MIND Tip #6: Caregiver Bill of Rights
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MIND Tip #6: Caregiver Bill of Rights

October 22, 2019

As a parent or a caregiver of a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder you work hard to do the best for your child it’s important however that you also learn to take care of yourself so I’d like to give you some tips that are paraphrase from Patricia Latham Bach take care of yourself this is not an act of selfishness it will give you the capacity to take better care of your child seek help from others you need to recognize the limits of your own endurance and strength maintain facets of your life that do not include the person you care for just as you would if he or she were healthy and more independent you have the right and the need to do some things for yourself get angry be sad and express other difficult feelings occasionally take pride in what you are accomplishing and applaud yourself for having the courage and the strength to meet the needs of your child you are your child’s parent and caregiver but don’t let it consume you also you should encourage researchers and professionals with whom you interact to focus not only on people with Neurodevelopmental disorders but also on finding better ways to aid and support parents and caregivers we hope you find this video helpful return to it often and remember we’re always here to help

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