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MindTap Handbook for English Composition

October 14, 2019

Introducing MindTap handbook for writing and
research. So what is the MindTap handbook? The MindTap handbook offers the user two products
in one. First of all, it is a versatile, digital reference work and toolkit for writing and
research in college that lets students access and distribute their work, allowing them to
collaborate with peers, professors and professionals on every aspect of the writing process, utilizing
all the tools and assets of the MindTap for composition platform on their desktop or laptop.
And second, it is a downloadable mobile app that ensures students have ready access to
reliable advice and digital tools for academic writing, including a composition handbook,
dozens of video tutorials, millions of scholarly sources, bibliography generator, research
portfolio and more. Essentially, the app will deliver a compact handbook amplified by all
the tools of Questia in the palm of one’s hand. Students will gain instruction for accessing
the mobile edition app upon purchase and registration of their student account in MindTap. The desktop
version of MindTap handbook includes multimedia instruction and assignments in six core parts
of writing and research, the writing process, style, research, citation, grammar and punctuation.
Each part opens up opens up with learning objectives so the student understands what’s
expected of them and a getting started activity designed to engage them in the subject matter.
Built-in apps provide a wealth of additional tools and resources, such as electronic paper
grading and peer review, personal tutoring, seamless integration with Youtube and Google
Drive and so much more. Most notably, MindTap handbook includes access to Questia, a research
and writing app that includes a database of over 83,000 books and 10 million articles,
video tutorials on research and a writing center with tools to support students through
every step of the writing process. Instructors can pull selections from Questia into the
MindTap learning path or e-book to assign to their class and students can use it to
do research, organize their sources and manage their research projects in one place. When
your students need to look something up, where do they go? Do they look in the index of their
handbook? Students tell us they’re most likely to go to a search engine such as Google to
find the information they need quickly. They also tell us they’re more comfortable searching
for sources on the internet than in the library, that’s why we created a mobile app for MindTap
handbook with the student in mind. It includes the full handbook, as well as access to Questia’s
database of sources and project management tools. Now your students have the quality
content they need to become better writers in research in a format that they are comfortable
with. The search return on any term will include selections sorted by relevance and will identify
the part and chapter in which the selection appears, along with the context surrounding
the term to help ensure that students are able to differentiate the use of the term
in question. This adapted version of a Google search return will help them find the advice
or examples they need without having to rely on more specific terminology they may not
know. Students can also access content by clicking into one of the six color coded folders
of content. Once in one of the folders, they will see a listing of the chapters available,
an icon on the right margin will indicate where quick check self-assessments are available
for the student to check their comprehension, either before or after reading the chapter
level content. The first heading within each chapter is a quick reference guide to that
chapter providing frequently asked questions that serve as a guide to each major heading
in that chapter. Each chapter also has an optional chapter level table of contents that
can be swiped open for more detailed navigation of the chapter. Most chapters conclude with
a quick check self-assessment that students can use to confirm their comprehension. At
the bottom of each screen, students will able to access four key functions; sources, projects,
notes and bookmarks. The sources icon gives students access to Questia, which can be searched
or students may elect to browse by topic, discipline or source type. The projects icon
allows students to jump directly to their projects folder in Questia, where they can
arrange their sources, notes, bookmarks and bibliographies around each project they have
started. The notes icon allows students to quickly access any notes they may have taken
anywhere in the handbook. The bookmarks icon allows students to quickly access any content
they have flagged with a bookmark for a future quick reference. This feature is particularly
useful for finding quickly those areas a student might return to again and again by particular
models in MLA or grammar issues that are particularly troublesome. We are actively looking for instructors
and students to help us try out this innovative new product. Please complete the accompanying
survey to let us know which activities you’re interested in. MindTap handbook, it’s flexible,
it’s mobile and it’s affordable.

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