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Mo Isom – Liberty University Convocation

November 23, 2019

>>DAVID NASSER: Um, we’re going to talk
about sex today, alright? [AUDIENCE CHEERS]>>NASSER: And um I told our- I told our guest-
yeah, I knew that’s the reaction you’d get, alright. So I told our guest who is the author of “Sex,
Jesus, and the Conversation the Church Forgot” that immediately when we watched the video
that I’m going to show you, that’s the intro video that she likes to have before
she gets up to speak on this particular topic, that she was going to get everybody’s attention. Because you are a college-age student who
knows that- hopefully that God is not afraid of you being very, very interested in sex. God created it, you know, for, you know, your
pleasure and his glory. And in that, I think the church a lot of times
has done you just an injustice by turning up the volume about the topics of sexuality
in a way where they’re just skirting the issue and just walking away. The church has become embarrassed about the
idea because it’s been hijacked by the world. And I love that Mo today is going to come
and address it for us. She’s going to come and talk to us about
not just the grace and forgiveness for those of us who have stumbled when it comes to our
path, alright, of being pure, but honestly a pattern by which you’re designed by God
to live out for the rest of your life. Mo came yesterday early in the morning, she
came earlier than most of our guests come because she wanted to speak, and as a professional
level athlete she spoke to the women in the soccer team yesterday and she had a great
time with them. She also did a leadership class as well. And so she’s already spoken to many of you
and into those contexts. And then obviously this morning we have her. She instead of an honorarium took her honorarium
that we normally give a guest and turned around and bought over 300 copies of this book for
all of our resident shepherds, and so they’re going to get a copy of that as well. So I think that speaks to her generosity,
but I’m so excited that God’s allowed her to come and speak to us on this topic. And I know, I know that he has a word for
you today. Let’s watch this video and then Mo will
come and speak. [VIDEO]>>MO ISOM: When I, a little girl,
couldn’t get those images out of my head, and the porn, and the nudity, a man and a
women doing things I felt dirty for even seeing, I’m thankful for 50 shades of grace. When my heart wanted to pound out of my chest
and my hands started to sweat, and I tried my hardest to act like I hadn’t seen a thing,
my curiosity and confusion led me to search for what else I could find when nobody was
looking, I’m thankful for 50 shades of grace. For the memories that followed me after I
tried a few things in the front seat of the Mustang GT, that the shame that bound me and
the filthy courage that grew in me as I craved the power I felt when I learned that I could
tease. For the still, small voice inside of me that
never stopped repeating, “You’re worth more than all of these things”, and for
the king who met me in my filth and wreckage and told me I was redeemed, I’m thankful
for 50 shades of grace. (END) [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE]>>ISOM: Right? You guys, we- um we need to talk. We need to talk about sex, we need to talk
about Jesus, and we need to talk about the conversation that the church forgot. Because we’re in a time right now where
in our culture sex is the biggest thematic issue, it’s the biggest conversation, it’s
the thought on all of our minds, it is the biggest platform of brokenness in our world. And our world is looking to the church, our
world is looking to the body of Christ to speak into these things, to speak into this
pain, to speak into this brokenness. And they’re looking at us and we’re staying
pretty silent. It’s like taboo. “Oh, I don’t know how to navigate that
conversation.” “I don’t even know what to say.” “I’m actually in a great deal of sexual
sin right now myself.” And so the world is looking to the church
to shift a culture, and the church is silent. And if we’re not silent we’re actually
standing at the pulpit shaking our frustrated fist at the world about the failing of our
morality, about the failing of our self-control, and we’re trying to put Band-Aids on bullet
holes missing discussing the aching, bleeding needs of people’s hearts. Because y’all, sex was God’s invention
and it’s a good gift- married woman. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I’m just saying. Sex was God’s invention. Sex was an invention as a beautiful act of
worship. Sex was an invention that within marriage
is a weapon against the enemy. A beautiful gift of God’s unification, and
God’s gifts are good. God’s gifts are holy. God’s gifts aren’t ever intended to be
burdensome, they’re not ever intended to weigh us down, they’re not ever intended
to rob us of the fullness of what he wants us to live in. Yet we’re struggling to even navigate how
to talk about it, and I think a lot of the time that we’re struggling- we’re struggling
to talk about these things is because we are shamed into silence about what’s going on
behind closed doors in our owns lives, in our own hears, in our own walks. We have the church oftentimes suffocated out
of this great worldly debate, this great sexual conversation, we’re drowned out of it. And so, in our effort to just get a word in
edgewise, we-we kind of get the whisper in of the do’s and don’ts and the rights
and wrongs, and this is sin and this is not. And then it’s like it all comes crashing
in, and so we move back into silence. But we’re presenting a rule list in God’s
Word. God’s instruction, God’s power in our
lives is never solely about behavior modifications, it’s about heart transformation. So if we’re speaking into the do’s and
don’ts, the rights and wrong, that’s all great and that’s all fine until we start
to live in a world full of sin, full of temptation. And let’s just be honest, we don’t want
to not do something because someone tells us to. God never intended a legalistic walk, he intended
a relationship with us. He intended a life-breathed, Holy Spirit lead,
heart-transformed walk with us. He intended for us to come from death to life,
for us to walk in boldness, for us to look different from the world, for us to not be
bound by the lusts of the flesh, the schemes of the enemy. He intended for us to shift the culture because
we looked different, and yet we’re silent because we look just the same. I looked just the same. I am not standing up here as a preacher, I’m
standing up here as a pilgrim because my life looked like learning every hard lesson every
hard way. I was raised in the church. I was raised with wonderful, God-fearing parents. I was raised with them pouring in truth into
my life, but I picked up on that topic of virginity and waved that proud banner, and
declared that as my anthem, and knew nothing of purity. And so, when virginity was my sort of proclamation
and my proud banner and my assumption that that made me holy because I wasn’t giving
anyone everything, yet I was doing all the things in the darkness besides rounding those
baseball bases all the way home. And so I knew a lot about virginity, and I
waved that like a proud banner but I knew not of purity, that he calls for a pure heart. Pure of what we take into our eyes, pure of
the words that come from our mouth, pure of the love we give others because we’re walking
faithfully with a pure and holy and perfect God who stood and looked at our sin and still
stayed on that cross. He didn’t come didn’t come down as a self-preserving
king, he gave himself as a life offering to say, I know you impurity, I know you’re
misguidance, I know your behavior. But I’m going to stay. I’m going to stay right here and I’m going
to say in my final breaths “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” Lord I will heal, I will redeem, I will speak
life. And we’re walking in death, and we’re
missing what the holy word says about sex. We are as a generation Biblically illiterate
about sex. And we’re walking in the shame of like,
“Uhg, God knows what I’ve done, he’s seen it. I-I-I- it’s too much, it’s too broken. I keep going back to it. It has such stranglehold over me. I’m sitting in front of a computer screen,
it’s on my phone, it’s with a girlfriend, with my boyfriend. It’s whatever it may be, and God just- I’m
sure his grace has run out now.” And God says, “No, actually the first conversation
I ever had with man and the Word of God involved sex. And I’m the God of using Rahab the prostitute
in the lineage of Jesus Christ. And I’m the God that used the adulteress
to be stoned and redeemed her and did not cast judgment to her, but also instructed
her ‘Now go and sin no more’. And I’m the God who met the Samaritan woman
at the well and brought the filth of her wreckage and her sin in front of her, and still, I
stayed and I offered her living water. I am the God who through my Word speaks of
kingdoms that rose and fell based on sexual issues- if we look at David, if we-
I am the God who pulses sex in instruction and design and beauty and redemption all through
my Word. So why aren’t you talking about it? Why are you silent?” Why are you silent to a world that’s suffering? Are you silent because of the shame that’s
in your own heart? Virginity, not understanding purity, navigating
through misguidance and misbehavior from, from 8 to 18 addicted to pornography. Y’all listen to this- my nose is running
profusely and I’m terribly sorry. Does anyone have a tissue? [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I get excited. Y’all I was on the Ellen Show one time,
and I stepped out- um I didn’t get to meet her ahead of time, so my first time to see
her I like walk around the wall. You all know it. I walk around the screen and I’m like face-to-face
suddenly with this live audience, and with all these cameras, and with Ellen who has
the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. And then literally my body’s response was
like, “Release all fluids,” and it just came. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] My nose, my armpits, just sweat everywhere. If you watch that episode, the whole episode,
I’m like, “Ellen, just God is good-” *nose blowing and snorting* “-and he’s
faithful.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] Crap! Y’all listen to this, in one year, in 2016,
one year on one pornographic website- and there are hundreds of thousands- one year
on one pornographic website we as a people consume 4.6 billion hours of porn. 17,000 complete lifetimes of porn consumed
in one year on one website. If you all think that is non-Jesus-knowing
unsaved males making up that statistic you are as naïve as they come. Porn is affecting men, porn is affecting women,
porn is affecting children- the average age of exposure to pornography: nine years old. These are husbands and wives turning to these
broken things. These are fiancés. These are you. These are me. Mindlessly consuming these things that fill
our instant urges, seeing humans as body parts rather than image bearing creations of God. We’re obsessed. We’re addicted. The enemy sits back and watches and he’s
like, “Yes, because if I can tangle you up in that shame, you think you’re ineffective
for the kingdom. Perfect. Let me put it everywhere. Let me turn on the T.V. and watch a cereal
commercial that is oversexualized.” It’s absurd. We are silent financial partners to the booming
business of human trafficking every time we click and navigate through those sites. And I was a silent financial partner from
8 to 18. We move into reality when we get older, temptation,
urges. Y’all, we were creatures sexually designed
by God. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s knit into our nature, it’s knit into
our DNA, but we are creatures made to worship him and yet we’ve worshiped the brokenness
instead. We’ve chosen to choose for ourselves what
will satisfy us. That was really good. Y’all this is good so far, I’m like on
fire. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] Thank you! Like, a round of applause. I should have worn a Fitbit, I did not expect
I’d just be like, “Porn!” I mean- I just- settle down. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I could have counted so many steps. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] We are people bound by promiscuity, desensitized
to sex as a precious thing, rationalizing like it’s our sport the conviction and the
shame that we feel, and looking just like a culture who lives in sexual temptation and
sin like it’s normal and expected in a dating relationship. And that was me. And what we’re also struggling with, and
this was a lot of my story, is we’re seeking the sin-sized pieces to fill the God-sized
hole in our heart in response to pain that we felt. I struggled with identity issues, with an
eating disorder, unexpected suicide of my father after my freshman year of college. Struggle after struggle after struggle, and
what feels good for just that moment? What numbs that pain for just that second? What can we distract ourselves when the weight
of the world is crushing, and the weight of our circumstances is overwhelming, and we
just feel like we need something, anything to be a release? Do we turn to the one who fills us and satisfies,
or we do we turn to the cheap and easy thing? And that was me. Navigating through dating relationships like
that was expected of me like, “How could we ever do less if we’ve already gone all
the way here? Oh but I’m still a virgin, don’t worry.” Waking up in strangers sheets all through
college thinking maybe by Sunday I’ll feel different, feel better because of the things
I sought here on the weekend because I needed release. And Sunday I wake up feeling emptier than
I ever felt before. We’re chasing empty things. And then there was adultery, unknowingly,
because I was drunk in college and didn’t realize a married man was flirting with me. And didn’t know the weight of my actions
and didn’t care to because I stuffed all that stuff in the darkness. Y’all can I just like say for a second we
have perverted privacy. We think, “Oh my God, sex, that’s just-
that’s a private thing.” No we’re not respecting a given right of
privacy, we’re perverting it and we’re living in darkness, and we’re stuffing it
deep. And when I woke up after that drunken night
and was moving through everything that had happened in my mind, in that haze, and I realized,
wait a second what happened in that kitchen? Who did I kiss? Didn’t they say that he was separated from
his wife, or was he divorced? Or is he still married, or does it matter? Am I an adulteress? Nope, that’s going to go in the darkness. And we stuff it all down, and then we step
out in ministry and we’re still wrestling with unresolved warfare and bondage that’s
owning us, and brokenness, and I actually was moving in early ministry still in sexual
sin that owned me. And let me tell you right now, sexual sin
is a death sentence to a ministry. Sexual sin is a death sentence to a healthy
relationship. Sexual sin is a death sentence to you walking
boldly and freely in the calling of God on your life, and the gifts and the talents and
the power he has given you. It’ll get- that was also worth an applause. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Thank you, Carol. That was for you, Gloria. Does anyone have like, a default person that
they always speak of? It’s like, alright Cynthia! And it’s just everyone’s Cynthia. No? For me it’s Carol. Okay. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Sexual sin is a death sentence to a life lived
in the freedom and a wonder of a Christ. And it’s really a death sentence if we look
at God like, “He can’t forgive me. He’s got to see this, and it’s too far
gone, I’m too far deep, and we’re too far in. And I don’t have it in me, and he must not
have the grace for me.” And so we walk handicapped by this sexual
sin we are enslaved to, thinking, “No, no, no, it’s powerful when I exercise these
things.” That’s what the world’s going to tell
you, “Exercise you power, your prowess with your sexuality.” And we are like crawling through life, trying
to please the world and ashamed of the Father. And suffocated by our flesh because we’re
silent on a topic we need to be talking about. Because when I look at the holy Word of God
this is what I see. I see a woman at a well who Jesus encountered
and brought all of her sin right up before her, drummed it right up right in front of
her face. “Go get your husband.” Jesus is sassy y’all, because he knows,
and he’s like, “Go get your husband.” And she’s like, “I have no husband.” And he’s like, “I know.” [AUIDENCE LAUGHTER] “Five husbands and the man you’re living
with now isn’t even anyone you’re married to.” He drums up all of her sexual sin before her,
and guess what the Samaritan woman does. I love her, because the world says, “You’re
sexual sin is in front of you. Deny it, be ashamed of it, run from it, rationalize
it. Don’t wrestle with it.” The world says, “It’s not- don’t worry
about it.” Or the world says, “Run off in shame and
be quiet about it because you’re not effective for the kingdom.” But when I look at Scripture I see Jesus draw
all of her sin in front of her, and in the face of her filth he stays, sits by her well
and offers her living water that she would never thirst again. He draws all of the sin up and she doesn’t
run off in shame, she doesn’t run off in embarrassment, she doesn’t deny it or rationalize
it, or quickly delete the browser on her cell phone history. She says, “What? You must be the Messiah. You must be the one that comes to save if,
in the face of my filth, you’ll stay.” And y’all this blows me up. All through Jesus’ ministry, he’s performing
miracles, he’s healing, he’s moving in might, but if you read the gospels after he’s
doing these things he’s telling people, “Don’t go tell anyone what I’ve done. He’s meticulous in the release of his ministry. It’s his timing, he’s in control. And so he’s healing, he’s redeeming, and
he’s saying don’t tell anyone yet. Of course, they run off and blabber, because-
social, amazing, miracles. But listen to this, it’s the woman at the
well, the whore with a laundry list a mile long. Let’s take it out of context and plop it
into our life, it’s the man with the sexual testimony a mile long. He draws up her sin, he stands before her
and said, “Take living water and never thirst again.” And in response to the Messiah who was who
he says he is, who is mighty save, who is mighty to free, she takes off and she runs
into evangelism. The woman at the well is the first person
in the holy Word of God that Jesus says, alright, go tell them who I am. He uses a person with a sexual testimony,
a sexual backstory, sin and shame they just couldn’t escape the reputation of. He uses that person to propel his gospel. It’s the first person he gives permission
to go, “Make my name known, tell them who I am. Tell them I’ll stay by your well and offer
living water. Tell them I see you. Tell them I know you. Tell them I knit you together. Tell them I have plans and purpose for you. Go tell them.” [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] And hundreds come to believe in response to
her faithfulness. And then they’re like, “Would you come
to our city?” And so he comes back and hundreds more come
to believe, and Jesus’ ministry is released through the whore with the backstory. The enemy will tell you, you cannot be used,
and Jesus will say, “I’m not finished with you yet.” That was also really Good. Y’all, it’s anointed right now. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] It’s like, I’ve never talked on this topic. Y’all don’t understand how scared I was
to come up on this stage and talk about these things. Because it’s like one thing to sit in my
home with my giant children and my Adonis of a husband- “@MoIsom,” girls! God is holy. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] But it’s one thing to sit in my home and
type out these words, and wrestle with God, and bare it all on these pages. It’s another thing to stand in front of
the culture shapers of our generation and speak on these things. And I’ve never done it! So I was nervous, but I feel the presence
of the Holy Spirit. I don’t know if you feel it. [AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] And these are conversations we just have to
start. In response to a hashtag “MeToo” culture,
we have to be leaders who say, then hangtag “Me First”. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] I’ll step up, I’ll lay my life down, I’ll
pick up my cross, I’ll look different from the world. I’ll trust this grace and this mercy. I will move differently. I won’t be the one contributing to those
4.6 hours of porn. I won’t be the one leading my girlfriend,
or the girlfriend teasing her boyfriend into the bedroom. I won’t be the statistic. I won’t be the hashtag “MeToo” silent
partner of saying, “Uhg, what a shame, but me too. No, I’ll say “Me First.” Then have it. Have it, God, have me. Take it. Take it. Make this yoke easy and this burden light. Have it. Have it. Use me. Me first. If we want to shift the future, if we want
generations to look different, if I want my daughters to come up in a world that doesn’t
have to hashtag “MeToo,” that doesn’t have to turn on the news every day and see
leaders falling from power because of what they’ve done in the darkness, if I want
to see a different future, if I want to see a generation shift in response to the grace
of Jesus then I have to go first, and you do too. And we have to step up and say, “Then me
first. Use me. Use me.” This world does not need puffed-up and prettied
Bible college kids, this world needs Jesus. [AUIDENCE APPLAUSE] That was also really good. Gloria, that one was for you. I told Gloria a few days ago- do y’all know
Gloria Ramona? I told her a few days ago I’ve got this
line I really want to drop. “The world doesn’t need puffed up and
prettied-” and Gloria was like, “Stop talking to me.” [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] So it’s like, I used it for you! The world needs Jesus, and Jesus’ light
shines through us when we live in rawness and authenticity and vulnerability. When we step up and say, “Yeah me too, but
now me first.” And watch his redemption and his grace and
his glory play out in my life. And I’ll talk about it. I’ll step up and I’ll reclaim sex for
the glory of God. And I’ll reclaim the sanctity of the act
of worship he gave us, and I’ll equip my mind, I will educate my heart because heart
education leads to heart transformation, which leads to change. Revelation brings transformation, and revelation
will spark revival in our world if we would say, “Then me first.” I want to do something, and y’all are going
to get so uncomfortable, but I’m thoroughly uncomfortable, so just join me in this. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I want to just open our eyes to the reality
real quick. I want you to be brave here with me, and I
want you stand up, and I’m going to list reasons, and if you’re nervous then like
pace yourself so that maybe your neighbor doesn’t think you’re standing up for porn. Um but- [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] “Kevin? You?” [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] “Cynthia? No!” [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] I want us to stand up to put a perspective
shift on things, if we’ve waved the banner of virginity but lost our purity long ago
if we’ve struggled with pornography or we’ve wrestled with comparison to pornography- y’all
can stand as I talk. If we are in sexual sin with a boyfriend or
a girlfriend, if sexual issues have pierced our hearts, if this bondage has held us in
shame, if we feel limited in moving in the power of God because of what’s hidden in
the darkness, if we’re sick of the church staying silent. If we don’t know how to even answer the
questions, if sexual sin is something that we’ve pushed under the rug for far too long-
look around. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Look around. It’s every single person standing in this
auditorium. Except a few. That’s okay. [AUDIENCE LAUGHTER] Thank you for your example. I um- I love it, I really do. I’m serious, because what if I came back
a year later and we were all sitting? Because revival moved, and Jesus healed, and
chains were broken, and we started looking different. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] What if in five years our culture looked different
because we shifted generations with our authenticity and our vulnerability? What if ten years there was revival in our
na- what if tomorrow there was revival in our nation because “Me first”? I’m sick of it too. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Y’all look around. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, made
new brought from death to life. Don’t let the enemy say, “Yeah you’ve
been brought to death to life, but your life is limited.” No, stand in the boldness of a God who says,
“Then go make disciples of all nations, then move in power, then do more than even
I could do on the earth here in my time. Go out and shift the culture because you recognize
the depravity and it is stranglehold on your heart, and you’re willing to claim victory
over it. Y’all can sit. We need to recognize that we are running this
race together. We’re brothers and sisters in Christ. Stop leading your brother into sin. Stop leading your sister into sin. Rise up like an army that knows redemption. Rise up like an army that knows redemption. Let’s pray. (PRAYING) God, you’re holy, you’re holy,
you are holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty. The earth is filled with your glory. Holy Spirit, would you spark revival? Would we reclaim what was always yours? Would we take it back from a world that’s
twisted it to satisfy the insatiable lust of the lost? And Lord if we’re that lost wanderer would
you call us home? As we come back would you be the Father of
the prodigal son who takes off running to meet us with mercy? Would you be the one who bends down in the
sand and stands up when everyone left and couldn’t cast a stone, and said, “Then
I don’t condemn you either. Now go and sin no more”? Would our response to your goodness and your
faithfulness and your glory be a life that looks like obedience even when it hurts, even
when it’s hard? Would we be men who rise up in self-control,
in discipline, in faithfulness, in celebration of women? Would we be women who rise up knowing whose
we are, knowing our worth, knowing our value in him, celebrating men and moving in power
together as brothers and sisters? Would we be a generation that shifts the culture? Because you stayed by our well and you offer
us living water that we would never thirst again. You are holy, you are holy. The enemy can just take a seat. Freedom is found in you, Father, and we are
grateful. In Jesus’ holy and precious name, Amen.>>NASSER: Let’s thank Mo. Fantastic. Thank you so much. Great job. Yeah. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE]>>NASSER: Yeah. The Lord used you. Thank you so much. We do->>ISOM: A Fitbit!>>NASSER: We got you a Fitbit, so we want
you to have that.>>ISOM: Thanks.>>NASSER: And um- hold on. Hey, hold on a sec. You don’t need it, alright, but->>ISOM: This is so awesome.>>NASSER: We got you that because you mentioned
it. Hey, real quick, hey before you walk out-
*shushing*. Hey, let me read two things over you real
quickly before you walk out. Bow your heads with me just for a second. I want to read just two passages, maybe just
a third that I keep coming back to. Hold on, let me just read this over you. Just with your heads bowed, just receive this
from the Lord. Colossians 3:5, “Put to death-” “Put
to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature. Sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires
and greed, which is idolatry.” Know that in Christ you have a new identity,
and the old identity died and a whole new you is born again. So you have in you the power to put to death. 1st Timothy 4:12, “Do not let anyone look
down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in
conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.” God wants you to be a generation that sets
the example for other generations. A new generation, a chosen generation who
says this is what it’s about. And the last one, a really short one that
I just keep thinking about as Mo was just unpacking truth for us today. Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they shall see God.” See the battle is real, it really is. And I think we’d lie to ourselves if we
said there’s no desire in the heart of a believer to want to see the impure, whether
it’s porn or whatever it might be that is impure. But what do you want to see more? Who do you want to see more?>>ISOM: Yeah. (PRAYING) “Blessed are the pure at heart
for they shall see God.” So may the Lord that we’ve talked about
today, that we’ve celebrated who said to the woman at the well, “Go and sin no more,”
at the back end of a conversation. Who first said to her grace abounds, forgiveness
abounds, new identity abounds. Who is a bride who had fallen over and over
again, called her to be the bride of Christ. We receive this truth. We thank you for Mo and we pray blessings
and favor on her as she continued to tell this truth. Everywhere she goes. Thank you for the platforms you’ve given
her, not just in a place like this where it’s very hospitable but when even she goes to
a place like Ellen and the world hears it and they might even hostile. Give her favor. We pray this in your name, Amen. (END)
Can we just one more time thank our sister? [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] Mo is going to be at the book table to sign
books if you want to grab one and to meet you if you want to say hi to her and can come
hug her neck. Hey, tonight at Campus Com at 7:15, you don’t
want to miss it. It’s going to flip and it’s going to be
an amazing, amazing night for us. God bless you. Get out of here.

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