Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2019: We All Win (Extended Version)
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Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2019: We All Win (Extended Version)

November 18, 2019

My name is Grover. Shan. My name is Ian. I’m Taylor. My name is Owen, and I am nine-and-a-half-years old. I only have one. And, yeah. I love video games, my friends, my family and again video games. Whenever I play it makes me feel happy. The fun that you get to have with connecting with your friends. You make your own rules. It’s his way of interacting with his friends when he can’t physically otherwise do it. When I’m playing with a regular controller, there are some things that don’t work for me. It’s difficult for me to use both joysticks and the D-pad at the exact same time. And it just slowed me down a bunch more while other people were like (girl makes swoosh sounds/motions with her arms). She’s never had the freedom to play at the level she knows she could. I never thought it was unfair. I just thought, “Hey, this is the way it is and it’s not going to change.” What I like about the Adaptive Controller is that now everyone can play. I don’t even have to look at the controller and I can just be looking at the screen and be like, yep, yep. You never want your kid to feel like an outsider or an other. One of the biggest fears early on is how will Owen be viewed by the other kids. He’s not different when he plays. Mhm. It’s a little challenging but that’s the whole point of gaming. I can hit the buttons just as fast as they can. I think I can crush my friends. No matter how your body is, or how fast you are, you can play. Woo! Yeah! Yes! It’s a really good thing to have in this world.

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  1. This commercial is SPECIAL…. I saw it for the first time when i was watching youtube days before the superbowl. I normally skip every add when I'm on youtube unless its like a movie that looks interesting. I cant explain why but from the second this started it got me, and I didn't hit skip. Truly don't know know why, but it did. Was very happy I watched it to the end, so touching it actually made me smile seeing them smile. Well done

  2. This is the best ad I have ever seen. I never skip this. It makes me tear up, and it’s so inspirational. This ad shows everyone can do anything. There will always be a way for everyone.

  3. I was about to skip this ad during watching something, but I watch the whole ad and it was so heartwarming for all the chidren who will still level up.

  4. Absolutely magical. I’m sure many gamers out there like me could never imagine what these brave kids are going through and ive always admired the fact that what is special about gaming is ANYONE can play, no matter what their physical appearance or athleticism. Now we are finally making it true for everyone

  5. Oh gosh I never been so touched before, these our babies and all they wanted to do is to be able to play, that's all. so i thank the mind that thought of this device.

  6. While I end up hating ads that are played on literally every YouTube video, this one is different. Fantastic story, fantastic kids!

  7. Wow, honestly, just wow, Microsoft are the first ones to think about people who need a product like this, both sony and nintendo can go fuck off.

  8. I don't care about the super-bowl, because i'm the ucl final type of guy – but this commercial is awesome, props to MS – i'm pretty sure they don't make a lot of money out of this product, they just know that it's the right thing to do!

  9. The life's you change, the people you bring together, gaming on a whole new level with no limits. Thanks Microsoft, for listening to us. Always❤️

  10. The fact that these guys don’t give up after playing these is amazing. If I didn’t have a hand or had a problem with moving my fingers I would quit almost instantly, I think I it’s awesome these people don’t give up even tho they don’t have the same advantage as people who don’t have a disability. I’m glad they are having fun doing what they like!

  11. Man I’m glad this controller was made. People who can’t physically play can now play. I’m glad we are now focusing on stuff like this. I know when I was a kid (4 years old), I couldn’t play some systems because the controller was too huge. This is a new era, I can’t wait to see more things made like this.

  12. For the company who goes out of its way to make gaming more accessible to everyone regardless physical condition. Microsoft well done.

  13. Major props to Microsoft for making these. It wasn't something they needed to do, but it's truly great that they did. Making games accessible to everyone is a great thing.

  14. Man – what's that thing in my eye…
    truely great commercial, as it made me very emotional and might have brought a tear or two to my eyes…
    But from joy ! and in these days it is good to see happy things aside from what is happening in politics and all around.

  15. One of the best commercials I have seen. Tears me up every time. Respect to Microsoft for doing these. How can someone dislike this video!

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