. By the way->>NASSER: Liberty University Online student
Nick Foles, ladies and gentlemen.>>VICK: Yeah.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>NASSER: Liberty University Online student
Nick Foles.>>VICK: And-and-and by the way, Nick Foles
is a true man of God.>>NASSER: Come on.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>VICK: Nick Foles, you know, he-he-he attends
every Bible study that we had in Philadelphia. I missed a couple, he made every single one
of them. So, he a-he’s a- he’s a-a-a deep man of faith. Um, and the Philadelphia Eagles has a great
defense, we all know that. They have a quarterback who believes and in
a man of God, true advantage, um and they have the right- they have the right infrastructure
now to win the Super Bowl.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>VICK: Tom Brady. That’s all I need to day.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>NASSER: He’s already got five rings.>>VICK: Yeah.>>NASSER: About to need to use a second hand
to go->>VICK: Yeah, yeah, may have. I-if we put a ring on this- on another finger
then it may- he’s truly the goat.>>NASSER: So who’s gonna win, man? You’re the- you’re the FOX analyst uh->>VICK: The Philadelphia Eagles will win
the Super Bowl.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>NASSER: What’s the score? What’s the score prediction? What’s your score prediction?>>VICK: 20 to 17, comes down to a field goal. It’ll be- It’ll be a dramatic Super Bowl.>>NASSER: There you go, 20 to 17 with Justin
Timberlake doing the half-time. It’s gonna be a good afternoon.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>VICK: It’s gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be amazing.>>NASSER: Hey, I’ma ask Nick to come up. Obviously when you see Nick- look at him,
look at him, Michael. He played a little football.>>VICK: Hey, what ‘s up->>NASSER: Nick actually- look at these two. Alright. Hold on.>>VICK: Now you guys see what I had to go
up against.>>NASSER: Yeah. Well actually Nick played for Virginia Tech
so y’all got a lot in common. He’s one of our Shepherds, loves the Lord.>>VICK: Yep.>>NASSER: Works with a lot of our teams. How can we- how can we be praying for you? And then we’re gonna get Nick to pray for
you.>>(AUDIENCE AMAZEMENT)>>VICK: Um->>NASSER: Everybody’s just starting at Nick
right now.>>(AUDIENCE AMAZEMENT)>>VICK: Um->>NASSER: These are- by the way I just want
to go on record, these are real. These are real. There’s no Creatine, this is real right here. This is real.>>VICK: Yes.>>NASSER: I don’t even work out. That’s what’s weird about it. I don’t even work out, like.>>(AUDIECE LAUGHTER)>>NASSER: How can we- How can we pray for
you, Mike?>>VICK: Uh, true, true specimen. Um, I would just say, in all seriousness,
uh, you know if you guys want to pray for me, um, I have a ton of things that I’m responsible
for in 2018, from family to football camps, to being a sports analyst again in-in-in September,
and I always pray that God give me the words to speak before I go out and uh- and I do
a show on Sundays. Um, I always ask God to give me the word to
speak to kids, and uh the personality to go out and have fun with them and-and continue
to be a role model. And, you know in my household, you know I
always wanted to be the best dad that I can be, and now I’m working on being the best
husband that I can be, and will always continue to work on that because my wife is the most
important thing to me in my life, and I feel like I can’t live without her.>>(AUDIENCE APPLAUSE)>>VICK: Um, so my actions have to reflect
that at all times. Um, moving forward in the future, and uh until
our last day. So you can just pray that, uh the whole V7,
because now y’all are all V7 family.>>NASSER: Yeah.>>(AUDIENCE CHEERS)>>VICK: Um, is covered under the name of
Jesus.>>NASSER: Amen. So in all seriousness, Nick has been with
us about a year now as one of our Shepherds, and uh just honestly loved the Lord, such
a humble brother, and uh always available for prayer and ministry. Man, will you just pray a blessing? Him as a father, as a husband, as a servant
of the Lord. Let’s put our hand towards our brother, and
uh let’s just pray for him right now.>>NICK FOLES: Father, God, we thank you God
for our brother, God, Michael. God, I just thank you, God, um, for redemption
God, I thank you God that you call all of us, God, by your son, and um he’s a fruit
of that God, of redemption Lord. God, I ask, God, right now that you give him
spiritual wisdom, God, in every endeavor of his life God, in every avenue of his Life,
Holy Spirit, right now God, give him spiritual wisdom. God, I ask that you pour it down, God, on
his heart and his mind, God, for him to walk, um, in a season, God, of wisdom, God, and
let him be a light to people, um, that- every single person that the encounters. God, I thank you God that he can boldly stand
as a man of God and as a father and a husband, God. I thank you God that you have ordained and
put him in this position right now, God, for all men to look at and see, God, what a man
of God looks like when he calls on the name of the Lord, uh, for redemption. God, I thank you and I praise you that he’d
be the father, God, that he’s always dreamed of and more, that he be the husband that he’s
always dreamed of and more. God, I thank you, God, for his-his little
girls, God. May they grow up, God, and be, uh, beautiful
queens in the kingdom, God, doing your work and your will. I thank you and I praise you, God, for his
life and his living testimony. We speak God, just love and nothing but blessings
and spiritual wisdom over his life. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.>>NASSER: Amen. Can we thank our brother, Michael Vick? Great job, Buddy.>>VICK: Thank you, thank you.>>NASSER: Love you, man. You’re awesome. Hey, God bless you guys. You’re dismissed.

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