Missatge de Laia Ortiz a la Homeless Bill of Rights de FEANTSA a Rotterdam
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Missatge de Laia Ortiz a la Homeless Bill of Rights de FEANTSA a Rotterdam

August 25, 2019

hello everybody and thank you to fan sir to giving me the opportunity to address some words and I’m really sorry for not coming to Rotom finally it was impossible to me being there but for me it’s very important the compromise of Barcelona talking about the rights to housing and also the rights to compromise to to fight homelessness in in our cities I think that we have to worry a lot in all the cities in Europe the last data that fianza give to us they’ll say that homelessness is increasing a lot in all Europe from Vienna and and also Amsterdam and also other cities and in Barcelona – we have a really a big a big problem with with that we are facing an increasing of homelessness near – to 55% although we have increased the services the shelter’s up to the 65% although the problem is bigger and bigger day day after day so the fact I think that we have to to face it as a housing problem we cannot talk about homelessness only as a social service or something that has nothing to do with the right – mm and we have to realize that the cities in Europe and the big cities in all over the world have a big problem – to guarantee the right to house so it’s a structural problem that has to do with regulations that have to have more public public housing but also it has to be with humans and basic human rights that’s why from Barcelona we take as a big challenge they our compromise with a bill of rights of fianza we know that we need a long term and a mid term policies on on housing but also we have an in a emergency that we have to care better about the people that that have that have lost everything in their life that’s why a Barcelona one year ago sign up compromised with the Bill of Rights of the answer and since last year we have work a lot changing laws also just to decriminalize the the homelessness also increasing health system health services also dignified the shelters that we have unchanging the basic policies to care and to give dignity also indignities conditions for the people that are on the street thank you very much and have a good session in in Rotterdam

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