Microsoft’s latest privacy policy says vendors listen to voice data
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Microsoft’s latest privacy policy says vendors listen to voice data

August 25, 2019

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  1. Big Tech needs Oversight, what they do with OUR information, including back and forth "Text Messages" should be Illegal and remain Silent. Someone must oversee these people to insure WE GET what we are paying for and PRIVACY should remain PRIVATE! If that means Breaking up Big Tech Giants, so be it.

  2. Fox News,
    Why don’t you have all your news programs on this Fox News on YouTube?
    Like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and more?

  3. I don’t think this is news anymore… big tech companies have been spying on us, and selling our data, for probably a decade. Time for government to step in

  4. Just canceled Twitter after they suspended me for speaking my mind. Parler is a good alternative. Been off Facebook over seven years. Never missed it. Use Instagram with family only.

  5. How can anyone get mad at this type of spying. We all know what they're doing. If have a "smart phone" then you're being spied on. Accept it

  6. Privacy concerns? Turn off social media to start. When it comes to my phone conversations illegal wiretapps laws come into play

  7. Why u dissabling comments fox? U afraid of the truth lol keep it up u won't have a platform to sread propaganda

  8. I think we all know how much the big tech & the entire left word and honor worth. Let's just sum up shall we?
    False accusations, false testimony, false judgement, illegal spying on us, mishandling and abusing our personal data to their own end.
    This must put to it's end.

  9. "Free" does not make evil acceptable.

    They make plenty of money from adds, this data collection is about power and manipulation.

  10. Cyber terrorism….lol! What a ruse! Stay scared little sheep. Cyber terrorism only works on those who live in a 4 inch screen. I choose the real world, it is much….much bigger.
    Unplug and wake up.
    The govt is a ruse.
    The media is a ruse.
    Society is a ruse.
    Must keep inundating the populous.
    Call it mandatory education.
    Everyone is programmed to be a slave to idiocy.

  11. The people of America shouldn't wait for their government to act. Tech and Government are in bed together. The people must take these tech companies to task!

  12. Government has ALWAYS done business the same way. They NEVER hire anyone to oversee something that actually knows something about what they are overseeing.

  13. I wouldn't be surprised that bastard Bill Gates selling that data to the Chinese like Zuckeberg did. We already know what these idiots are doing so it comes down what is Trump and his people are going to do about it. We can only take this lefty tech giants crap for so long. Same goes for Google.

  14. Q was 100% RIGHT about computers and phones listening to you. EVEN MY BIBLE APP LISTENS to us and pulls verses according to what we talk about at home and posts it for the verse of the day the next day. Nothing is sacred any more. No privacy.

  15. yahoo reads your emails. they handed over a persons emails to the FBI on their own with no warrant or request. they claimed to have found a crime going on, now yes the persons emails was talking about human trafficking out of the philippines, but it proved they do in fact have a computer program that looks for key words in your emails to flag them for human review, and just who decides whats ok to send in a email that might cross the line with them? and if you do cross their line, do you then later expect to be arrested?? for a email and words in it.

  16. Congress is the problem, ALL are corrupt and are paid by the tech companies, it will never change, it will only get much worse, sorry.

  17. All tech giants have done this for many years now. Its ALL leading to a world wide mandatory One Central Computer Only system that will require a computer chip be inserted into your body. The Bible calls this system "The Beast" Any day now this system will be introduced.

  18. The government turns a blind eye only because the tech giants share the data they harvest while spying on the public.

  19. Linux Mint + Brave Browser + ProtonMail + DuckDuckGo + Signal Messenger is a combo that will significantly improve your privacy and take some of the power away from the giants in silicone valley…until they grow and become tyrants themselves, then we switch again and again. Fight for freedom never ends.

  20. You can have a conversation in your kitchen and two days later your topic of conversation appears in a Utube feed. Fact.

  21. I'm a big fan of Trump but even he isn't going to do anything about it none of them are trying to protect us Americans all I can say is buy all the guns and bullets and food you can because there is going to be an uprising eventually

  22. The problem with apps—unlike computer programs that belong to you—you don't use the microphone or camera, they make it seem that they have to use it, hold it for you, just an excuse to access it. Go to Settings > Apps > Each app > Permissions, and do not give permission to use your mic, your camera, your location, your vital statistics recorded by sensors, your contacts, your pictures and files. If an app needs permission, give it permission, and instantly rescind that permission when done.

    Contracts, I have to click the box to rent a video, but I don't understand those contracts without hiring an attorney. I will understand it with the help of an attorney if your company making me click a box, (not my signature), to use it.

  23. These contracts, there needs to be boilerplate, an agreed preamble consistent with all permissions document, and you read it once for all products. Then there is a unique section, and it has to be limited, not a 40 page document.

  24. If you don't accept the cookie, they won't let you use the product. Use DuckDuckGo, allow cookies, do your business, and hit the fire button, all tabs and data erased.

  25. All the heads of these companies should have been in jail years ago. Contract law prevents you from signing your rights away unknowingly. Just because they sneak it into the EULA does not mean it is acceptable.

  26. There is no specific guarantee of privacy in the constitution but there are plenty of activist judges that would love to legislate from then bench. Go running to the 9th circuit court of appeals for all the good it will do you.

  27. The reason Big Tech has no respect for constitutional rights and individual human beings is because they’ve learned the government doesn’t care!

  28. I think data collection is fair game as long as there is 100% transparency on what they're collecting and what they do with it (which theyre are not)
    However, you have the right to privacy in your own home, why isn't it the same on your virtual home (Operating system). looking through someones mail is a federal crime but not email???? makes no sense… Everything else should be ok imo.

  29. We need to RECALL 90% of WORTHLESS GREEDY CONGRESS. These morons are FAILING to live up to the OATH they took. THESE TECH BASTARDS SHOULD BE HANGED IMHO💰💰💰🗳💰🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀

  30. First off these companies Google Facebook ect stole this technology from leader technology and one day will have to pay the price for what they done . With the help of the deep state who helped steal the technology

  31. When is the continuation of crime going to be stopped.Its reported as a way to desensitize and normalize.Nothing is being done to stop them though.

  32. I guess Microsoft didn't learn from their Xbox 360 Kinect mess. People were really mad over that one. They had to change it so it wasn't spying on people. Watch out with these gadgets that listen to you. They're spies.

  33. If people are just catching on to the tech giant are doing with information then you're the stupid ones if I can imagine it big Tech is doing it and I imagine it's a long time ago what they were doing the more technology you use the more the tech companies gain by your information

  34. Hmmmm. Democrats accuse Republicans of being the party of corporations because they are the ones in bed with them and this is becoming a big problem.

  35. This guy, Morgan Wright, is a clown. He says big companies hide this disclaimer in "hard to understand legalese" then says it our fault because we don't understand it and say "no" to it. Why cant our congress pass the same laws they have in Europe to PROTECT us ??????

  36. 50 BILLION in fines. These tech advertisers are ARE GONNA BE sent to PRISON. COLLUSION WITH THE CHINESE MILITARY is TREASON

  37. Go listen to the bottom of my trash bin, I take the battery out of my phone when i finish calling,,the phone is for me to call out not for you to call in

  38. Google saves anything you voice text despite me turning the feature off 3XS the message pops up again without me turning it on.

  39. Really ? You're highlighting this now ? Well done Fox. Common knowledge 6 months ago. Understandably, you are a corporation, so <shrug>. More Tucker please, Cheers.

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