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Michelle Williams – Liberty University Convocation

December 13, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Michelle Williams, everybody.>>MICHELLE WILLIAMS: What’s up? Good morning, Liberty! Hey, hey! Okay, I need you all to turn up a little louder. Good morning, Liberty!>>NASSER: Come on!>>WILLIAMS: Isn’t it good to be alive? Isn’t it to be good in the right state of
mind? Are we all right this morning? Are y’all still asleep?>>NASSER: They’re just getting back from
fall break, you know. They’re tired from all that break.>>WILLIAMS: Oh, OK, y’all still got cinnamon
rolls in your bellies and pumpkin lattes. What is it, pumpkin spice?>>NASSER: What is going on with the world
right now with pumpkin spice? The world has just gone OD on pumpkin spice.>>WILLIAMS: Pumpkin spice-pumpkin spice nail
polish, pumpkin spice flavored lip gloss, pumpkin spice deep-mask conditioner. It’s just too much.>>NASSER: That’s going to be the name of
the next album from the Worship Collective, Pumpkin Spice.>>WILLIAMS: Hey, pumpkin spice on sale at
your local Starbucks. That’s a great partnership while you plan. Don’t sleep! Millions of people go to Starbucks, and you
have your album right there. That’s free advice, by the way.>>NASSER: That’s free! So, let’s go back. Let’s just start off. Obviously, we all know you from somebody we
watched from the halftime show of the Super Bowl all the way down to just great iconic
songs. Take us back to how did you become a part
of Destiny’s Child? How did you get into the music business? You’re also a Broadway star. You’re also… From Grammys, to Tonys. Take us back, and take us through the journey
of your career.>>WILLIAMS: I’m so glad you spoke Tonys into
existence. Yeah, that’s good. Bless you.>>NASSER: Oh, you haven’t won a Tony?>>WILLIAMS: I haven’t won a Tony yet!>>NASSER: Yet! Tonys are coming.>>WILLIAMS: Thank you, Pastor. Thank you, sir. Prophesy in the name! Yeah, so I grew up in church. I grew up in Pentecostal. My denomination, I’m so glad for them. And they’re good. So, I grew up in the Church of God in Christ,
you know. It’s like this… So, when you say Convocation, I’m like, oh! I’m going to holy convocation, as in the COGIC
Convocation. It’s like our Baptist Convocation, but it’s
the COGIC Convocation. Anyway, so, to answer your question as far
as how I got into the group Destiny’s Child. So, back in 1999, anybody born yet? Because I never know who I’m talking to. Like some babies up in here. So, listen. So, a friend of mine, he calls me and says,
“Hey, I found your number in the bottom of a moving box. Just called you to see if it was the same
number.” So, I was in my last semester of college at
Illinois State University-hey Redbirds! Not too many… Bloomington, Illinois? Hey! Any people from Rockford, Illinois where I
was born and raised? Where? Stand up! Family reunion, come on Rockford! I want to… Ah! We’re cousins!>>NASSER: In the Lord.>>WILLIAMS: I mean, you never know. We could biologically be cousins. She’s a little more light-skinned than me. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. No, seriously, because not too many people
are from Rockford. Everybody’s from Chicago, but not too many
people from… Whatever! Let me give Chicago some love… Two of y’all. So, you know, he said he just wanted to see
if my number was the same. I was like, yes. He was like, well, I’m about to go on the
road with an R&B singer by the name of Monica. I know we at church. You all know Monica, stop. You’re not going to get in trouble for knowing
“The Boy is Mine.” Y’all are just asleep. Y’all not going to be in trouble. It’s okay to know an R&B song, right? It’s okay! Y’all had me from Destiny’s Child. What you talking about R&B? So, you know he… And I said, “Well oh, great. You’re going on tour with her.” So, literally, I said, “Tell her I said ‘hi,
and if she needs a background singer to give me a call.'” And so, about a week or two later, I’m at
a job. I think I was working at a car dealership
at that time back home in Rockford. And so, he says, “Hey, Monica’s having auditions
tomorrow.” I said, “Tomorrow? I can’t afford a next-day ticket.” So, he says, “Well, let me call my cousin
Gladys who works for United Airlines and let me see if she can get you a buddy pass.” I was like, “Whoa, really?” He calls minutes later. “Got you a buddy pass. You’re going to get on a flight tomorrow and
do an audition for Monica.” So, now remember back two minutes ago I said,
“Tell her I said ‘hi, and if she needs a background singer to call me?'” So, I always remember the power of my words…
are really, really powerful. I just didn’t know I was speaking something
just like that Tony award. So, fast-forward to Destiny’s Child, at the
time, was originally four members. They were also… I was on tour with Monica and 98 Degrees. That’s how far back this goes. Hey! And so, then when that tour ended and some
things were going on in Destiny’s Child… Like I said, I would run into Beyoncé and
Kelly all the time on that tour; you know what I’m saying? And at the time, they had “No, No, No,” “Bills,
Bills, Bills,” and “Bug a Boo.” That was the only three songs anybody ever
knew of them. And they had on them patchwork jeans and them
cowboy hats, okay? So… Don’t try it! I heard you;
don’t do it. And so, then I get a phone call. They’re looking for a new member. Some stuff’s going on. And so, that’s how that happened. It’s as simple as that. I flew down to Houston, met the girls, sang
for them. I sang probably one of the only songs in my
arsenal which was “Walk with Me, Lord.” I told you I grew up in church! So, sang a Gospel song for my audition, and
that’s how that happened. As simple as that, it was simple as that,
and went on to do great things. So, I had to tell you all the beginning of
the whole Monica thing, because that’s how I got into the business professionally. I grew up in church. I was a praise and worship leader. I was a choir director. I was teaching songs. If they need somebody to clean chicken wings
in the kitchen, I did it. I was an usher on the fourth Sunday. I read announcements, serving, serving. Emily, I just love her story of serving. So, that’s what it was, so I encourage people
to serve before you try to be big-time.>>NASSER: Amen, so good.>>SAMANTHA VASQUEZ: So, you were part of
one of the best female groups of all time with 60 million records sold. What were some of the highlights of the experience
with you guys and like, just some of the moments that you really remember from that time?>>WILLIAMS: Well, the main highlight was
having two of the most incredible women in my life after everything. After … If we never sing again… So that’s probably the main highlight is having
two amazing friends in Beyoncé and Kelly, right? So, awesome, thank you all. Y’all are the best. The other highlights, or just another highlight
is to… Sometimes you don’t know the impact music
can have on someone’s life. So, you mean to tell me songs like “Happy
Face,” and “Survivor,” sometimes you’re thinking those songs are corny. Even you can write a corny song;
that’s literally what it is. You’re like, okay, but that’s the climate
right now – need to write a corny song. And before you know it, it keeps somebody
from ending their life. You know, I have people walk up to me. Michelle, because of your Gospel music, I
believe in Jesus now, you know? And I remember back in the day, worried about
being accepted in both areas-in Gospel, church, and in the pop world. And so, when people can tell me, because of
you I believe in Jesus, or because of you I listen to Gospel music now. The naysayers? I’m like, I’m on assignment. This is what I’m supposed to be doing. So, that’s a highlight, yeah. And I think another highlight is, you know,
meeting someone like Sting, I think was incredible. So, I don’t want to bore you all with other
highlights.>>VASQUEZ: The Super Bowl…>>WILLIAMS: No, Super Bowl was great. No, that was cool! So, I had a near, like, anxiety attack having
to go up on the toasters, because I have a history of falling, right? Y’all can laugh. Shucks, y’all laugh today about it;
it happened 12 years ago. Y’all just… See, you can laugh. I’m not going to be mad at you. So, I was like, is everything going to be
okay? Am I going to pop up, and I’m going to fall
or whatever. So yeah, we did, we did good.>>NASSER: We were going to show the Super
Bowl, some of the highlights of that, but your outfit was not Liberty Approved, so we
didn’t feel like…>>WILLIAMS: Oh no! Yes, it was! Don’t try it! I had socks that went way up to my knees. I had my arms covered. You tried it, Pastor.>>NASSER: I didn’t try it, no.>>WILLIAMS: So, listen, y’all. You’ll have to excuse me. I’m a little animated. I can be a little comical, so I don’t know
if you were expecting somebody to be a little sedated or dry or whatever, but I’m here to
have fun among the students. So, a lot of my stories, you know…>>NASSER: We’re here to have fun with you;
come on.>>WILLIAMS: And I love Jesus, so, hey! It’s a great combination.>>PATRICK “COLBY” SHORTS: So, you mentioned
growing up in the church singing. I can kind of imagine you have your pigtails
and a face full of Vaseline and those white little socks->>WILLIAMS: Pigtails for sure!>>SHORTS: But growing up, who were some of
your inspirations? Like, who did you listen to, and then even
now? Who do you listen to now?>>WILLIAMS: Well, I loved… Well, of course choir music, so I had to teach
those songs, so Hezekiah Walker, Rickey Dillard, Donald Lawrence. And of course, as far as solo singers, Yolanda,
CeCe Winans, you know? So, yeah, okay? What was the other part?>>SHORTS: What do you listen to now?>>WILLIAMS: Who do I listen to now? So, I listen to a whole array of music, okay? I listen to from Covenant, to Kim Burrell,
to Yolanda Adams, to the same… I think for me, I’m going back to listening
to the music that inspired me. You know, I’m in a season of doing that right
now, yeah.>>NASSER: Take us back to just your walk
with the Lord. You’ve always been very out-loud with your
faith. Even, I watched this thing just in prepping
for this where Beyoncé said you just seemed to be too good to be true. When she first met you, you were beautiful. You seemed very wholesome. And then you sang, and she was like, she can
sing too! You’ve always kind of held fast to your faith. Tell us about how you became a Christian. Is there a Bible verse you really cling onto
as your life verse?>>WILLIAMS: Well, and those of us who grew
up in church, that does not solidify your place in Heaven, right? So, I had to one day make the choice to give
my life to Christ. So, I was like 14 or 15-years-old at the time,
right? But, of course, daily, my daily walk, continuing
to be with God. And my favorite Scripture is Proverbs 3:5-6. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. Lean not to thine own understanding. In all thine ways acknowledge Him, and He
will direct your path.” So that’s what I live by. Every decision that I make, I go to God about
it. I try to. You have to invite Him in everything that
you’re doing. Yeah, yeah.>>VASQUEZ: So, you are very open about your
struggles with depression. And you even spoke this past week at Mental
Health Awareness. So, could you tell us about that?>>WILLIAMS: So, October 1st through 7th marked
Mental Health Awareness week. So, Saturday I was at Suffolk Community College,
SUNY in Brentwood, New York. The Association of Mental Health and Wellness
brought me in to talk about my testimony and all that good stuff. And it was just to bring awareness to people
to let you know, listen; I’ve been there. So, you know, when you’re feeling kind of
sad longer than a couple days, weeks, and it goes into months-and some people years-to
go and get the help that you need, you know. I coupled prayer and a little bit of therapy,
and I just don’t want people to feel like they can’t talk to anybody, or they have to
feel alone. I had people to raise their hands of how many
people were suffering with depression, and so many people raised their hands. Because I wanted a person to know that she
wasn’t alone, you know? And someone like me, when people say… You can’t tell somebody… People think money equates to happiness, right? Sometimes money and success can only magnify
that troubled soul, that wounded soul. So, when you hear about a lot of successful
people sad, depressed, or possibly taking their life, you know, that’s really major. So, you can’t, I remember telling someone,
my manager at the time-I don’t know, in the 2000s-hey, I think I’m depressed. And he was like, no. You all just signed a multi-million-dollar
deal. You all are about to go on tour. And I was like, oh, you’re right. And then, don’t let anybody tell you, because
you’re sad, you’re not grateful. It’s just that I didn’t know what name to
put on how I was feeling at the time, because there was some hurts and stuff from childhood
that I didn’t know how to process, that I didn’t know how to get over. So, what do you do? What do you tell somebody who has gone on
through life? And I thought, I’m just going to get out of
the house! I can’t wait to get out of this house! I’m going to go and be successful. Okay, yeah, but I still had some sadness and
some wounds that needed to be dealt with.>>NASSER: We’ve kind of-Just having all kinds
of people from all walks of life come here and just be in conversation with them-we’ve
really learned that, over and over again that money just makes you more of who you are. If you’re generous, and you become wealthy,
money just makes you incredibly generous. If you’re sad, money just… It’s a big old cup of gasoline on whatever
kind of fire you are. And for you to be open with your struggle
with depression gives it a face and a voice and encourages other people to get help. And isn’t asking for help a sign of strength?>>WILLIAMS: Absolutely. Asking for help does not mean you are weak,
you know? And to all the men in here. Yo, it’s OK, okay? I want to encourage the men in here that it’s
OK. You don’t have to broadcast it, but it’s OK
if you’re feeling a little low, if you feel like, man, I’ve got some anger issues. Or I’m just feeling some resentment or bitterness
of… It could be some abandonment, some rejection,
whatever happened to you. Because sometimes what happens, even when
we get to be an adult, there’s a part of me that still has a little girl in me, some little
girl stuff that needs to be healed. You know what I mean? So, until that happens, some people wonder
how come it isn’t until my adulthood that things seem to just unravel, you know. Check that little girl in you, or check that
little boy in you to see if there’s some stuff going on there.>>NASSER: That’s powerful.>>SHORTS: So, yeah. You mentioned some of your Gospel roots as
far as who you used to listen to, who inspired you. In today’s, like, Gospel scene, you have a
lot of people kind of gravitating towards an inspirational message with like an Urban
flare-ish kind of thing. I don’t know;
what are your thoughts on that, and where do you think you kind of land on that spectrum?>>WILLIAMS: Well, I know I have three Gospel
albums that I’ve done. And each one-the first album was a little
more traditional. The second one was a little more eclectic. One of my favorite producers of all time,
Tommy Sims, produced that record. And then, the third record… By that time, by 2014, I had met so many people
in the music industry who love God, you know. And so, this particular producer that I worked
with, he was the minister of music at his church. But yet, he’s a producer for Neo, Fantasia,
Chris Brown. And I was like, man, I wonder if I get with
people in the industry who love the Lord and who are saved-
I want to know if I gave them the opportunity to do a Gospel album, what would they do with
it? And that’s what came out of it, was the song. To me… People go, Gospel is not supposed to sound
like that. What is Gospel supposed to sound like? Is it only an organ? Is it only the washboard? Is it only tambourine and, “ahhh”? Is it only that? Is it the great worship sound? Is it that? Is it that? Or is it, you know, some music… Can you dab?>>NASSER: Can I dab? No, I can’t. I can’t dab.>>VASQUEZ: You have to try it now.>>WILLIAMS: I don’t dab, but I’m just saying. You know what I’m saying. Or is it music that makes you kind of, oh,
turn it up? Does it make you do that, okay? But hold up now. Clean it up? I’m not cleaning it up. I’m going… I can speak for my music now. Journey to Freedom has the music that makes
you turn up, but everything is sound. Everything you probably can trace it back
to the Word. So, I want to make sure that the music that
I do just does not make you feel good; but you can trace it back to the Word. Is that cool?>>NASSER: Amen. Gospel literally means good news. And good news can have… It’s not so much about the method, but the
message? Is that what you’re saying? Like the wholesome words, the edifying words?>>WILLIAMS: Yeah. Yeah, because I felt, there’s going to be
some people who might grow up in different communities. So, you know, there might – I mean, you got
Lecrae; come on! He’s touching everybody. He’s touching some of everybody, but he was
known first in Gospel as a Gospel rapper. And then as he evolved, and his sound evolved,
he’s taking it to some places where certain Gospel, bonafide Gospel artists cannot go.>>NASSER: Absolutely. We’re so grateful that you continue to be
that salt and light. My phone continues to get texts about the
same question.>>WILLIAMS: My phone is ringing too. It’s funny, because my contractor is calling. They can’t get in my house. I was like why does this number keep coming
up on my phone?>>NASSER: That’s not the question I keep
getting.>>WILLIAMS: I’m sorry. I’m like, man, they’re trying to do my bathroom.>>NASSER: I’m not kidding. I’ve had five students ask me, can we call
Beyoncé? Can we just try to get ahold of Queen B? They keep asking me.>>WILLIAMS: Oh, now y’all woke up. Y’all just used me.>>NASSER: How many of you want to call? Y’all want to have a conversation with Beyoncé? Yes.>>WILLIAMS: Y’all just used me, and I don’t
appreciate it.>>NASSER: No, we love you, but you have friends->>WILLIAMS: Don’t try it!>>NASSER: You’ve got friends.>>WILLIAMS: You said I love you, but…>>NASSER: It’s not me. These students, these students just say can
we call Beyoncé? They want to pray for Beyoncé.>>WILLIAMS: Y’all are so shady.>>NASSER: They’re concerned.>>WILLIAMS: Concerned about what? She just had a baby. She just had babies;
she’s good.>>NASSER: We want to offer babysitting services
for her and Jay Z. We’re just servants. We will do an LU Send Now trip to Beyoncé’s
house and serve her family.>>WILLIAMS: Alright, let me see.>>NASSER: Are you really going to call her?>>WILLIAMS: Yes!>>NASSER: That’s amazing.>>WILLIAMS: She texted me the other day. I know she’s on the West Coast. So, let me see. Why is your phone going off? Please, can she sing “When Jesus Say yes? Can she sing… Oh, that’s not nice.>>NASSER: This one girl said I don’t care
about Beyoncé. Well, the rest of us want to talk to Beyoncé,
young lady.>>WILLIAMS: Right, because the rest of these
messages are saying that’s who you all want to talk to right now.>>NASSER: Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.>>WILLIAMS: She might be feeding.>>NASSER: I’ve got to show this. I’ve got to show this.>>WILLIAMS: Wait, we can’t do that. Hold up;
we can’t do that. It’s got the number on there. There might be some stalkers in here.>>NASSER: Can I just show them how you have
this up.>>WILLIAMS: That’s so corny! Don’t show them my business? Cover the number!>>NASSER: I’ve got your honorarium. If you want to get paid…>>WILLIAMS: Somebody’s calling you, ah!>>NASSER: Alright, look at this. It’s a picture. It’s an emoji of a bee.>>WILLIAMS: Cover the number! What did y’all->>NASSER: It’s an emoji of a bee;
that’s crazy, alright. Call her! Can you put her on speakerphone?>>WILLIAMS: Y’all are corny.>>ANSWERING PHONE: Hey, it’s B.
Leave a message.>>NASSER: She’s probably having her quiet
time.>>WILLIAMS: Yeah, she’s having time with
the Lord.>>NASSER: She’s probably listening to your
Gospel->>WILLIAMS: You know what I’m saying? She does actually! Isn’t that cool? I told you, one of the highlights of my life. Who would’ve thought a girl from Rockford,
Illinois would eventually sing with the greatest performer of our time right now. Isn’t that cool? Who just texted me?>>NASSER: Our last question we always ask
is->>WILLIAMS: Can I answer this message? It says, “Myan Scholar is at your house and
no one is there to let him in. Give me a call please.”>>NASSER: Please, whatever you have to do.>>WILLIAM: I’m going to just tell him my
garage code so he can get in. I’m trying to get my house done, okay?>>NASSER: It’s hard to get labor to do all
the stuff, so you’re real responsible.>>WILLIAM: See, I don’t have an assistant
yet, so I’m just doing stuff myself.>>NASSER: We’ve got some applicants who want
to be your assistant. that’s going to be awesome. Alright, so real quick, how can we… I know you’ve got other projects coming up,
all kinds of things->>WILLIAMS: Oh!!>>NASSER: Put it on speakerphone!>>WILLIAMS: I don’t think you’re ready! Hey! Hey babe!>>PHONE: Hey babe, how are you?>>WILLIAMS: Now, I’m putting you on the spot. There’s 13,000 amazing students at Liberty
University.>>NASSER: You all say hello! Come on, everybody;
Say hello to Beyoncé!>>PHONE: Hey! *Indistinguishable*>>WILLIAMS: What? Your phone breaking up. You’ve got bad service, boo. No seriously, I know, just making sure you
all are doing okay. And the students just wanted to say hi. I know I put you on the spot. I know you’ve got the babies with you, so. What? What? *Indistinguishable shout from crowd*>>NASSER: Somebody’s speaking in tongues. I don’t know what that is. We’ll get an interpreter on that later.>>WILLIAMS: Well, I should’ve bought a Honda
too.>>NASSER: Well, it might be muffled, but
can you sing like “Survivor” or something? Can you all sing together?>>WILLIAMS: That’s corny. That’s corny. B, did you hear that they want us to do something,
but Kelly’s on a flight to Australia. So, whatever we do, we do it as a trio, not
duets. We don’t do that.>>NASSER: Sam can do part of the trio.>>PHONE: Yes, yes.>>WILLIAMS: Alright, what we doing?>>NASSER: Sam, can you sing survivor?>>PHONE: Yeah!>>WILLIAMS: B, is that okay? I know it’s like eight in the morning where
you are. You’ve probably got morning breath.>>PHONE: Girl, it’s totally fine. It’s totally fine.>>NASSER: She said it’s totally fine.>>WILLIAMS: You ready?>>NASSER: Alright.>>WILLIAMS: What do we do?>>NASSER: I’m a survivor.>>WILLIAMS: Oh, Pastor David. You ready?>>NASSER: Whatever you do, don’t do “Bootylicious.” Don’t do that.>>WILLIAMS: Did you hear him?>>NASSER: I know that’s one of your big hits,
but don’t do that.>>WILLIAMS: Sorry. That’s the one we was going to do, because
that one is in unison, and it’s easier to do ’cause of morning breath and stuff. I’m a survivor->>PHONE: I’m going to make it. I’m a survivor. I’m a survivor.>>WILLIAMS: You sound horrible.>>NASSER: You can’t say that to Queen B!>>WILLIAMS: With 17, 18 years of relationship,
I can say what I need to say. We good? Is that okay? Well, you all say bye. I’m just->>NASSER: She really was bad at singing,
wasn’t she?>>WILLIAMS: What you say? What? Can we pray for her? Yeah, we’re going to pray for her. She hung up! So, listen. How am I going to do this?>>NASSER: Well, I don’t know if you all know
this, but Michelle is quite the prankster. And Michelle, that wasn’t actually Beyoncé. Michelle thought it would be funny… Katie, come on out here. That was Katie on the phone. That’s cold. That’s cold.>>VASQUEZ: We love you, Katie!>>NASSER: You are known for that.>>WILLIAMS: Yeah, I’m known for the…>>NASSER: She literally one time told her
mom she was pregnant, and she wasn’t.>>WILLIAMS: I had the ultrasound and everything.>>NASSER: You got a fake ultrasound?>>WILLIAMS: Yep. It was bad. It was April Fools! And I was like, it’s April first. I don’t know why she didn’t put two and two
together.>>NASSER: How many of you all did not buy
that? The whole time you did not buy that? How many of you all bought that?>>WILLIAMS: Only two people had the spirit
of discernment. Only two people in here.>>NASSER: Hey, in all seriousness, will you
tell Beyoncé that we’d love to have her here in Convocation?>>WILLIAMS: Absolutely. You know, I love my sisters. I love the relationship that we have. We are always in touch. Kelly’s literally on a flight to Australia,
so praying for her safe travels. And just, I honor our relationships. And no matter what… You know, like I said, who would’ve thought
a girl from Rockford, Illinois? So, no matter where you come from, anything
is possible-especially with God’s hand on your life. You know, I stopped questioning that a long
time ago.>>NASSER: Amen. I think a great sign of friendship isn’t so
much when you walk into the life of somebody who’s your friend who’s going through a tough
time, but when you see the Lord elevate someone, and you celebrate their wins instead of letting
jealousy get in. And you so see that->>WILLIAMS: Absolutely, and that’s the thing. Showing that women can work together. You know, it was always about us seeing the
bigger picture. People probably won’t believe it, but we’ve
never had an argument. It’s kind of like, if I know your favorite
color is purple… And I’ll never forget having stylists and
people bring in purple dresses. I’m not going to grab the purple dress, Sam,
because I know you like that. Now if you don’t like that, can I wear it? That’s the type of relationship that I have. And so, it just has gone on into my own work
ethic with my work by myself.>>NASSER: So, my phone is exploding with
people. So, tell her that my friend Bridget admires
her pranking skills, and that Beyoncé prank just made her even cooler.>>WILLIAMS: Thank you! I know some people in here are mad, but thanks. I’m an ultimate prankster, so if you need
me to prank people in your life->>NASSER: Honestly, they keep asking me can
you sing? Could you lead? I know we’ve got you guys ready this morning. Hey, let’s all stand up. Do you want to hear Michelle lead us in a
little bit of worship before we get out of here?>>WILLIAMS: So, listen. I know that we’ve had some funny, light moments,
but there are times when I’m literally home, or my hotel room, which I frequent a lot. I just go into a place of worship. Songs that assure me that I’m in the right
place at the right time, songs that assure that God is with me, songs that also are for
me to tell God how good He is. “Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,
consider all the works thy hands have made. I see the stars. I hear the roaring thunder, thy power throughout
the universe displayed. Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee. How great thou art! How great thou art! Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee. How great thou art! How great thou art! “Oh, I Want to See Him,
Look upon His face. There to sing forever of His saving grace. On the streets of glory, let me lift my voice. Cares are past. Home at last,
forever to rejoice. Oh, I want to see Him,
look upon His face. There to sing forever, of His saving grace. On the streets of glory, let me lift my voice. Cares are past. Home at last,
forever to rejoice.” Sing, “You are good, good, oh! You are good, good, oh! Sing it, yes, yes. You are good! Yes, you are! Good! Sing it, yes, yes. You are good. Yes, you are! Hallelujah, oh! You are good! Yes, you are good. Yes, you are. You are good,
hallelujah. Yes, you are! Can I hear you a little louder? You are good, good, good, oh! You are good! Yes, you are, oh! You’re never going to let… Come on. You’re never gonna let,
you’re never gonna let me down! You’re never gonna let,
you’re never gonna let me down1! You are good, good, oh! Yes, you are! Yes, you are! You are good in the morning, oh! You are good. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.” “When Jesus says yes,
nobody can say no. When Jesus says yes,
nobody can say no. When Jesus say yes,
nobody can say no. When Jesus say yes…”>>WILLIAMS: Please keep playing. So, listen, anybody in here every doubtful
about a promise you know God really spoke? But maybe it’s something that you’ve done,
or maybe a person who probably meant well was like, that’s too big. There’s no way that that’s going to happen. “When Jesus says yes,
nobody can say no. When Jesus lifts you up,
nobody put you down. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. When Jesus lifts you up, nobody put you down. When Jesus says yes, nobody say no. When Jesus opens a door,
it’s a door that no man close. When Jesus says ye, nobody can say no. Can I hear that? When Jesus opens a door, it’s a door that
no man close. When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no. When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no. When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no. When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no. When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no! I’m not worried about a thing, because I know
you are guiding me. Where you lead me, Lord, I will go. I will have no fear, because I know you’re
in control. You are good, good, oh! You are good, good, oh! You are, yes! Oh! You are! Yes, you are, oh! You are good.”>>WILLIAMS: Even in unrest, and even in these
times that we’re living in where it seems like you don’t know if the next person loves
you, because of who you are and who God made you to be. God is still good. You are good, good, when I don’t know where
to go. You are good, oh! When I don’t know what to say, you are good,
oh! Hallelujah! Holler, you are good, good, oh! You are, yes you are! Oh! You are good. What a wonderful choir! You are good! Yes, you are! And I love you, oh! You are good, good, oh!>>NASSER: Amen. Let’s pray together;
come on. Lord, we thank you that surely goodness, mercy
will follow us all the days of our life, because You are good. You are mercy. We have all the goodness we need. We have all the mercy we need. Thank you that we can sing about that. Thank you that, Jesus, you never will let
us down-friend of sinner, Savior, sanctifier. Thank you, Lord for the way you have lived
in and through Michelle. Continue to raise her stock, God. Continue to allow her to be faithful in visible
places. Thank You, Lord that in this season of her
life, You’re preparing her for a possible marriage. We pray anointing over her life. We pray discernment over her life. Let her continue to be humbled before you,
raised up, God, to be a shining light for Your kingdom. We love you, Lord. Thank You for your work in and through our
lives. We pray this in Your name, amen. Hey, can we thank our sister one more time? Wasn’t she awesome today?

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